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Welcome back to a brand new Call of Duty War Zone article. In today's article, guys, I'll be showing you guys some of the best guns right now to use within War Zone. They're going to help you guys get some more kills, win some more games, and overall see yourselves improve with these meta weapons and help yourself become a better player.

Before we get into the article, if you guys need help getting new contracts, finding good players to play with, or anything like that, feel free to check my Discord. There's tons of great players on there always running games, so that is definitely the place to be. So guys, with the recent update for season 3 of War Zone, there were some nervs for some guns, especially the renetti.

That one definitely got nerfed pretty hard, though it's still a viable gun. There are a lot of other guns that are really good to use right now, and especially in the SMG category, there are some that are taking over, so we're going to be checking out some of the best-class subs that I use right now for War Zone that I've been absolutely loving, so without further ado, let's hop right into the article.

best loadout

So guys, the first gun on this list is going to be the replacement for the Retti, and that is the HRM. This SMG has been one of the most popular SMGs ever since they first got released, and with my build, it has great damage, great mobility, really good accuracy, and overall is the best SMG in my opinion.

So for the attachments, we have the Z35, compensated muzzle, the princeps long barrel, the brew, and heavy support for the 50-round drum and the folding stock. The second gun on this list is one of the best snipers right now, and that is the Moors. Now, some people don't like this gun that much, especially if you put the charging bolts on it, but with my class, this gun is really good, especially for mid- to long-range.

It has great damage and a really good one-tap potential for head shots, so for my class setup, we're rocking the Emperor long barrel, the SL Razer Hawk laser hvp, antimaterial, ammunition, the Super Light 90 stock, and the Op 980 grip. The next gun on this list is also an SMG that's starting to get a lot of attention, and that is the Lochman Sub.

best loadouts 3

This used to be a very popular gun within War Zone 2 and is slowly making a comeback as it has pretty good damage. Great fire rate with really good mobility as well, so for my class setup for this gun, we have the FTE M sub 12in barrel, the z35 compensated muzzle, the VX pineapple under barrel 9mm, high grain ammunition, and the 40-round mag Overall, this gun is pretty strong.

I've loved it a lot. Is it better than the HRM 9? I don't believe so, but it is a great secondary gun to use, especially if you're playing as an Arro player, so definitely give it a shot. The next gun on this list is the XRK stalker, and this sniper is also one of the best ones in the game right now.

It has great aim-down sight speed, great mobility, and really good tap potential to the head, and for the attachments, we're rocking the fist. 60-barrel XRC Nightfall suppressor and 50-caliber high-grain rounds for the ammunition, the XRC stalker factory rear grip, and removing the stock with the no stock stock.


Between this one and the Moors. I do think the Moors is a little better because you don't have to worry about reloading, but the XR key stalker is definitely still a very good choice for anyone rocking a sniper, especially on Rebirth Island. The next gun on this list is one of the best ARS SL battle rifles, and that is the S SOA subverter.

Now, last season, this gun was not that great, but for season 3 this gun definitely got buffed and is a lot better. It features great accuracy, really good recoil control, good damage, a pretty solid fire rate, and mobility as well. For the attachments, we are rocking the do 90-long barrel, the M35 compensated flash hider, the brew and heavy support under the barrel, the 50-round drum mag, and the st88.

Precision stock Yeah, this one I shot, especially on Rebirth Island, and you'll see a lot of potential with this gun. I've definitely been leveling it a lot, and I think you guys will like this as a good AR. The final gun on this list is one that's starting to become one of the metas as it has the same time to kill as the retti, and that is the core 45 handgun with the XRK ipv2 conversion kit.

meta 3

I've been trying out this gun a lot recently, and I've been absolutely loving it, so for the class up. I'm using, as I said, the XRK, ipv2, conversion kit, which is going to make this gun have a high fire rate and pretty much turn it into essentially an SMG, and then as well, we'll have the 40-round drum mags, the DR6 hand stop under Barrel, the z35, compensated flash hider, and the KR.

X15, laser light laser, so guys, here we have it. These are some of the best guns right now within War Zone 2. Take care, and have a great

Welcome Back! In todays video, I will be showing you guys some of the BEST META guns right now in Warzone 3 Season 3.
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