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Yo, I need you guys to do me a huge favor. All right, I need anyone who is hyped for Modern Warfare 3 to drop a like on this article. If you're hyped for it, just drop a like. We're going to see how many people are hyped for it today we're going to be talking about. Different from the weapon logic in Mon Warfare 2, and what I mean by weapon logic is pretty much recoil and Flinch.

In Modern Warfare 2, if you're using a sniper, if somebody starts shooting at you even with just one bullet, you're screwed. Okay, you can't do much; you're going to flirt like crazy. You're going to miss that shot now. Weapon Flinch is horrible for anybody who likes to snipe, but it's also horrible if you like to use ARs and SMGs if you're rushing around a lot and someone starts shooting at you and you get a lot of flinch that even have attachments.

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literally everything in Modern Warfare 3. I mean, in Modern Warfare 2, we got the same settings, but the quality of life changes that the settings bring in Modern Warfare 3 are just so much better. Let's take dead zones, for example, in Modern Warfare 3. If you have stick drift and stuff like that and your character is always moving in the game but you can't control it with your stick because it's a bit broken on the controller, well at least you could change it you could change it in Modern Warfare 2 but now Modern Warfare 3 not only could you change it but you could set it to the exact, number that you need to because it shows you in the settings where your stick, drift is and all that kind of stuff so that's actually great there's a lot of different quality of life changes, within the settings of Modern Warfare 3 and I got to say sledger games when it comes to that kind of stuff they really put a lot of attention to it and it works out nicely now let's go down to number eight which is create a class now both games have a very diverse creative class system I can't I can't take that away from them all right Modern Warfare 2 is great you got guns that have recoil but you also have tuning.

is mw3 good

You could change and control the recoil a little easier, making tuning actually useful. In Modern Warfare 3, tuning is probably going to be somewhat useless. Let's be honest, no guns have recoil, so if you just make your guns have faster ads and stuff, they already have super snappy ads, but if you make them have faster ads and stuff, you don't really have to worry about recoil as a con or anything like that, so in terms of tuning.

I got to give Modern Warfare 2 the point there; they do tuning a lot better than Modern Warfare 3. It also gives you boots, vests, and a bunch of different stuff, and I just think they're going in the right direction with this because now you don't have to worry about just putting on a perk package or anything like that.

You have so many different options, but there is one thing that kind of stinks about it: if you put on a certain vest, you might not be able to put on certain boots and stuff, which kind of stinks, but they're going in the right direction if they could just tweak it a little bit. I think it'll be a lot better than the way we see Crea a class currently in Modern Warfare 2.

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Now let's move down to number seven, and this is a very hot topic that I'm sure a lot of people want to talk about. I definitely want to talk about it all, right? We got movement, okay, so movement is amazing. In Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare 2019 brought slide canceling and all that kind of stuff, and then with Modern Warfare 2, they took it away; they made movements so clunky and slow.

You're a super soldier, but you feel like you're running with cement boots or something; it's crazy, but in this game, it's overall 10 times better. I got to say movement is fast; it's fluid; you could mantle really quick; you guys could slide cancel now you can't reset; your attack sprint upon slide canceling, so you might as well just finish the slide out, but the fact that it's in the game and it could get you away from some crutch situations is actually a positive to me now.

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I like that the ads are super snappy, that the manling is super fast, and stuff like that. You guys could just do so much more in terms of getting around the maps. Now I will say this because we're going on to number six, which is maps, but it kind of ties in with number seven here. I will say the maps don't really suit the play style, the movement, or anything like that; they don't really go nicely together.

Those maps were created with that in mind, and now we're bringing those same maps back, though with all this movement and stuff, just well, two things could happen: it could be horrible, it could be literally horrible. Or it could make us play these maps in a whole new light in a whole different way that they were never played before, which I think is pretty cool, and I'm really happy with these maps coming back because if we look at Modern Warfare 2, the maps were trash.

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If I ask you guys to think of a map right now from Modern Warfare 2 that you love that's coming to mind, well, it's probably going to be a shoot-house shipment. Maybe in Farm 18, there aren't many other memorable maps. From that game, at least now in mod Warfare 3, we're getting 16 maps. That we've already had that we all love and stuff, which some people might see as a negative.

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You might not want to play the same maps that were out that long ago, but there's also some people who might want to play these maps again, and I'm one of them. I'm one of those people because I didn't play Moder Warfare 2 and its prime. I played it a little after the Black Ops 1 release and stuff like that, and I have to say like when you play it after its prime it's not the same now I'm going to be playing it in its prime with these Maps it's going to be amazing, and I'm just looking forward to it all right so there it is what it is I want to see what Maps they bring out as well within the seasons and stuff and I just think Maps they make or break a game and if the maps are good, like I see them being good in this game I have a feeling we're going to have a great year in terms of maps now let's talk about number five okay extra game modes Modern Warfare 2 released.

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