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Multiplayer patch notes (season 2 reloaded)

Multiplayer patch notes (season 2 reloaded)

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we got the official season 2 reloaded Passional, and there's so much to go over, so let's go ahead and jump into it. So they start off with the global gameplay changes for the multiplayer. It says that upon aiming down, the crosshair will now transition directly to the center of the player screen rather than easing into position, and then for customization.

1.40 cod patch notes

They have resolved an issue causing blueprints from the spare rip bundle to be less transparent than intended and adjusted the colors of the incision blueprint for the renetti to match their intended appearance. Music from Han Zimmer MW2 music pack will once again play during matches resolved an issue in the gunsmith in which camos are not previewing properly on several weapons and improve coverage of the dissolver camo on certain weapons they did UI features so it said new features added the ability to filter attachments by subcategories, in the gunsmith the Optics the hybrids the thermal sniper Scopes the muzzles as well the under barrels and then they added the ability to track up to five challenges to view outside challenges menu track challenges will appear on the in-game pause menu and Lobby added a markall read button in the social notification center for those messages, and then they did some bug fixes so added to favorite button will no longer appear for locked emblems calling cards unlockable only in MW2 will now State this information.

In all modes, the local player will no longer appear as an enemy in the kill feed. In gunfights, placeholder images will no longer briefly appear in the killcam. Players can now quick-enable content from the View new content menu, and snipers-only mode restriction icons are now present for the weapons that aren't snipers.

cod content update

They fixed a bug that prevented weapon level from displaying in the gunsmith and several inaccuracies. With weapon attachment descriptions. Have been resolved, and then they did a progression update and fixed several season 2 weekly challenges that were not tracking properly. Weapons and semi-auto fire mode will now properly progress associated challenges.

cod mw3 update

And they did some map updates in the scrapyard. Refined playable area boundary along the fence near helipad Shipman got a big update they said by popular demand ship Miss will now permanently replace the standard ship mode so that new shipment that we had during the holiday event that's going to be the new one and then Vista set factions to spaz and Rangers resolving an issue causing missing announcer voice signes Dome MW2 carry forward added to the pool of available maps in the quick play Operation 10man Ward decreased time to build a laser trap from 4 seconds to 2.5, seconds added a score event upon killing an enemy with the laser trap at the start of phase two the crate containing the mall will not automatically open after 60 seconds improve interaction with turrets while using tap to interact input players can no longer exit the playable area of the resting area using a Deployable cover and private match Bots will now properly parachute during the infill sequence and they refined the geometry to improve spawn conditions near the main trail, now we jump into the mode so gun game address an issue that caus players to become stuck without a weapon, headquarters fixed an issue allowing enemies to capture a contested HQ in a hardcore.

And the training course in private matches using a Cruis missile outside the combat area will no longer halt course progression. These are the weapon balance changes from multiplayer: the BP 50 increased, the minimum hipfire spread increased from 2.2 to 2.4, and the degree increase in maximum hipfire spread increased from 6.3 to 6.7.

cod update 1.40

They increase the tactical stance spread, increase aim down sight time, decrease aim down sight movement speed, increase the horizontal recoil, decrease the vertical recoil, pretty much get a Nerf, and then the four bar heavy stock increase recoil gun kick benefit, and the moot 40 stock decrease aim down sight time benefit for the SVA 545, decrease spin to fire time from 210 to 189.

Decrease the aimd down sight time from 250 to 230, for the battle rifles the bass B decrease maximum damage from 39 to 38 decrease near medium damage from 33 to 32 decrease maximum damage range and decrease the near medium damage range those is got a Nerf and then the Sidewinder decrease recoil intensity during sustained fire slightly the A90 Venom stock decreased recoil gun kick penalty the RB Rapid Strike grip increase the a down sight benefit and then for the MTZ 762, they only change the Jack heretic carbine kit decrease horizontal recoil increase vertical recoil, incompatible under Barrel attachments can no longer be equipped jumping into SMGs for the ram 9 only attachments were adjusted the speedway V5 short barrel decrease aim down s speed penalty increased recoil gun kick benefit and increased recoil control benefit the FSS imperator.

cod update patch notes

Light barrels increase damage range; they increase the bullet velocity benefit; and then the Boreal 6c suppress barrel decreases the bullet velocity penalty and decreases the damage range penalty for the AR9. In the Jacken Double Barrel Kit, the bullets are now fired in a vertical column rather than a horizontal spread.


In the WSP 9, the minimum standing hip fire spread decreased; the maximum standing hip fire spread decreased; and the tactical stance spread rival 9, the Jackhead Hunter Carbine conversion increased near medium damage range and the PDSW. From MW2, improve alignment of the default iron sight optic lochman sub increase maximum damage range increase near medium damage range increase medium damage range and increase the far medium damage range so that looked like it got a buff shotguns the lock with 680 Barrel attachment damage pellet count out remains at six regardless of ammo capacity the lmgs, the pull me out 762 increase strength of aim down sight Idol soy Jack Annihilator decrease bullet velocity, the Brewing MK9 decrease aim down sight time increase the lower torso damage the movement speed the Crouch movement speed the Tactical Sprint speed and the aim down sight movement speed that the for the sniper rifles added a new optic attachment called The Stalker Factory iron sight unlock through the challenges and decrease aim down sight time cat AMR decrease aim down sight time and the SPX 80 increased the sight time and then for the handguns the core 45, xrp.

The conversion kit increased bullet velocity for the retti, the Jack verocity kit resolved an issue causing specific attachment combinations to corrupt the weapon appearance, and then they also detailed stats in the gunsmith will no longer display an improper tactical stand spread value for the 9mm.

MW3 Season 2 Reloaded Content Update Patch Notes Multiplayer, Zombies, Warzone - MW3 Update 1.
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