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We're in Modern Warfare 3: Zombies today, and these are all the working glitches in the update, 1.36. The Christmas event CMAs ends on January 3rd, and double XP lasts until December 28th. I'm currently at Prestige 2 level 122, and I'm still grinding over that season 1 battle pass. I'm currently at.

Urzikstan - pack-a-punch level 4 glitch #1

81% okay first up is the level four Pack-a-Punch glitch for this one you're going to need a wonder weapon some sort of case and we're going to need to put that as our secondary weapon you'll also need a juggernaut suit so we have a wonder weapon and a primary weapon, and The Ether tool is what we're going to be upgrading the wonder weapon with so you will need a legendary ether tool so now that we have all that let's go ahead and Chuck out the Juggernaut, we're going to need that box to drop down and what we're going to do is we're going to drop our primary first which is just any weapon and then our secondary which is the wonder weapon and with no weapon we're going to go pick up the Juggernaut suit now we need to burn this out we need the meter bar to run all the way out and exhaust and when it does, a wonder weapon will pop up the one you had it could be a ray gun it could be the scorcher.

Or the wonder waffle, which I have, and you're going to have gray rarity instead of gold. So what we want to do now is bring out the ether tool, and we want to use it on the Wonder Waffa or whatever wonder weapon you have, so you might need to drop it first and then use it, and it will apply to the wonder weapon. After you apply the legendary ether tool, go ahead and put on a flawless ethereum crystal, and that'll Pap it to Pap three, and so you have a fully upgraded wonder weapon right here, and this sucker slaps the bosses, so I'm going to first do here a mangler, and you're going to see two shots, all manglers in tier three, and mimic if the head shots are right on point two shots as well, and you can slap.

Urzikstan - super mule-kick glitch #2

Urzikstan - super mule-kick glitch #2

Next up, we have the super mule kit glitch. For this one, we'll need the location here at the military base. This building will show us where we can find a thumb drive, and we just need to locate the computer that's going to pop out a thumb drive. Once we locate that, in any one of the four locations, you're going to need a self-revive or dog bone so the dog can revive you and molotovs.

You can actually start your load out with Molotov, so I recommend that for this glitch. And this is going to give us a third weapon. All right, you can see I have a primary AR and a secondary weapon. What we're going to do now is we're going to take out the molotov right in front of this computer, and we're going to drop it down and when you have a third of your health left you're going to need to activate the console so timing is everything right towards the end activate that console and you'll go down and you know you got it when it pushes you back and you see the computer go in it's going to pop out the USB thumb drive and that's how you know it worked, and this is how Mule Kick is activated our primary secondary and then you're going to have a blank slot where you're not going to have a weapon so what I'm going to do is I'm going to pop a wonder weapon case I have the wonder waffle right here and that fills the third slot so you're going to see I go back to my primary slot and then my secondary slot and then the Wonder Waf is back again That's three weapons. You can repeat this process every time to get another weapon.

Urzikstan - aether blade duplication glitch #3

Urzikstan - aether blade duplication glitch #3

Next up is the Ether Blade Duplication. For this, you'll need an ether blade case, and you need to come to an ammo stash, so you need to be able to refill your ammo. The way this works is that you're going to pull out your ether blade and you're going to throw it, and then you're going to refill your ammo, then you're going to pull up your rug sack and drop your ether blade, and the ether blade that you threw will return to its slot.

So you now have two ether blades. You can stab that, and it will be right there in your inventory, so you can drop that off to another player or save it for another time in case something happens. I don't know, but fill with it; it's great.

Urzikstan - under the map glitch #4

Next up is the under-the-map glitch. Located between Papov Power and a military base on a bridge. That zip line will take you under the map, and just something to put in your back , pocket.

Urzikstan - tombstone glitch #5

Urzikstan - tombstone glitch #5

And the last glitch here is the Tombstone glitch. For this, we're going to need to make sure our rucksack is full of everything that we want before we're going to pick up Tombstone. And by this time you should have some money saved up, but in the case that you don't just ask in the chat for somebody to drop you a bunch of cash, you can get up to like $30,000, sometimes hundreds of thousands, and by this point you're ready to take that down.

We've already picked up Tombstone; we have all the items in the rucksack that we want; we're ready to take it down, so let's go ahead and do it, and we need to give up and then let your plea timer run out. Do not plead for help; let it run all the way out so it eliminates you, and when you spawn back in with your Tombstone, you'll have all those same items, replicating each time, so we're going to switch our operator to another operator with a large backpack so we can head in prepared.


And if you don't have an operator with a large backpack, no big deal. Head in with the small backpack. We're going to go right to your Tombstone stash, where you took that down, and when we pick it up, we'll have all the cash that we had before and all the items in there, so collect all of it and go ahead and go to the Tier 3 Zone and buy your large backpack.

When you get all your items, if you're a co-op, you're going to want to fill the Act One Story Mission, or if you're solo, you're going to want to come to this dark ether Rift and enter the anomaly. And then pull up your mini map and vote. Yes, so the vote is successful, and you're going to teleport now, and you're going to pay attention during this teleporting process because on Xbox, what we're going to do is tap the Xbox button and pull up the menu to close the application, but we're waiting for a black screen to hit.

We quit the application, and we could start it back up, and when you load it back in, you're going to notice your large rucksack is equipped; all the items are there, and we can stow them. By the time you do this over and over again the same process using the dark ether rift, you can fill up to 231 items in your stash.

So that's kind of interesting. We haven't seen a zombie banking system since infinite warfare.

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