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In today's article, we're going to be talking about the best weapons to use inside War Zone Mobile, specifically the top five best metag guns currently being used by everyone, so without further ado, let's get straight into the article. At number five, we have the XRK stalker. This sniper is the most preferred and most used weapon inside of Call of Duty War Zone Mobile, specifically within the BR section, and this sniper is phenomenal; it's the most preferred out of basically any sniper you can use inside of the game besides the cat AMR, and I'm going to go ahead and explain why right now.

So it's because of the recoil control and the mobility. You just move so fluidly around the map there—such a mobile sniper. When you do use this Plus for long-range engagements, it's absolutely phenomenal. You can hold any head glitch, any Windows doorways, or any parts of the component to the BR map, specifically if you feel like you need to be more of a support player.

This sniper is the absolute best choice of weapon to use for that; it's definitely really awesome, especially when you are using it the way that I am currently. One of the downsides to using this weapon is that the ammo capacity and mag capacity are definitely really low. You only have five rounds with the sniper, so you definitely have to be a little bit more patient, reserved, and meticulous about how you approach taking shots, because if you're taking too many shots and you're wasting too many shots, you're going to find yourself reloading a lot, so it really just depends on how you want to use the sniper.


You can definitely use an extended mag. With this weapon, it's definitely something I would highly encourage new players to do, just so that way you can get the tempo and sort of the velocity of how the weapon is supposed to be used inside of the game. Here's going to be the gunsmith build for you guys right here.

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At number four, we have the Brun MK9, LMG. This LMG is an absolute monster inside the game, specifically. When you use it with this type of reticle, it's going to be the coral Eagle Eye. You know like I said reticle it's more or less of a sniper scope than anything but it provides such good visibility when it comes to that zoom in magnification, that you're just able to just mow down people continuously as well as pairing that up with a really nice 60 round mag that allows you to be more fluid, and just faster cuz normally when you are using lmgs you tend to be a lot of a slower paced player on the map but man this lmg really does allow you to be more aggressive than anything and it's really good for holding angles, head glitches as well as just fighting medium to long range you know engagements, you know close range you do want to be careful definitely make sure to hip fire if anything first so that way you don't cause yourself to get caught within a sprinting animation or things of that nature cuz like I said when you are tack sprinting with this weapon just bringing the weapon down and up takes quite a bit, considering you are using a much heavier weapon inside of the game and the physical mechanics in this game definitely represent.

You know each weapon in that case, so definitely make sure to go ahead and use it. I think this is the best build for it inside of the game currently, and it's the reason why this is the number one LMG to go to when you are using it in Rebirth or Rance. At number three, we have the Ram 9 SMG G. This SMG is an anomaly; this thing is phenomenal; this thing will rip you to shreds; it is one of the most used SMGs.

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Inside War Zone Mobile, I mean, it's just so good in terms of the handling department. The recoil is nonexistent. I mean, this thing is such an easy weapon to use that it's absolutely crazy, and it allows for phenomenal plays and movement inside of the game. This is definitely an SMG I would recommend rocking with, and like I said, you're going to be noticing that I'm moving so fluidly around the map so consistently, just so fast, and being able to jump and outmaneuver my opponents because, like I said in the ads, the handling of this SMG is the bread and butter of it.

This is something that you're going to want to use as a secondary component to all your primary weapons, and what's nice is that if you do want to be rocking an SMG and you want to pair something else as a secondary, you can make this a really good primary weapon as well. Maybe by putting on an extended barrel, here's going to be the gunsmith build for it.

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You guys definitely have to try this gunsmith buildout. At number two, we have the HRM, 9. This SMG is pretty lethal as well. Honestly, you can kind of go back and forth between where the Ram 9 SMG and the HRM 9 SMG go, because sometimes you know where some people will place it, either two to three depending on personal preference, and really, it just depends on the play style.

For me, I much rather prefer using the HRM 9 due to the fact that it just has a nice, recoil compa the damage. Sincerely, I feel like it works for me a lot better than the RAM 9 SMG after using it and just testing it, but overall, I would just say it's a more controlled and much slower-paced SMG. Overall, you're definitely more or less an AR with a longer range and aptitude than the Ram 9 SMG, which is why I plac it because, like I said.

I'm a big fan of long-range gunfights, and excelling in that department and pushing the limits as hard as I can in the HRM 9 SMG really gives me that opportunity to annihilate enemy opponents, you know, at those longer ranges beyond the 25 M Mark. Let's go ahead and check out the gunsmith build for it.

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This build's absolutely phenomenal. I have a lot of fun with this build. I mean, this thing just shreds people to death. At number one, we have the Ram 7 assault rifle. This assault rifle is just absolutely menacing; it's like hacking, literally, Aimbot. I mean, you're able to just take out opponents one by one.

Honestly, it's kind of a hybrid between an AR and an LMG. I mean, it does so much damage. I mean, it hits you like a truck, like a semi TR on the freeway. You are just standing still. This thing will absolutely maul you to death. It's the most used gun in the game currently. Regardless of whatever mode you're playing or map, it's really good on Verdansk.

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really good on rebirth. I mean just the capabilities that you have of making plays and just doing the maximum amount of damage, you know, as fast as possible, this is going to be the gun to use; it has the best fire rate. It's really good; you can put on some really nice attachments for it. Let's go ahead and showcase the gunsmith's build for it.

In today's video, I will be showcasing the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Top 5 Guns in Rebirth and Verdansk. These are the cod warzone mobile best guns this season. I will also show you the best cod warzone mobile class setups and loadouts for each weapon as well. These are the best guns in call of duty warzone mobile battle royale.
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