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If you clicked on this article, man, it means that you're probably on the fence about buying the next installment of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. A new cod comes out. This is the best cod that's ever existed. Man, it's so good they're bringing so much back, and all of a sudden it comes out for the first two weeks.

We're freaking out, right, and then it's just like. Okay, this game's okay, and then we just continue to play it for months. Right for months and months and months, and then, we're like, okay, this is boring; they haven't added anything; it's full of hackers; it's full of bugs; this is terrible; and then, all of a sudden, the next trailer for The Call of Duty comes out, and all of a sudden, we're freaking out again.

This is the game. This is the game. This is going to be the one that saves Call of Duty. Trust me, I know this Cod cycle better than anybody because I fall. Victim to it as well, but I wanted to give a little bit of input here on my thoughts on Modern Warfare 3, and I also wanted to talk through a lot of the concepts that people have been talking about with this game.

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Number one. I want to talk about the movement; number two. I want to talk about the gunplay; number three. I want to talk about the potential that this game has, if it does have any; number four. I want to talk about the improvements that this game could make; and number five. I want to talk about the overall rating that I give this Call of Duty.

For those of you that are maybe new to the channel, this is your first article of mine that you've ever seen here on YouTube. I want to let you know, man, I'm a controller player. I just started making content here about two years ago, but I've been playing Call of Duty since literally 2005. And so I know what a good call of duty is.

When I see one, I know everyone has their own opinions. I know there are different thoughts about play styles and different things like that, but I really wanted to give a solid perspective. No beating around the bush, no nothing, man. Games has actually been marketing this game based on the fact that it has movement again now.

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This is very interesting because we all know that Modern Warfare 2 and the past Call of Duty had literally no movement at all. When I say that, I mean fluid movement. You couldn't really put anything into combos, you couldn't really finesse people, you couldn't outplay your opponents, and it just led to really slow, clunky gameplay and kind of felt like you were just moving through the mud.

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Now in this Call of Duty, I got to say, man, when I played the beta. I was actually very surprised by how fluid it was. The movement was now let me tell you slide cancelling is back bunny hopping is not back now I know a lot of people may be upset about the fact that bunny hopping is not back but honestly I didn't really notice it too much I guess maybe I'm so used to m, 2's mechanics and movement that like I just didn't care at this point it's like whatever but I am super happy about the fact that slide cancelling is back so much so to the fact that you can actually outplay opponent so I found myself being able to slide around corners being able to check areas very quickly, shoulder a corner and kind of see if there's enemies on the other side and if there are I'm able to kind of go behind cover and then pop back out and use that slide cancel to my advantage.

To actually defeat my opponents. With that being said, man, I do want to point out that side canceling in this game, at least in my opinion, and from what I have seen, the scene is not the same as it was in War Zone 1. Now I know everybody in the old War Zone; that was like the main thing. Slide canceling was like the biggest mechanic, but in War Zone 1, it had the ability to actually break your camera, so let's talk about that for a second.

Basically, by breaking the opponent's camera, that basically means that when you pop out around a corner and you are slide canceling and utilizing these mechanics that maybe weren't originally intended in the game, such as slide canceling, the enemy is only able to see it at a certain rate at a certain time frame, so it looks different than how you're actually being able to see it and use it in real time when I slide around a corner.

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I'm slide canceling. I'm basically breaking your camera; that's where that term came from. I'm breaking your camera; you're not able to track me. It looks all kind of weird, and it's not. Fluid on the opponent's screen now In this game. I actually noticed that it was actually easier to track the slide cancellation, which means that I'm not sure you can really break the camera as much as you could in War Zone 1.

Now, this could be a really good thing because you're actually able to combat that movement a lot better than you were in war zone 1, whereas in war zone 1, if you didn't have good tracking, we're able to kind of outplay. With slide cancel with a slide cancel and other additional movement mechanics, you were kind of just left to die.

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I will say, man, the movement felt super smooth. It felt super crispy. You were able to just slide around the map. It just felt super good. Let's move on to the gun. Play man now I know in Modern Warfare 2 there was so much gun stuff that would be on your screen whenever you were shooting; it's just smoke and freaking bullets and freaking, like, just random stuff that never needed to be added; however, in Modern Warfare 3.

I noticed that all of that was significantly reduced; in fact. I honestly didn't even. Think about visual recoil at all in the entirety that I played the beta, so this means that long-range fights are going to be a lot easier because you're going to be able to see your opponent, you're going to be able to track them better, and closeups are going to be a lot better.

The other thing I noticed about the gunplay is that there's a lot less gun sweat in Modern Warfare 2. Whenever you were jumping around or moving around corners, your gun would bob up and down, and it would just be like you're getting motion sickness. It's like you're on a boat in Modern Warfare 3.

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I felt like the gunplay was actually very smooth. There weren't a lot of guns; kick gun sway number three. I want to explore the potential of this game. If you click this article, man, and you're on the fence about buying Modern Warfare 3, you really got to understand something. There are two types of players in the Cod Community, at least from what I see.

There's probably a lot more, but let's just get into it all. The first player is the casual player. This is the type of player that gets home on a Monday or Tuesday night after work, plays the game for a couple hours, just wants to hop on, have a good time with friends, and doesn't want to go into super-try-hard mode.

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