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There are only two new melee weapons in Modern Warfare 3, which is great for cam grinding because it keeps things simple and easy, and the best part is they're both knives. The gutter knife is unlocked during your level progression, and the corit is unlocked through the best system ever. The armory unlocks, and you need to win five games or complete five daily challenges to unlock it.

Pretty annoying, but it is what it is, and we can't do anything about it.

Class setup (perks & equipment)

For both knives, you want to run the same class setup. There's going to be a little variation that you can have, but generally, you'll be running the same setup as your primary. You're going to run the riot shield. It's a little shameless, but it'll keep you alive in some situations, which is better than just taking a death, and for some camo challenges, it's going to help out later down the line.

Run the smoke grenade. If you're ever caught in a tough situation or standing out in the open, you need a little bit of cover or just a distraction to hide and get away. Smoke grenades will help with a camo challenge later down the line. You'll also need stuns and flashes, but we'll get into that later on.

You're going to want the infantry vest and the covert sneakers. I didn't do the armory unlock for the covert sneakers, even though it's the best pairing for knives. You're fast and silent. So I stayed with the lightweight or climbing boots, depending on what map I was playing on. You're lethal; it doesn't really matter if you have to pick one; take the throwing knife with you.

Base camo challenges

Base camo challenges

The gutter knife and camit share the exact same base camo challenge that you unlock at weapon level four. Leveling these knives up is no hard task at all in a single game of hardpoint without a double weapon.

XP If you're playing the objective and sprinkling a few kills throughout the game, you should hit level four in a single match. Once you unlock the camo challenge, all you have to do is get 50 kills. It's that simple, but keep in mind we're bringing a literal knife to a gunfight. You're going to want to stay on small, close-quarters maps in objective game modes.

While you just run through a random field, you're going to want to play maps like Karach Skidrow. Even terminals are not bad when you stay in those close-quarters areas. It should be common sense, but don't run out in the middle of the night and put yourself in vulnerable situations. And with map voting, you can lobby shop until you find the best maps that work for.

Kill 10 enemies affected by your tactical (gold camo)

forge camo knives

After you've completed your base 50 kills, you can work on the Gilded Challenge and kill 10 enemies while they're affected by your tactical equipment. The unfortunate thing is that most tactical equipment does not count, and I've tried everything, killing enemies that are standing in the middle of my smoke grenade, throwing decoy grenades, and killing enemies in their proximity.

Killing enemies after they've been detected by sensor grenades; they don't count, and it sucks, so the only three tactical grenades that actually track are the stun Flash and gas grenades. Please don't use the gas grenades now that I mentioned them. When the enem is affected by your gas, they're inhibited, and when you go and try and knife them, you have to run into that gas as well, which is going to slow you down and inhibit you from getting them the knife so realistically.

Flashes and stuns are the only two that will work. You will accidentally stun and flash yourself from time to time, and it's annoying, but you only have to get 10 kills while the enemy is stunned or flashed. If the enemy you stun or Flash has the tack mask on, they're going to be barely affected by your tactical grenade, but they will still be significantly affected you just have significantly.

Less time is needed to get that kill off most of the time. If I stun an enemy and they're Tac-masked, I won't even bother going for the kill to count for the challenge. Yeah, I'll still kill them. Okay, that was stupid of me to say I'll still go and kill them, but I don't expect it to count towards a challenge when I get a normal hit marker; that's when I'm going to get the completion.

5 bloodthirsties (gutter knife forged)

5 bloodthirsties (gutter knife forged)

Once you've completed , the gilded camo for the carit and the gutter knife, you can work on the forged camo challenge, which is different for both knives; for the gutter knife, you have to get five bloodthirsty kills in a single life without dying at the time of this article. There is a bug for this camel challenge in a good way; I only got two bloodthirsties, yet I got five out of five progressions.

What it seems like the bug is right now is that after you get your five kills for your bloodthirsty, any extra kills that you get in that life are going to count for an entirely different bloodthirsty. Making the challenge way easier, and of course this is going to get patched, so if you're watching this article after the fact that's a little unfortunate, you just have to get the five bloodthirsty.

The normal way, and the best way to do this, is to use that riot shield to keep you alive. Take advantage of your smoke grenades and play slower; you don't have to run around like a chicken with your head cut off and get as many kills as possible. Play Smart Stay Alive. It is frustrating. If you only have a knife, don't expect to be Superman out there; it will be frustrating.

20 kills without taking damage (karambit forged)

20 kills without taking damage (karambit forged)

When it comes to the camit, the challenge is way easier to get forged. You have to get 20 kills without taking damage from that enemy, meaning if they shoot a single bullet into you, your kill won't be tracked.

You will get enough kills throughout an entire match, which you should complete in one or two games. There's tons of kills that you're going to get where the enemy doesn't even know you're there that can be backstabbers, or maybe they're just distracted with one of your teammates, or AFK. Enemies shooting you aren't the only thing that can damage you.

If they use a tactical grenade like a flash or a stun and it goes off and you're affected by it, that counts as being damaged because, if you didn't know, a flash or stun grenade causes damage to the enemy when it goes off as long as they're hit by it. It's a really small, insignificant amount of damage, but it does negate that kill from counting towards his challenge.

forged camo

Honestly, don't worry; just by running around and getting kills, you should complete it in no time. That's it that's how fast and simple the two knives are to get gold and forged in this game. I hope this was helpful. If there's any update on the camo challenges, there will be a pinned comment. Have a good one.

The full guide to unlock the Forged camo in Modern Warfare III on both knives.
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