News - All 28. New Bundles Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded. Ultra Skin Tracer Packs & Mastercrafts Revealed


This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about the 28+ new bundles in season 2 reloaded with some exciting new content plus even more. Twitter, but with the launch of the mid-season 2 update, there has been a lot to cover.

Support a creator codes returning?

Support a creator codes returning?

Or possibly even sooner we're going to see The Return of Support a Creator, as a feature right that was a little code feature at the menu that was actually present in the war zone 1 era for Call of Duty right we're talking Modern Warfare 19 Cold War Vanguard, for whatever reason I feature just vanished with the start of cod 2.0 MW2, last year but then I started doing those crater bundles so I figured that would be a new way they collaborate with some craters out there but no then a controversy happened and those got discontinued.

I think indefinitely.

New crossover skins coming soon

I also wanted to reiterate that we're going to be seeing the following crossover operators at some point soon. Obviously, season 2 has offered a number of different collaborations already, but we're going to be seeing Cheich and Chong for the start of season 3, and reportedly, we're getting a new skin for Snoop Dogg.

mw3 creator code

It might not be a separate operator, but it's going to be a new skin for the existing one that's already in MW3. Thanks for carrying forward from the last game, so I guess that'll all kind of play part with a 420. This type of event, season 3, does begin the first week of April, so I guess they didn't want to wait till they reloaded it for season 3 to go ahead and drop some of these funny operators that do fit the theme of 420. And then Deon Booker from the NBA is apparently coming during the mid season 3 update so I'll be making a separate article relatively soon recapping a bunch of info about our third season of content for every game mode of course but when it comes to operators specifically, these are the crossover ones that I wanted to bring up here today but there's going to be some original operators that get added in as well to probably further, the Modern Warfare narrative that hopefully gets a cool cut scene or something at the start of the third season since we haven't seen that much narrative I want to say for the post-launch of modow Warfare 3 thus far which is really damn weird now I've been seeing questions lately about the detained, operator skin which actually got hinted a little bit in some season.

Unreleased prison break operator preview

Unreleased prison break operator preview

Promo marketing i believe this was a good while ago, and this operator doesn't seem to be tied to any bundle that's been confirmed thus far or even leaked, so maybe it's something about season 3, considering as of right now. Rebirth Island is rumored to come back at the very start of the third season.

I mean, hence the present break outfit, so that's probably what's happening with that. I have a separate article talking more about the Rebirth season 3 update that is in the works, but I do think it's cool that every now and again Call of Duty will end up promoting or advertising. Now, before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch Cactus, Com, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3.

These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable method and will actually help you play the game Mitch Cactus. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trust Pilot, with over 10,000 positive reviews. You can use Go Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order.

Upcoming s2 reloaded bundles revealed

Upcoming s2 reloaded bundles revealed

Starting off with the instant nudes pack pretty funny name for a bundle, but it does feature a blueprint for one of our brand new weapons here inside of season 2, it is definitely cool to see some Japanese food themed packs that are going to be released. Before the beginning of our third season, I have the power-prepared bundle.

Pretty cool-looking design there, with some orange teal and blue on. I'm not sure what weapon that is exactly, but probably a battle rifle. Then we also have a knife blueprint. As you will see in that bundle, we also have the wagu Pack which is going to be pretty damn cool so again there's a big Japanese food theme Here for season 2 reloaded for whatever reason so you're going to be seeing a number of different skins and blueprints, that will fit that theme but yeah there's apparently a free skin that's going to be given out as a part of a collection reward so for those that buy multiple Japanese food themed bundles, you'll apparently get a free operator so that could be similar to the Dune offering that we talked about in a separate article yesterday, if you go ahead and buy one polish trees bundle and the new heart in Tracer pack you get a free poit treaty skin for having done that so maybe they're going to start doing that a little bit more often where if you buy multiple bundles, you'll start getting a third skin or maybe even a blueprint for free we then have the Amber bundle which is going to be a blueprint for what looks like an SMG.

Pretty interesting gold Scorpion type design; next up we have the girl boss pack; and again, a lot of the bundles that leaked out don't have descriptions. But some of them do, and I'll make that very clear as we proceed here with the article. But we have the girl boss pack, which is going to feature another SMG blueprint, and a pretty cool-looking operator skin there with it that looks like a mask hanging from her waist.

Equipment, dismembership & special packs

Equipment, dismembership & special packs

Next, we have the blades of fright dismemberment. Bundle, so we're going to be seeing some interesting packs added before the start of season 3, some bundles that are tied just around melee weapons and equipment, and even we're going to be getting through all of that.

Next up, we have the tiny pilot equipment pack. As it says, Be tiny, be lethal with the tiny pilot equipment. This pack includes a field equipment skin for the trophy system, so these might be some inexpensive bundles coming to the game that are maybe like 800 or 1, 000 Cod points tops. They don't feature any blueprints or operator skins, but literally just skins for equipment and field upgrades.

Makarov, st pattys event & more skins

mw3 gold condemned ghost

Next up I have the cluster crabs equipment pack it's also coming out that I believe is part of the Warhammer collab as well says get a little Krabby with the cluster crabs equipment featuring a killstreak skin for the cluster mine we next up I have the chroma bundle which actually looks pretty cool feel the color wash over you with the chroma pack this bundle features an operator skin and even a blueprint, so pretty futuristic looking design there next up I have the heretic bundle which is actually kind of creepy looking the artwork's pretty nice spread blasphemes with a herotic bundle this pack includes an operator skin and a blueprint, so probably one of those bundles is going to cost upwards of like 13, 500.

ALL 28 NEW Bundles in MW3 Season 2 Reloaded | ULTRA Skin Tracer Packs Mastercrafts Revealed.
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