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B44 is back here again today with another Banger Gang. This is the most absolute meta class we have right now in War Zone. We got the Bruan MK9 with the AR9. I know a lot of people like the HRM 9; it's solid, but the AR9 has mobility. This thing is crazy; this is the secondary to use. The brew is unbelievably accurate.

This is the class you run on fortunes. Keep your dropping bodies all right; let's break it down. We got the VT Spitfire muzzle, we got the 23-in x-rifle Horizon Barrel ruin heavy support under Barrel 60 BR mags, the Coro Eagle ey 25. Optic, and over on the AR9, we're looking at the tectonic micro-integral suppressor MK3 reflector, demo D50 buffer tube, second ZZ or Z X grip, and the 5050 drum.

All right, let's go into the firing range. Let's break this down. I don't want to send you all into the wild without giving you a full understanding of what these guns do in these recoil patterns. I need my gang to know what's going on when we zap these guns. All right, we're going to back up, we're going to aim at the bottom line, we're not going to touch the joystick, we're just going to shoot a full mag, and we are going to assess, so this is 60 bullets with the Bruin.

best loadout

Okay, I don't like to shoot the glass because I like the full range here. I want maximum range when I get this spray, so it's a very linear spray pattern. That's the beauty of this gun. we don't have a lot of this horizontal hor it's, legitimately the first three shots are straight up and then we are up and to the left so if we are countering this we reverse it we go down and we go right and we follow this pattern if you want you can stand back here and aim at this spot and drag your so you just get like a muscle, memory, of this pattern you can do it over and over so when you go to fry Targets, this thing looks like it doesn't move at all and people think you got Aimbot people are saying this guy is a clonus cuz you're so much better than them and it's not because that you just know how the Gun Works second pattern, not all patterns are the same and you'll see exactly what I mean right.

best loadout 3

Here this Call of Duty pattern is slightly different. Obviously, you can see a little more vertical on this pattern and then linear, a little bit of a curve right there; it's not so straight. So what we're taking away from this is the first few shots, so I would cross the line right here. Let's just draw the line like right in here.

Okay, that's probably your first nine shots. That's vertical, which is straight up and down, so if I go to Target and pull straight down, Those first few shots are going to beam, okay? They're absolutely going to fry. Now, what I like to talk about is rotational aim assist. If I'm looking at a target and I'm moving left or right.

I'm not touching my joy stick; I'm not touching the right one, and you can tell my character is naturally rotating around that; it's like my character's locking onto that target. That's called rotational aim assist, so as I'm spraying this gun, I'm strafing left to right. I want my character to grab on to these targets.

meta loadout 3

While I'm aiming to give you that sticky aim, and here's what I mean when I go to fry these targets, everyone's like this boy using a cronis. That's not it. We know the recoil pattern. We know rotational aim assists. We fry that's the breu. Practice with it. amr9 This gun's tricky, as you're about to see.

Why now we look at this, and we go, Boy, what the hell was that? Here's the deal: the first shot landed somewhere in here, and it jumps like a foot. Like we go from, let's just call this first shot, we jump all the way up to here; I mean, that's a huge leap, and then we're, you know, right and left and right, and it's overwhelming.

The magic trick to this gun is to pull it down and strafe. And strafe left to right as you shoot this thing, and you will have a close enough pattern to rip somebody's forehead off the frame. I'm telling you, so you come in here, you get that rotational aim assist, you pull down on that joystick, and you're done now that far Target, that's outrageous.

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I'm not hitting that. Maybe if I'm like playing all day, I'm feeling cracked at Fortnite, my guy. You know, maybe I'm hitting that, but right now we're locked. We're absolutely locked into this. The big thing with this recoil pattern is the first spray. Right there, we don't even need to do a whole spray the jump from the first bullet, second, and then third, fourth.

It's so high. The big thing is that when you control this recoil pattern, you have an initial pull down, and then it levels out pretty well, so we pull it down for the initial, and then it levels out to a pretty accurate beam. I mean, that's standing still, so if you can just get past the initial kick of this gun and then you're barely pulling down at that point, let it do its own thing.

You're not going to miss these shots. This is without rotation; Amis is just aiming and pulling straight down. It's going to kick up, and you're going to get those head shots. I mean, the gun rips. I hope this helps. If you are new to the channel, man, do me a favor. Do yourself a favor. Hit the sub button.

Let's get.

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