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Soa subverter warzone loadout

best 3 loadout

When you're making this build because this gun can have some weird recoil where it kind of wants to deviate and move around at those longer distances under prolonged fire, we're not trying to deal with that too much, so that's why we have the cus break L, right down here off-rip. Now in the barrel section we you go throw on that Dozer 90 long barrel increasing overall BL flossy and range firing aiming stability, gun kick control and of course recoil control, and these are crucial things especially because this is our primary long range gun we're not trying to hinder it in any capacity at being effective at those longer distances, so the Dozer 90 long barrel is what you guys need to run, now go down and stabilize it out even more with one of my favorite attachments which is starred the brew and heavy support grip here for that gun kit control aiming idle sway horizontal recoil and firing aiming stability so this doesn't help a lot with your vertical recoil control it actually says it negatively, impacts it here by about 4%.

But that's not something we're too worried about here, and I'll show you guys in a little bit why we have that because it's just pretty much the best CP in here. I know we have like so many different options to go way down in here and choose so many different things, but to be honest, you guys, pretty much nothing competes with the Brone Heavy Support Grip here in these like meta slots; it just really doesn't, and nothing else really does.

Now we're going to go down to that magazine section to throw on the 50-round drum here. This is also another non-negotiable; there's no reason for you guys to ever run the stock magazine; the 30-round magazine doesn't make sense either. I mean, you need those 50 rounds no matter if you're playing solos, duos, or whatever trios squads; it doesn't matter what you are playing; you should always run the 50-round mag, and that is going to be that no real if aner buts about that one.

best loadout

You always have to have this on hand. Now for our last attachment, we're going to go up in here and give you guys an optic of choice, which is going to be the Jack, glassless. This is fantastic. Optic to run if you guys want to be, have some really clear sights but if you don't want to run an optic and you actually really enjoy the iron sights I've ran actually both ways my s, you guys can take off the Jack glassless so like you'd run you know this as your full build or you can take that off and go over to the stock section and throw on the motion V2 heavy and make real good use out of your overall iron sights because this is great on rebirth Island you know vondal Park stuff like that it's also even really good on big map of course cuz it's a primary you know top option but if you want the iron sights go through on the motion V2, if you want you know an optic thr on the jack glass list and you'll pretty much be good to go either which way so that's my full build now let's move on to our next one now to give you guys a secondary that's pretty much like the number one meta SMG in the game that is going to be the HRM 9 so there's other guns I feel like that kills slightly faster than the HRM but as far as an allaround.

Hrm 9 warzone 3 loadout

Hrm 9 warzone 3 loadout

Top-tier SMG, great ttk, great mobility, easy-to-control recoil. Attachments you're going to need are basically just this one right here for this build, and that's going to be it, so next up we're going to go up in the barrel section and throw on that thorn 90 barrel. I have seen people go ahead and use the high-grain rounds instead of the thorn 90.

I think that gets thrown around a little bit more in war zone rank, but if you're playing some pubs like Rebirth Island stuff like that. I mean, throw on this Thor 90 and just be a little bit more agile and mobile with it, like you're going to for real. Thank me later when you switch back maybe from some high grain over to this I Stay running this I've tried those high grain rounds; I'm not as big of a fan, and I much prefer to be a little bit more mobile, and this is what gives me that capability.

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Under the Barr section, pretty much when you're building out an SMG, you have the option of pretty much using one of these four. There's no reason for you guys to use anything else in here; it's much like the you know primary assault rifles, lmgs, you know stuff like that. It's just that there's no reason for you guys to use something else, so we're just going to use the DR6 hand stop, which is going to give us exclusive Ads speed aim locking speed Sprint to fire speed and of course movement speed making you super incredibly fast and also does nothing to your overall recoil, you know stability anything else like that it has pretty much no bad cons so we're going to go throw this on there of course in the magazine section we're going to go throw on the 50 round drum this is a non-negotiable on this build you always have to run that 50 don't ever run the 30 like I said about the subverter don't ever go for that 30 don't go for the base magazine, go for the 50 so we're going to go ahead and throw that on there now this last attachments where you guys can kind of switch it up a little bit pending if you feel like it has too much recoil too little recoil whatever it may be. So my choice is the hatchet light stock I feel like this works out great on rebirth Island I really don't notice that recoil control you know disadvantage rate there I mean it's only 4% on your horizontal and vertical I have great recoil control capabilities, myself so that's like 4% is basically nothing to me that's like free, so I run that but if you guys want to go ahead and run that folding stock as that's pretty much going to be the other really good option for this thing so between the folding stock or the hatchet light stock you can't go wrong run either one of them and you're going to be good to go just keep in mind you will be more mobile and kind of be able to bop and weave around like the flash, you have the hatchet light sock on which is my preference so that's what I got and that's my full HRM build you're going to be absolutely dominating, with this setup now let's move on to an assault rifle that I'm really happy to actually getting some love and that's going to be the MTZ 556.

Mtz 556 class

Mtz 556 class

This thing's an absolute heater of a gun, and yall are going to try this one out because it's got like zero recoil, like pretty much literally, so first attachment, we're going to go here. I have seen some recommendations for people to use the VT7 Spirit Fire, so you can use the VT7. That's totally okay.

NEW TOP 5 META LOADOUTS AFTER UPDATE! Warzone 3 Meta Loadouts MW3 - Today I go over the warzone 3 top 5 meta loadouts top 5 best loadouts in warzone 3 to use. These are the warzone meta loadouts that will help you improve and drop more kills per game.
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