News - All Season 3 Operator Bundles Early Gameplay Showcase. Tracers, Ultra Skins, Warzone 2

All season 3 operator bundles early gameplay showcase

All season 3 operator bundles early gameplay showcase

Welcome back to a brand new article today. But let's go ahead and let's jump into it.

Zombies mangler operator bundle gameplay showcase

The very first bundle that we have is called the Zombie Mangler Bundle. This will feature the brand new Mame operator skin, which actually comes in as a decent-looking gas operator skin. Following that, you have two different weapon blueprints.

all bundles in season 3 mw3

The first one is called the RPK, or transfusion. This one does not have any trace surroundings or death effects. The second weapon blueprint is for the Riveter, called the Oxidize. You also get a Wonder Woman DG2. Weapon case and this is a onetime used zombie acquisition the rest of the content include a large decal an emblem and a charm bundle should cost around 2, 000 Cod points as a Call of Duty gamer I love a game that has fast-paced action a first-person shooter runs smoothly and most importantly is easy to navigate I found a game that could do all that and even more and this is blood strike a fast-paced battle royale firstperson shooter it only takes 5 minutes to download and set up and my favorite part is the in-game graphic quality the slide cancelling it has strong aim assist and on top of that it has Strikers with unique abilities as well as a diverse set of weapons and attachments, that you can customize to your liking I found blood strike to be perfect for a quick gaming session during my break or downtime being able to form squads play with friends and even rank up off from my mobile device and the best part is it doesn't matter what mobile device you have because I bet you blood strike will be able to run smoothly.

Without any issues. Also, do consistent updates, adding a variety of gameplay like Battle Royale, Squadfight, and Hot Zone. You can spend hours on this game, and you won't even get bored. Also, it's a free-to-play experience, so stop spending money on FPS games and get Blood Strike to celebrate its global launch.

The game is going all out with giveaways. You can join now and claim a golden chest worth up to 100 USD, complete in-game objectives, and also get the legendary Damascus camo. Hurry up and join me and thousands of others.

Tracer pack: stoney sloth operator bundle gameplay showcase

Tracer pack: stoney sloth operator bundle gameplay showcase

Jumping back into it, the next operator skin that we have is called the Stony Sloth Tracer Pack. This will feature the slothy operator skin for Captain Price, and this is what the operator skin will look like. Along with that, you get two different weapon blueprints. The first one is called the high hitter for the WSP.

Swarm comes in with not only tracers but a death effect; you have the blaze tracers and the dingdong, year-bong dismemberment.

Tracer pack: cheech chong operator bundle gameplay showcase

So we have the Cheich Chong Tracer Pack. The first one is going to bring in a new operator named Cheich, and this is what he will look like alongside him. You also get Chong in the same operator bundle, and this is what he will look like.

Following that, there's going to be three different weapon blueprints that are going to be available in this bundle. The very first one is called Denis, and this is for the MTZ 556. It has trace impacts called the pain puff tracers and a death effect called the double doobie dismemberment, and this is what it looks like in the showcasing.

Following that, there's a second weapon blueprint coming in for HRM 9 called the hash assassin, which has the same exact tracer and death effects. The weapon blueprint looks a little bit different; they use a different color variation, and then there's the third one, another different color variation; this one's called the Mellow and Mild, coming in for the Hay Maker.

On top of that, you also get a brand new finishing move; this one is called secondhand smoke. The rest of the bundle will contain two large decals. Weapon sticker, two weapon charms, and a loading screen, and this will cost you $3, 000. Cod points, which have been confirmed by leakers, so it's not going to be one of those cheaper bundles , and it's because they're bringing basically two bundles into one.

Konni devil operator bundle gameplay showcase

Konni devil operator bundle gameplay showcase

The next operator skins we have are a part of the Coney operator set. This is going to be bringing in the macarov skin called the urban macarov.

Remember how we talked about there's two macarov skins? This is going to be the second one, so this is another mask macarov. This time he has a red mask, but he's also wearing his regular clothes. On top of that, there's one weapon blueprint that comes along, and that is called the dualist for the vasnev, 9k, you get a second weapon blueprint called the tetsubo.

For the KVD enforcer, they don't have any trace arounds or impacts or anything like that, so this bundle shouldn't cost you that much, and then you got other things like a large decal, a brand new weapon sticker, and finally a weapon charm.

Konni empress operator bundle gameplay showcase

This next bundle is part of the same set called the Coney Empress.

This will bring in the aakashi, or operator skin, for Warden. This is what she looks like—definitely a weird-looking mask that they got going on right there. Along with that, there are two different weapon blueprints that you can get. The first one is called the pedal fall. This will be for the DG 56.

The second weapon blueprint is called the revenge, and that's for the attack eradicator; they don't have any Tracer rounds or impact effects, and then the rest of the bundle will consist of a Madam Moon large decal, a weapon sticker, and a weapon charm. Now, here's what makes this a set: if you purchase both this one and the Coney Devil operator bundle, you actually get a third one, and this brings in a new skin for Nolan called the precise execution.

And this is what the operator's skin will look like. All of Duty calls it a bonus reward, but it's really not free. This is something that you only get if you purchase both bundles, and I'm guessing each of them is going to cost $2, 000, so this will cost you a total of $4, 000.

Horsemen vi.rus ultra skin tracer pack bundle gameplay showcase

Horsemen vi.rus ultra skin tracer pack bundle gameplay showcase

If you want to get this operator skin, the next bundle that we have is going to be a part of the Horsemen set. This is the Horsemen virus Ultimate Skin Tracer pack, which will cost you easily $2400. Cod points out that it brings the billus operator skin for the ghost, which is going to be animated.

You can see on the top that there's like red electricity, and then the eyes are pretty much glowing, and they have like a fire animation going on with them, even the weapon blueprints. For example, you have the viral ignition for the SVA. The good thing is that this has tracers, a death effect called the trojan Trac tracers, and malware dismemberment.

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