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Welcome to Odin Sun Entertainment. Please drop a like, subscribe, and hit that bell notification for future notifications. Welcome, fellow zombie busters, to another episode of Modern Warfare 3: Zombies. Now I have a Tombstone glitch that I'll pin at the top for your viewing that requires me to kill off an operator every so often whenever I want to change the items that are in my Tombstone.

Now this particular trail will not only get you geared up, but it'll also gear up your teammates in the process, so you have a couple options: Here Run Around Blind, checking every chest like a dump ski, or following a handcrafted trail that I have put together since I started playing this game. Now you have another tool at your disposal as well; it's called WZ Hub, and it's an interactive map that shows you where all the ground stashes are located, among other things.

So let's get back into the article, and I'll show you exactly what this trail looks like. Upon loading into the map, it doesn't really matter where you're spawned because your primary goal at this point should be to find a boat, and this is exactly why it doesn't matter what you have, whether it be a Tier 3 plate or a Pack-A-Punch gun, because at the end of the day, you're not necessarily fighting anything until you get fully geared up anyhow.

So you just want to get on your boat? You want to make your way down the river, and where we're heading is going to be in the southeast corner of the river. And there's a bunch of chests along the way, so go ahead and search them as you go, and what I typically do is just as I'm riding in the boat.

I'll just kind of peer down above my character, in third person, and look down in the water searching for chests along the way, because although the chests do have guaranteed spawn locations, the spawning of these chests is completely random. The only thing that's guaranteed to be there every single time are the ground stashes that are located underneath the water.

Now, if you're new to the game, don't be fearful about riding between Zones 2 and 3 because the zombies can't get you on the water. Now they can throw chunks of meat at you, but if they even try to get in the water whatsoever, they will sink directly to the bottom like a stone and be completely helpless at that point.

As we come up with our first stash of the day, we find ourselves a Tier 3 plate, a Tier 1 gas mask, and a circuit, and it only gets better from here. This entire trail can be done in under 10 minutes, so you can completely kidnap your character and still have time to run missions if you feel like doing so.

This is a very small YouTube channel. I do all the editing and content creation on my own, and I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could support me in my endeavor to get to 1, 000 subscribers by New Year's. So when looking at my retention on YouTube, nine times out of 10 people that watch my articles tend to skim through them, if not just, like you know, watch the inning and then not even stay for the end.

I highly suggest you guys stick around for the end of this article because this trail is literally packed full of Merc chests and underground stashes. That can be extremely helpful, and you don't necessarily have to start this; run from that little CAC. River spot back there you can start it from the top and go that way or you can start it from the bottom and go up it's totally up to you but this underwater car right here is a spot that quite often spawns, like Merc chests anything from like small to large Merk chest and this Firehouse is almost always guaranteed to have a large ruck sack inside look there it is inside the locker now do not sleep on those lockers man because all through the entire map you're going to come across, spots that have an abundance of lockers and I highly suggest searching every single one of them because nine times out of 10 you're going to find a nice bit of loot inside of those, and something else that blows my mind every single time that I get on this barge the chest are literally untouched.

Nobody takes this route, and I don't know why. There's this barge here, and there's also two more downriver that tend to have a great deal of loot inside. Now there is another underground stash right here on Shore; it's right below these steps, and this stash tends to have at the very least currency inside, if not a pretty decent weapon or, you know, a rut sack vest.

Now, more likely than not, most of you will skip through this article, but I highly suggest that you don't do that because every single step that this operator takes has the potential to spawn underground stashes. And Merc chest. I mean Merc chest Galore, like this one here got a ray gun, a cola, and a circuit along with some Essence inside, and it only gets better from here, like I literally think that along this run as I was making this article.

I came across like five large Rucksacks and a handful of self-revivals. A whole bunch of Casmir grenades and monkey bombs, and a bunch of other stuff like not even counting like all the guns, and essence that I found along the way, like you are guaranteed. I will guarantee you that if you run this trail, you will most definitely fully kit out your character if you do not kit yourself out along with two teammates.

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