News - 5 Best Loadouts Warzone 3 Season 2 After Taq Evolvere Nerf


So the tack evolver did get nerfed, which is pretty much the main long-range rifle inside the war zone, and now a couple of days later we're going to be going over the five best loadouts to use since the main rifle got nerfed, but quickly on screen, as you can see here, these are the patch notes, so with the 762 ammunition, the damage got reduced from 40 down to 45.

And then the damage ranges as well got reduced along with that as well as the multipliers, and the same goes for the 5.56 ammo as well, so again, as you can see here, the damage did get reduced with all the ammunition types of this weapon. Now, it's a very powerful gun, obviously because it's one of the newer weapons, so we're going to fly through these very quickly.

We don't want to waste too much time here, so the first loadout to use is the pumo, as well as the RAM 9 SMG. Now obviously, you can mix and match the weapons from each of these loadouts if you want to, but starting off with the pumo, this is a very powerful gun; it was always a really good choice.

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It's just that the tack evolver was a bit better, but now I do think the pumo is probably the best lmg in the game again, and this is a l you want to use. It's pretty much exactly the same as what we had before, and so nothing's really changed here, so you want to use the conversion kit, and as always, you do want to use the recoil reduction pad Coral, optic.

Jack Annihilator barrel, and the spare fire suppressor. All of these are pretty much the same attachments as what we had before, and the recoil of this gun never really changed anyway, so we don't really need to show you that in the firing range. Either way, we are comparing this with what is probably the best SMG in the game, and that is because this is a slow-moving LMG, so we want to pair it with a kind of overall really good SMG, which is probably the best one right now, and that's the Ram 9.

The Ram 9 is definitely the best choice for SMG, in my opinion. There's also some other really good choices as well, but when it comes to the build, you want to use the mini braake. As you can see here, it's going to help with horizontal recoil. The hand stop under Barrel, which is the DR6. The razor Hawk laser, which is going to help with movement speed 50 round mags as always, and all also behind the camera, we're using the Recon com.

best loadouts warzone

H for a bit better movement speeds as well. Next up, we've got a sniper class that a lot of you will actually enjoy, and that's the catr with the ram 7, which is the assault rifle version of the gun. As you can see here with the Ram 7, we've built this pretty much to be a well-rounded weapon because obviously you're using it with a sniper rifle, so you want to make sure you can land those shots at range or close range, so you can do whatever you want with it.

Really, now we are using the heavy barrel, which is the core Mark 40 heavy, which you can also use. This one here, which is the head-wind long barrel, is also a really good choice. It gives you a bit better bullet velocity, but it doesn't give you any recoil control, so just keep that in mind. But it does help with aiming stability and firing stability, so it does give you a bit more control.

best loadouts warzone 3

But it doesn't really con the gun in terms of movement nearly as much as the core Mark, so that is another option you do have there, and I do actually like this option as a sniper support, as well as the Spirit Fire suppressor once again, as always, you can use one of the muzzles instead that helps recoil a bit more H that doesn't keep you suppressed, but that is just personal preference.

I do think you need the suppressor on here for using this weapon at all ranges. Brun heavy support grip is best under barrel grip in the game with 60-round mags. Just because you want to have the largest capacity, if you do want a bit more movement, you could go for 40, but I think when it comes to higher game modes, you do need the 60 drum mags, and then you are using the hvs.

Stock, which is going to help with recoil control once again, we are pairing this with a catr, which is the best longrange rifle in the game and the only sniper rifle that can one-shot at any range, so just keep that in mind. Now we are using the Sonic suppressor, which helps with bullet velocity and range, so just keep that in mind.


We are trying to get the best possible bullet velocity at this one, the Zang Barrel, which again gives you the best bullet velocity. Again, this is what we're looking for. H, we are using the tactical stock pad, which helps aim down sight speed, and it recoils, but recoil on a sniper is not important at all.

H, this does help aim down sight speed. You could also use the laser as well, so you can use this laser here, which is the razor Hawk, which helps aim down sight speed, sprint the fire, and also aim walking steadiness. Aim walking steadiness isn't too important, but it does keep the laser visible, so that's the only reason I haven't chosen that one.

Then we are using the Imperial quick bolt, which is behind the camera but helps with rechambering speed. It is very important to make sure you get the second shot off, probably not as important as another sniper rifle, which I'll get on to in the next loadout, but if you do want to swap this attachment out, you can do that.

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I do think getting that second shot off is very important sometimes, and then we are using high velocity again for the best possible build velocity on the sniper. Again, this is going to be your long-range sniper build now with the seasonal update we did get above to the XRK stalker, and that is what this build is based on, so the amr9, which is a great sniper support option.

And also the XRK stalker, which is probably the best kind of close range sniper rifle or the best kind of aggressive sniper, as you want to call it in the game, so amr9, first we'll get onto this build right here. Now you can swap some of these attachments to make it a bit more sniper-friendly, but I prefer this build right here, which is my perfect build for the AR9, and you can still land shots at range with this as well.

By the way, the integral suppressor, which is the barrel here, is the one that you can swap out for this one instead, which is going to hit with buet velocity in range. But keep in mind that Con Sprint to Fire and Sprint to Fire on this gun in particular are actually very bad, so that's why we're not using them.

taq evolvere

So that is your other option. There is a slim line Pro optic because the irons on this gun are not great, but to be honest. I still prefer to use an iron sight on SMGs just because I free up that attachment slot, but this is probably the perfect overall build, right? We are using the Phantom grip now.

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