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50 gs

You guys have asked, and you guys shall receive. So I've been doing this with the pistols, the riot shield, and the launchers, and my overall kill-to-death ratio is yet again taking a hit. It's at 3.35 and going down as I am using these secondary weapons and riot shields and all that kind of stuff, but it's a lot of fun.

First things first, I'm playing hardcore in hardcore, or I need to stop calling it hardcore because it's called tier one. Everyone that just started playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is probably going to be quite confused if I say "hardcore," so if you're new to the game, hardcore was a game mode that was tier one in the past, but it was a less restrictive version of tier one.

What I mean by this is that you can still see some HUD elements, but here you can't see any HUD elements. I would use Ghost Cold-Blooded. EOD, or eodman, or whatever it's called. Bomb Squad, and then I would use Battle-Hardened as my perk ones and my ultimate perk as well as my bonus perk. And then for equipment.


I use a Molotov, which doesn't deal any extra damage in tier one, but it's just really good for throwing it at flags and objectives, especially if they are enemy-occupied, and the reason for this is because it's obviously going to kill them if they're trying to stay on the point, so I use this for solo play and objective play and just trying to defend points or trying to get people out of containers and all that kind of stuff.

And then I use a flashbang because literally everybody in here uses a flashbang, and, you know, if someone wants to flash me, sometimes I'll just go ahead and flash them back. So, the next tip I want to give you guys is about the kill streaks that I run. So whenever I plan a party. I run the advanced UAV, and that is because the advanced UAV literally ends games; if you can keep them rolling, you're going to win no matter what, pretty much, because you know where the entire enemy team is going to be at all times, even if they are using ghost.

However, whenever I play solo. I do not use the advanced UAV because I simply find that running three non-lethal kill streaks just does not apply enough pressure on the map, and most of the time my teammates are not even going to be utilizing that advanced UAV to its full potential, as if I were playing with my friends.

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So, what do I run instead? I run the UAV, the count of UAV, and the vital jet. And if you really want to, you could also switch out the vehicle jet for the OverWatch Helo, and the OverWatch Helo is a great option because the OverWatch Helo in Tier 1 is actually not going to get you a bunch of hit markers like it does in Core, so if you're playing Tier 1, the OverWatch Helo will actually incinerate people as well as ping where enemies are.

However, as for me. I like to use the vital jet just because it stays up for a very long period of time, it has more health, and overall, it seems to make people a little bit more scared than the Overwatch helo does because a lot of people. I guess, just think the Overwatch helo is a joke because it's a good streak but it's nowhere near as powerful as the Beatles yet whenever it comes to overall damage, getting kills, and all that kind of stuff.


So the UAV and the counter-UAV are extremely important, even if you're playing core. You know, I still recommend this because keeping these up and trying to get them as fast as you can is going to be extremely important. And the reason it's important is because in shipments, the first person, or first team.

I should say, to get a UAV has a significant advantage on the map because you can see pretty much the entire map without having to use the Bird's Eye Perk, so you pretty much know where all of your enemies are going to be until people start earning ghosts. Now, if I were playing this map with core rights, and it's not tier one, so there's going to be more health and all that kind of stuff.

I would switch out the ghost perk for quick fix, and the reason for that is because quick fix is just insane. So another thing is that whenever you are playing solo, sometimes games are just not winnable. I dropped 73 kills in Team Deathmatch earlier; I'll put the picture up on the screen and lose the game.


I mean, if I'm dropping 73 and losing the game. I don't really think there's much more I could have done other than if I had better streaks on or something, but at that point. I'm just going to cut my losses because that is not my problem that we lost that game. If you look at the team's balancing, it is pretty clear that it was a very one-sided game and that I had to overcompensate for the team's balancing algorithm.

Now on the other hand, one nice thing: the reason I was shooting down the veto, by the way, is because I wanted to get my V tool in; it's not because I care about that veto being up; I'm running cold-blooded, which means the V tools are going to ignore me and, cold-blooded. It's not really that good on Tier 1; I would say more so in Hardcore, or, I'm sorry, it's not that good on shipment in Core, but in Tier 1.

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Cold-blooded, is better because you, can stay alive longer because people are going to play a bit more aggressively in core compared to tier one than they do in core because in tier one you only have 30 Health whereas in court you have 100 health so people are going to play a bit more aggressively in core compared, so that's why whenever I am playing tier one I will be running cold-blooded because if my enemies do get a vital jet I still want to be able to be running around rent-free on the map getting uavs.

encounter uavs to try to keep their radar blocked if they are trying to try to keep their uavs to try to try to try to try to try to keep their uavs to try to try to try to try to try to keep their uavs to try to try to try to try to try to try to keep their uavs to try to try to try to try to try to try to try So that is why the counter UAV is insanely overpowered in here, and a lot of the times I find it doesn't even really get shot down, so by the time I earn the next one.

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I'm just going to keep countering their UAVs all game now. Of course, in the core, it might be a little bit of a different story, but in tier one, that is what I do as my strategy. So in this case, strategy still applies to core, but obviously it's going to be a little bit different because there's more health, which means there are more bullets to kill on certain guns, and you're going to want a gun for core that has fast handling as well as.

Today I go over some of the tips I have for playing Shipment in both Tier 1 and Core. Tomorrow I will be uploading the shipment spawn guide, because I believe that is a can of worms of its own. Discord.
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