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Ever since the monkey bomb glitch got patched over, we've been searching for another one just like it, and finally one was discovered, so I'm going to show you how it's done. Modern Warfare 3: Zombie I'm currently at Prestige 2 level 125 and still grinding and over in that season 1 battle pass.

I'm currently at.

Urzikstan - phd god mode glitch

88% okay, the first thing we're going to do is head over to the PhD Flopper perk machine and buy Flopper for 2, 000 zombie Essence. This glitch is very easy to do; the only other thing you need is a juggernaut. Kill Strike, so you're going to need to go buy one of those from Tier 3 by station, but once you get one, you're ready to do this glitch.


We're going to toss it out and get to a safe location where zombies aren't attacking you. You are able to perform this glitch in any of the threat zones, so we're right now in the low threat zone. But now that the Juggernaut kill streak has fallen, what we actually need to do is go into your controller settings and change the automatic sprint to an automatic tactical sprint.

After that, we're going to get right next to the juggernaut, the kill streak. We're going to lay down on the ground, go prone, very quickly equip the juggernaut kill streak, and sprint forward. Just like that, you're in the glitch, and you'll know you're in the glitch when your body's half in the ground, so we need to burn out the rest of the meter here on the Juggernaut suit, and then one more time we need to sprint forward and do a PhD Flopper, and that'll get you right back on the map.

It's kind of a weird flop, and it just shoots you back in the mat, but next time you do a PhD Flopper. All of a sudden, you're on a platform, it looks like, and you have god mode. Yes, you do have to dolphin dive to get into god mode, so every time you dolphin dive with a flopper and you just stay there, you're going to land on this platform.


It's like an invisible platform you land on when you dive, and the zombies can't hit you all the way around you. You're not going to cause any damage. You can get hit by meat; you can get hit by the mimics who think that stuff he spits at you; you can get hit by projectiles. Okay, but melee hits from anything; you are going to take any damage.

But, as you know, with every great thing, there are some drawbacks. You can really screw this glitch up, and all of a sudden it won't work, and here's how that happens: if you hop in a vehicle, you'll lose your PhD Flopper god mode if you take a zip line if you use your parachute. You will lose this God mode; if you're swimming, you'll lose the God mode; if you take a portal of any kind, you're going to lose this God mode, and you have to do it again to get it back; and the only real downside is that you have to be stationary.

When you dive in place, you can sort of move left and right, but you're crawling, so you're not that fast, so you can look all around you, and you're not going to be taking damage except for projectiles. Or if a mimic sucks you in, that's the other thing; if a mimic sucks you too, you're going to lose this God mode.

This is not a perfect glitch by any means, but it does seem to be working in all three-level threat zones, even in the dark ether, which is pretty awesome, but you have to go through the effort of tossing the Juggernaut kill streak out, then going prone, grabbing the kill streak, and sprinting immediately after.

And if you do that right, you'll be half glitched into the floor, and that's how you know you got it, and then all you have to do is use a PhD flopper to get out of the glitched ground and back onto the main floor, and every time you dolphin dive, you'll have god mode.

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Thanks for watching, subscribe!

But that's going to do it for this article, fellas. That is the new PhD, God Mode glitch here in the update. 1.36 if we get another update here before New Year's, I'll let you know, but January 3rd is our New Year's event. That's when it's going down. Be sure to subscribe for more glitches in this glitch series and activate that bell notification if you want to level up fast.

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