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Warzone mobile top 5 best meta loadouts to use!

Warzone mobile top 5 best meta loadouts to use!

ladies and gentlemen. Within war zone mobile, we are, of course, mostly all dropping in for the first time here.

Warzone mobile best perks & equipment explained

The glory of verdansk, and rebirth Island yet again and I'm sure you want to do it with the best weapons possible right and so today I got you guys covered with the top five best metal loadouts you want to be using in war zone mobile to kick things off so when you jump into the gear up menu here you've got all your different custom loadouts you can go through and break down real quick bks and equipment is going to be the same on every single load out here so for my tacticals, smokes especially here in Mobile are so clutch instantaneous, cover it's going to throw enemies off it allows you to heal up you know reposition if you need to get from point A to point B with some added cover or concealment there so those are obviously super clutch I also go for sexes; I'd say between sexes and frags, those are going to be the top two go-tos here.

best loadout

If you're crazy accurate, knives would obviously be great for those instant finishes. I find myself here, especially on mobile, to be a lot more reliable. With my aim with frags and sexes, those are a lot more consistent with getting knocks or getting cleanups for me personally. They also just force enemies to move at the same time, and then the one thing I really don't love about War Zone Mobile is the fact that it's just these default perk packages; support gives you bomb squad battle.

Harden Resupply Survivor: Dead Eye gives a scavenger a strong arm, fast hands, and high alertness. Scout gives you a scavenger. Strongarm focus and ghost Sentinel gives you battle Harden bomb squad cold-blooded and quick fix, and then Warden, my perk package of choice, gives you double time, a strong arm, fast hands, and a quick fix to me.

Strong arm is the only one here that's kind of lacking. Quick Fix is obviously clutch allowing you to regen right as you're putting on plates or getting those kills fast hands with a faster reload is clutch double time for the better attack. Sprint duration is also pretty clutch as well, so I use Warden on pretty much everything. There are no custom perks, though, which is a bit of a bummer now.

Warzone mobile best ram-7 & hrm9 loadout

Warzone mobile best ram-7 & hrm9 loadout

This first load out that we've got here is a combination of the ram 7, and also the HRM. 9 and both of these are fantastic, options they're easy to use whether you're on touchscreen controls, or controller personally myself I'm a controller player but both of these work really well across the board you want to focus on a lot of recoil control here you want to make sure you're accurate on war zone mobile here so that's largely what I'm doing with a lot of the loadouts here today as far as the actual setup goes though I'm using the 3.4, pad stock up here this is going to help out with General control so just makes the gun easier to use the basic 60 round accent mag obviously pretty self-explanatory.


The heavy support under Barrel is going to help out with general accuracy and recoil control, making the pattern a lot more predictable. We often times use this over in standard war zones as well. The Spirit fire suppressor is so clutch, keeping us off the radar and giving us better control over velocity and range.

Then I also go for the Cor Mark heavy barrel gun kit control, aiming idle sway, and range. So this thing for a primary mid to long range, it's going to be putting in the work kills incredibly fast and is extremely reliable in my opinion, and then for the run and gun play style, those close range engagements, the HRM 9 is doing really, really well, so I go for the hatchet light stock, just speeding it up a little bit again.

We got the 50-round exmag pretty self-explanatory. Dr6 hand stop, so we are faster across the board with our strafe speed and our ad speed, Sprint of Fire, making it a lot more snappy and aggressive. We've got the thorn 90 barrel on here; it's going to help out the sprint of fire speed our hip fire as well, so if you're getting mixy in the close range, this will keep things nice and aggressive and reliable. Then I go for the Z 35 compensator, as well; it's going to help out with that recoil control that accuracy across the board yet again, really consistent; it doesn't slow you down too much for an aggressive SMG build now.

Warzone mobile best signal 50 & amr9 loadout

Warzone mobile best signal 50 & amr9 loadout

Next up for Loadout 2, I've got my sniper setup, and this features the signal 50, actually, and then the AR-9 as a secondary, which is a fantastic sniper support option.

The reason I'm using the signal as opposed to, you know, a bolt action sniper, like maybe the cat or the stalker or something like that, is that on mobile again, regardless of if you're a controller player or a touchscreen player, being able to spam a sniper. I feel, is a lot easier because it's a lower skill.


Gap in general if you're using a bolt action and you miss one shot. There's a good chance you're going to get taken out. It's harder to reposition, especially as a touchscreen player, so to me, being able to spam something like the signal is incredibly reliable. If you are a higher-skilled player, though, jumping up to something like the cat could be incredibly advantageous, just as a much higher-skilled Gap obviously, so here I go for the inline stock, just helping out the ads speed, mainly because this is a heavier build, so if I can speed up the ads, that's always convenient.

I've got the Finesse rear grip because, why wouldn't we again use it to help out the ad speed? I go for the seven-round extended mag. Having some extra ammo on a sniper you're spamming just makes things a lot more reliable and adds sort of a safety net if you will. If you go for the kilo 50-long barrel, it's got better range and better velocity, so the potential two hits or three hits depending on where your landing shots are better out at a further distance.

I also go for the nil-sound 90 silencer; it helps out with that velocity a lot and, of course, keeps you off the radar as well, so for a sniper, this one is very forgiving. And I think it is a lot easier to do well with than some of the other options in the game, and then, as a secondary, the AR9 is a beast in this game, especially when the assist is helping you out.

This thing just absolutely melts players, so I do go for the integrated suppressor. Barrel keeps me off the radar but also extends that range and velocity. I go for the basic slate reflector, a nice little red dot that's all preference there, though you could use any optic you're comfortable with.

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