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We've got a very big surprise update today that is actually now live in Warzone 2 and includes some bug fixes, some general gameplay updates, but most importantly, some very spicy weapon tunings.

New global fixes in warzone 2 & mw2

New global fixes in warzone 2 & mw2

So that said, let's go ahead and dive into this. We have the February 24th update. We'll go ahead and zoom in so you guys can read along here. Some global bug fixes are here. Fix an issue causing incomplete main menu notification text to get cut off, preventing players from reading the full message because it's pretty small and negligible.

New warzone 2 weapon changes ␓ buffs and nerfs

We're getting right into the weapon tuning here, and there are some very interesting notes, so weapon adjustments Assault rifles for the RPK (which is not an assault rifle by the way, but the RPK initial), bullet vertical recoil has been increased, so those first couple of shots with the RPK are now going to have more recoil.

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That's a solid update. They increase the horizontal recoil, something that's not nearly as predictable but is still a very solid update, and they redo the damage ranges ever so slightly. One thing I really wish Infinity, Ward, and Raven would do is give us exact numbers here. That's what they did back in War Zone 1.

We had really transparent Patch Notes towards the end, where it was like "reduce the damage range from 25 to 22 meters" or "from 85 meters to 76 meters," whatever the case may be. Now we have to go through and actually test what the exact damage drop-offs are here, but regardless, the RPK is now going to be a little bit worse.

I'm actually talking in a future article here soon about some alternatives for the rpk, but I still see it as a long-range option because players are familiar with it, so it's not going to be drastically reduced. Worse, because its damage drop-offs are going to be this much more severe. It's still one of the lower recoil options, and its damage itself, despite being obviously shorter and a little bit worse, is still competitive enough that I think it'll be in line with some of the other top options but not the clear number one choice.

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The damage range of the 762 had its damage ranges also reduced even more; that was actually an update with the original season 2 patch; now, even more so, the 762 is even less competitive than before, but it's still a really, really good rifle option and probably one of the top ones. Still, because its TTK is still much better than most other rifles, it's a little bit more competitive all across the board, and then on the Hemlock, they fixed an issue that made the 300 Blackout ammunition register as a hit.

I didn't really think it was that worth it to use the blackout ammo to begin with, which is why I haven't been recommending it, but now it's not really like it's lost all of its major draw: The hit-skin bullet, the velocity aspect of it, was crazy, but that's been fixed now, so Hemlock Just use your basic ammo then for SMGs, on the Fennec they reduced the far damage; that's not really a super significant nerf because it's close range is where it's so good and its far damage drop off is better than most subs but not something you'd want to be using over a Chimera or a 74U or something like that.

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They also reduce the damage against armor; it now requires two additional bullets to break three armor plates. That said, the fire rate on the fennec is still pretty crazy, so those two additional shots, I'm curious to see how much of an impact they have. Off of these notes, I can see the Fenix still being the top one or two choices in the game for battle rifles.

They increase the sprint speed on the Recon, which isn't a huge update, but it's something that makes the Recon a little bit better on the Lochman 762. They also increase the damage range, which is a solid buff. There, they reduce the ads speed and the hip spread minimum, increase the hip spread while moving, and increase the sprint speed, so some solid buffs to the lock to make it a bit more strong and aggressive, really, and so on, they increase the movement speed.

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A minor buff is to reduce the near damage, muzzle velocity, far damage range, and movement speed. They don't want the attack V to be a strong weapon here at all. It seems like there are some solid nerfs here, some slight nerfs, and then they just go and all attack V. Yeah, no, we're putting you into the ground, right?

Then we also got some adjustments for attachments. Of course, earlier today we talked about how the one-shot capability with snipers was only possible because of incendiary rounds, and what do you know, they've gone through that and nerfed the residual incendiary ammunition. Incendiary damage will no longer eliminate players; fix an issue that prevented residual incendiary damage from being applied to armor; fix an issue that allowed snipers to down players with three armor plates in a single shot while using incendiary ammo; one-shot snipers now do not exist; they have completely nerfed and removed those out of the game; and incendiary rounds are just not going to be as viable after this update, so a decent amount of weapon tuning I don't think it shifts things a ton.

Like all these weapons, you know, rpk, Cast Off Hemlock Fennec, they're still going to be top tier. It's just not a huge gap like it was before, where rpk is still this much better than this other lmg or, you know, this much better than this other SMG; they're still competitive for sure just based off of these initial notes.

New gameplay updates for modern warfare 2

New gameplay updates for modern warfare 2

That would be seriously appreciated for multiplayer. For some bug fixes here, they fix an issue that caused some elements to be missing in the after-action report. Nothing too crazy, but some solid quality of life updates. fixed collision issues with various elements on Embassy and specific and fixed an issue allowing players to leave Farm 18 infected, so you can't do any more out of balance exploits and infect players on my team specifically.

There are also a couple of updates for ranked play here as well. They fix an issue causing players to receive harsher suspensions than intended by fixing an issue causing players to get kicked for inactivity despite being active in a match. This is a very big one, and I can't tell you how. In many clips over the past week or so, ever since rankings dropped, I have seen players jumping and diving around corners.

On the objective, I was kicked for a super weird bug, but I'm glad that one's been fixed now. They also fixed an issue that would incorrectly display the SR being reset to zero, which is not actually happening, with just a visual bug, so that's been updated as well. In this little Spec Ops update, they fix an issue that prevented a player from being unable to move if they used the terminals at the same time as another player for the raid in particular.

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