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after patch tombstone glitch

This is the easiest solo Tombstone glitch. You won't need a scorcher; you'll keep your money, your backpack, your weapons, and everything else, and this is how you do it. Step one: in the lobby, fill up your bag with everything you want to duplicate with the Tombstone glitch. It's worth throwing a stamina perk can and a tombstone perk can in there so you can duplicate them later, and the process will be insanely quick next time you do this.

If you don't have any decent loot to take into a game with you, it's all good. We've got over 6,500 players in our Discord who are all dropping loot for each other, hopping into games, doing missions, and doing other glitches, so come on in and get some of this loot. Step two: Okay, now that you've got your stuff, drop into a game and get yourself a little bit of cash.

You'll want $5,000, but you'll probably want a little spending money in your tombstone as well, so just keep going until you're satisfied. If you drop in with somebody from our Discord, most of them are running with Max Essence, so I'm sure they will help you out. Now that you've got your cash, you'll want to buy yourself the tombstone perk, and you'll need the stamina perk too.


Both of these cost 2K each, but once you've duplicated your items, you'll be able to drink them straight from your bag. next game Step four: So this is where the glitch comes in. Head over to the bad signal portal, and before we do anything there, you'll see directly opposite the portal a gray and blue building.

Head over there. go through the double doors. go through the second set of double doors, through the courtyard, and the last set of double doors. Now take the stairs up to your left, and then in front of you on the left wall, you'll see a big window. This becomes a portal when you get close enough, so what you want to do with this portal is shoot these exact images on screen in this order.

Once you've done that, back up a bit and spend the $1K to activate the portal, but do not go through it yet. Okay, step five. Now that you've activated that portal by shooting the runes, it's time to run back to the bad signal portal and activate it. This will begin the countdown, and now, for the final time, run back to the portal in the gray and blue building and go straight through it.

mw3 glitch

You've got the stamina to make this easier, but I did cheat a bit here and use a quad bike, which really helped out. When you get to the portal, just run through it. Step six: After entering the portal, you'll appear in a small room. Just jump through this window and keep running in a straight line.

You have to keep an eye on the timer for the bad signal portal once it hits 2 seconds. Go into your map and hit yes. Don't do this in 3 seconds, and don't do it in 1; it's very important that it's done exactly in 2 seconds. Once you've done that, keep running in a straight line until you're out of bounds.

You'll get the portal loading screen, and then straight after, you'll get an elimination screen. On the elimination screen, you'll just need to hard-quit your game. The timing for leaving the game isn't as tight as it was. Unfortunately, that stash glitch is still patched, but we'll have a workaround soon enough.

mw3 solo tombstone glitch

But until then, just drop into a new game and use your items. Play a full game, then when you're ready, go collect your tombstone items and do it all again, but obviously this time it'll be considerably longer. Okay, so this is easily the fastest way to rank up your weapons in Modern Warfare 3 and Modern Warfare 3 zombies, so you'll be taking no damage while doing this, so follow along.

Very closely, huge shouts to glitching Queen, who I'm pretty sure covered this first step. Before anything, I'd recommend popping a double XP token because you are going to get some crazy XP here, so you may as well capitalize on it. Step two: head to the Red Zone. You're going to want to find yourself this exact Spore contract; it spawns here on the map, so head over and grab it.

Step three: Now the eggs will all spawn in this part of the map, so you'll want to throw down two of the throwables, both of them closest to the excavator, in the left corner of the area. This will ensure that zombies keep spawning over here. Now all that's left to do is climb into the god mode spot; just crawl under the excavator, and no zombie will be able to hit you.

mw3 zombies

Manglers will be able to shoot you with the gun blast, but most of the time they'll miss because of how the excavator is positioned. Now just shoot endless waves of zombies and level up those guns. The zombies will drop all the ammo and loot that you need right in front of you now. If you're looking for a great Modern Warfare 3 zombies community that drops schematics and loots for free, we've got thousands of players in our Discord helping each other out, so hop on in, and if you want to see how to do the current patchwork Tombstone glitch, click on the article on screen now.

mw3 zombies after patch glitch

Watching okay, we've got an insane XP glitch here that will just give you an endless wave of zombies, that you can just fight for the entirety of the game, sort of like when you could call in the XFI chopper and get loads of zombies to fight, but this one is a hundred times better because there is no way in between waves; it's just one long 45-minute wave of zombies, so the way this is going to work is I'll tell you how to do the glitch, then I'll answer the questions I think you're going to ask, and then I'll let my footage play until the end of the game just so you know it works.

Okay, step one: drop into a game. I'd recommend bringing a friend for this or a dog bone because you are going to be fighting endlessly in a small room, and there's a very good chance that you're going to go down if you don't have friends to play with or you still need to unlock the dog bone schematic.

Don't worry, I've got you covered. Just hop into our Discord, where we have over 6, 000 players dropping schematics for each other for free. They're also looking to team up, play Glitch, and everything in between. If you're watching this on TikTok, the Discord link is in my bio. Now hop on in and get some of this loot.

mw3 zombies glitch

Step two: Now that you're in a game, go grab yourself an Outlast contract. I'd recommend doing this in Tier 1, unless you're feeling crazy for some reason. step three: Start the contract like you usually would and wait for it to hit around 94 to 95%. Complete it, and then just cancel it. You can do this by opening up your map and hitting whatever prompt it says in the top right corner to cancel for PlayStation.

AFTER PATCH glitches in MW3 Zombies from solo tombstone to getting unlimited XP and easier weapon camo grinding.
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