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But I want to start this article off by talking about Operation Tinman, the brand new war map that got added with season 2, and the fact that there's a ray gun Easter egg within the map that nobody out there is really talking about.

New raygun easter egg in multiplayer

New raygun easter egg in multiplayer

I posted a short about it a couple of days ago, but I think it was during the evening or night window of season 2's launch on February 7th that Slammer tweeted out a teaser of the new war map, saying that power waits to be discovered.

In that teaser, you could see an emphasis on a window or a room that you can mantle onto. And upon doing that in pubs, what do you know there's glass that you can break and just behind it is a ray gun so you'll be out of shots in it, but once you go and pick it up you can use it for, as long as you'd like there's unlimited ammo in it essentially if you guys do pop ammunition boxes when you first pick it up there's only a couple of shots in it but feels like it's more powerful than the version we saw in the vortex multiplayer mode just a couple of weeks ago, so go and enjoy that one, but.

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Lunar new year event now live in mw3

Lunar new year event now live in mw3

First off, a brand new event did go live in Mon Warfare 3 earlier today to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This is the year of the Dragon event, which is an XP Focus Chest system, which means you have to hit about 570. Plus, there's a total of XP to unlock the final Mastery reward, but there's rewards along the way for hitting other XP milestones.

You can, of course, do this in any game mode of your choice and even get an XP boost for going ahead and using the Brand New Year of the Dragon bundle featuring an emperor skin. You only get a 1, 000 XP boost for running that skin, but overall, there's some pretty cool cosmetics as a part of this event, and the dragon scales Universal Camo.

It's not animated, but it's still a cool reward. You have a couple more days left to go ahead and unlock, but I wanted to bring up the bundle that is to this event since it actually cost upwards of $3, 000.

Skins for wheelson, thermites & more.?!


Cod points, which is absolutely insane. We talked about the bundle inflation problem in the recent podcast and in some previous articles as well, but with this bundle being so expensive, there's actually a reason behind it.

There's a skin in this pack for the Wheelson Killstreak. For the thermite for the barricade field upgrade, skins for items and equipment that we haven't really seen before we've seen obviously Ultra skins we've seen weapon vaults we've seen skins for even throwing knives but the we're taking it even further with skins for other elements of the game which I think is cool but for the price of this pack it's absolutely, insane now the tracers and blueprints do look cool but that is the bundle that just came out as of I think it was yesterday that is tied to today's brand new event now speaking of expensive bundles though there is one in particular I want to go over real quickly and throughout this article we're going to talk about all 20 plus new bundles, coming in season 2 and we'll go over them throughout various timestamps here but the one bundle I want to talk about in particular real quickly is one that apparently will cost, 3400.

3400 cod point weapon vault coming

3400 cod point weapon vault coming

Cod points out what is easily the most expensive bundle we've ever seen in Call of Duty history that's supposedly coming out in season 2 and features a brand new weapon vault. So we've seen weapon vaults through Vault editions of Modern Warfare 2 and 3. We've also seen Universal WAP bundles added, which are essentially weapon vaults, but just for one weapon in one blueprint, featuring interchangeable attachments that let you preserve the look of that blueprint.

But now we're going to get an actual weapon involved in a bundle featuring multiple blueprints, all with interchangeable attachments. But that's going to be really expensive especially when you consider other Cur currencies which will probably have people paying upwards of40 plus dollars, for just that bundle, and the thing is the weapon Vault for a weapon that's already in the game people have probably had maxed out for, the last couple of months the special thing about a weapon Vault especially during the pre-order window or during a beta, is being able to use a Decked Out maxed out weapon before you've had the chance to actually level it up so curious on what your thoughts are on what is easily the most expensive bundle in a while I'm aware that there were bundles back in the day they cost 40 bucks plus, but real money not Cod points and they would be like the tag, versus, clown Tracer pack from cold war or something along those lines but this is wild now also I want to mention that a new bundle did come out earlier today they cost 2400.

First bonus strike team slot for mwz

First bonus strike team slot for mwz

Cod Points does feature the first ever extra zombie operator slot, so for those that want more Strike Team space in MWZ, you can now get a brand new Strike Team slot by purchasing the brand new Demon Glow Bundle, which also features two blue tools. Obviously, these are one-time uses; anytime you see an acquisition in a bundle, they're just able to be used that one time that you do.

If we end up getting bundles that feature actual bonuses tied to an operator, then that'll be something that also probably sparked some controversy in the Modern Warfare Zombies Community.

Next crossover with warhammer & nba

As we posted over on Detonated, there's a brand new crossover coming to Modern Warfare 3 in the near future.

modern warfare 3 season 2

As of right now, leakers are claiming they're going to be seeing a Warhammer 40K collab, which I know we discussed a couple of weeks ago, but there's more information about this Warhammer collab. Thanks to the season 2 patch, apparently there'll be three operators and an event tied to this crossover, which is probably going to release during season 2 reloaded.

We've gotten no teasers or any type of confirmation from the initial marketing of season 2 to suggest that this is happening soon, but I'm sure that's when they're going to end up doing this considering there's footage of the finishing move tied to this event that already got data mined as of a few weeks ago, and data miners also found some other collabs I don't think are for season 2, but they could be, although they're probably for season three.

ALL 25 NEW Bundles in MW3 Season 2 | ULTRA Skins, Tracers, Weapon Vaults Zombie Benefits.
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