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We have a ton of amazing War Zone and MW3 players in there, but I hope you guys enjoy it as always. But let's jump into some weapon builds for you, guys. Starting off with our first weapon, we're going to be talking about the Ram 7. Now this thing has gotten a ton of nervs in Call of Duty, but trust me when I say this gun still hits like an absolute.

I definitely think it does. If we go into the firing range right here, you can already see. Look at this thing absolutely tank on some bodies, and trust me, guys, we're going to give you the best build possible for this. Gun, if you guys are looking to unlock the new MW3 camos, such as Interstellar Borealis, hard unlocked, or even play in bot lobbies where you can level up your guns and unlock camos rapidly, or even the instant delivery pre-made accounts, be sure to check out Mitch Cactus.

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Com; they include tons of legitimate services for Playstation. Xbox, and PC and have over 10,000, 000 pilot page reviews. Be sure to use code eer for 5% off, and don't forget to act fast. Now to kick things off, first I like to run a muzzle on RAM 7, and the muzzle is going to be the Jack BFB. This is going to help with gun kit control, vertical recoil and give us some horizontal recoil control as well you pull up the details on this you can see a huge buff for The Recoil control and this is mainly what we're going for because there is not very many muzzles that can actually help this gun as much as it does with the Jack BFB if you guys don't have this unlocked make sure you guys do get this really quick as fast as you can because this makes this gun insanely, good now you do see a debuff on Range mobility and handling but trust me guys we're going to talk about how to make this gun insanely good for our next attachment we're going to be running a barrel and we're going to be running the coronin, headwind long barrel this is going to help with bullet velocity and damage range giving us bonus range on this gun as well it's going to help with our aiming idle Sway and our firing aim stability, we pull up the details on this you can see the range going up tiny bit about 22%, on effective, damage range minimum damage range going up about 21%.

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Bullet velocity is going up by 26%, and we are getting a secret recoil control buff as well, so this is just going to make this gun look like you're cheating. This is a very good gun to run and trust me guys we're going to put all the best attachments, now for our third attachment we're going to running an under barel and the brew and heavy support grip you're really going to see on a lot of War Zone weapons because of all of the perks that it actually adds to the gun class now for instance for this one the pros are going to be the gun kit control the aiming Idol sway the horizontal recoil and the fire in a stability all big, prows for this gun so this is going to make a under Barrel that is very good well around for all sorts of weapons we go and pull up the details on this we can see The Recoil control going up with a tiny bit for the accuracy as well I don't know if it's going to be easy for you guys to see on your end but it is already going, above and beyond for both of these perks you can see a little bit going down on the handling but no worries we'll fix that here in a second now for our fourth attachment this is going to be pretty, self-explanatory.

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You're going to see a lot of magazines being put on guns because, obviously, we're playing war zone. The more people we're going against, we want to have a bigger clip in our mag so that way we can kill people over and over without having to reload mid-gunfight, so for that instance, we're going to be running a 60-round drum mag on the ram 7, and last but not least, we're going to be running a stock on this gun, and it is going to be the hvs.

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34 pad, this is going to help with gun kit control and recoil control even more, making this gun in. Good, now if we pull up the stats on this, you can see the recoil control is also going up, with a little bit of an increase in our mobility and handling. Trust me guys you just saw this gun in the firing range and you still feel like an absolute, demon if you wanted to change this stuff up all you have to do is go to some of your stuff change some things on your per packages make it a little bit easier for you to run you can run the same perks as me as you wish, this is all personal preference so put whatever you guys wish to run let's go ahead and show you guys this Ram build one last time, before we switch over to our other gun but this is going to be the full build for you guys copy out this Ram 7 load out but let's move on to the real tank in rebirth Island, and by Tank I mean the retti, everybody knows this gun this gun is definitely going to get nerfed this thing's an absolute.

Tank for the war zone. And every little rebirth demon is currently using this. But first things first, we are running the Retti pistol, and our muzzle is going to be the ZM 35 compensated flash hider. This is going to help with shorter radar pinks every time we're shooting our weapon; it's going to give us vertical recoil, horizontal recoil control, and fire and aim stability, which means you're going to see a lot of recoil control going up for a pistol.

meta loadout warzone 3

This is what I mean that this gun is also going to be insanely good for war zones. If you guys are doing rebirth ranking, you want to run this as soon as possible. You will see a little bit of a drop-off for range, but this is going to be a close-range pistol build, and it can even go to medium range.


This is going to be close to medium range; you can build one for medium to maybe a little bit longer of a range for a pistol, but this is key in my opinion. For the second attachment, we're going to be running an underbarrel, and we're going to be running the SL skeletal. Vertical grip this is going to help with our ads speed our vertical recoil our Sprint to fire speed and our gun kick control if we pull up the menu on this one as well you're going to see a little bit with the recoil control going up and our handling, actually moving up the reason being is we want to run a little bit more handling on this pistol because we are putting a submachine, gun conversion, kit on this gun so what's going to have recoil control that needs buffed, and the handling might be all over the place so we're going to be running the SL skeletal, vertical grip.

I just wanted to get this out of the way. This is also going to be one of our perks. We're going to be running an aftermarket part, a conversion kit, and it's going to be the Jack Arbine kit. This is what is making this gun hit like an absolute demon. We can pull up the stats on here, but I mean, you can already tell.

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