News - Warzone Mobile Is Getting Better And Better. Big Update

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There's more good news coming for Call of Duty Wars on mobile. The developers have announced another huge update coming next week, which is patch 3.4. In this update, they're going to be improving the graphics and performance on a lot of your devices. Yes, the game didn't launch in the best state, but the fact that they are rolling out so many updates in such a short space of time, which is fixing a lot of these issues, is amazing.

In my personal opinion, I honestly think that the game you know one to two months down the line will be more playable on low- to mid-end devices. Some of the team actually flew over to China to work with Chinese developers to fix the game, and we all know how good Chinese developers are at making mobile games.

The update is coming next week, and they said it's got a lot of content and improvements. I don't think it'll be perfect, but what has been great is the amount of feedback and data we are getting that helps inform our priorities and focus in the immediate term, so this is good. Keep sending your constructive feedback.

Whatever device you're on, anything we can give to the developers is good now. I'm probably going to get some hate for this, but honestly, wars and mobile. I feel this is one of the most, if not the funniest, Battle Royales right now on mobile. I'm lucky enough to play on the latest iPad Pro, and the game feels better and better with each update.

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It's more FPS, and the game feels smoother. The graphics are improving, and I literally can't wait for all of you guys to experience that as well. I know I keep saying it, guys, but just stay positive; the game will get better. The developers are definitely not just going to give up on the game, and it's going to go to [__].

So just stay positive, and now me and my boy, IMO, Don't come across In the game, unless you want to get pooped on, go B with me. Just be bold brothers, the Bold Brigade. Man, we look like

Warzone Mobile Is Getting Better And Better! BIG Update. Wassup Legends, in this video we take a look at a new update dropping soon for Warzone Mobile.
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