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I'm currently at Prestige 2 level 123 and still grinding and over in that season 1 battle pass. I'm currently at.

Urzikstan - tombstone reset glitch

84% okay, in order to reset the already existing Tombstone stash, we first need to collect it. It's likely you have items in your stash that you'd like to swap out for better ones.

Even if your saved essence is low, there is a way to increase it while keeping all the rewards in your rucksack. The example we're going to use in this article is me having 2400 Essence, and we're going to increase this to over 100, 000 Essence, so if you're not satisfied with what's in there, you need to ask in the chat for somebody to drop you money, find out who's got Essence and can drop it for you, and then you're going to collect that and increase your stash that you currently have.


What we're doing is setting up a new Tombstone, so we need to head over to the Tombstone perk machine and buy Tombstone for 2, 000 essences now that we have the amount of essence we need. I got $100,000 saved up, and I also got my rucksack full of items that I'm satisfied with to make this new tombstone happen, so I'm heading back over to the spot.

Now that we're back in this spot, we have 141, 000. Essence, that's the other Tombstone right there, and we're going to move in front of it a little bit right here, and that way you can see that we're setting up a new Tombstone. You're going to need to give up and not plead for help; let your timer run all the way out; burn that out; get eliminated.

And remember, we just picked up Tombstone, so when we get back in the game, our stash is going to be there, but it's going to be updated. We're going to switch to a new operator that has a large backpack. So we're going to come in prepared already with the large backpack, and when we launch back into the game, you should see your Tombstone icon right there indicated.


And we're going to head towards it, so get in a vehicle and make your way there. Use the zip lines to make it a little bit faster, but you're going to notice that the tombstone is now in a different spot; it's right there, and now we have 100, 000, well, 141, 000, located in the stash instead of that 2400 that we had before, so quite an increase, and you guys can do this as well.

Now I'm going to show you how you can xfill out of here both solo and co-op and what it looks like, so let's go ahead and do the solo xfill method. We're going to use the dark ether Rift, so enter the anomaly and then pull up your mini map, and you're going to have to vote yes. In order to go into the rift, and it's going to start counting down.

And what we're going to look for now is that when the countdown ends, there'll be a portal animation, and if you're on Xbox, what we're going to do is hit the Xbox button. Scroll down to Call of Duty and hit quit. When the black screen happens, we quit the application and start it back up, and this really shouldn't take you a few tries to get this down.

Just be patient, do it at the correct time, and all your items will be there in your rucksack. Now, in the instance that you have another player on your team that you selected to join another team, you need to fill in the story One Mission. Act One Story Mission, extraction, so you need to look for that on your menu map, mark it, and head to that extraction point.

When you have all the items you've collected from your stash, come here, and it's going to start counting down when you enter the plane. Go down to Call of Duty and get ready to quit. You need a black screen for this to happen. When the xfill goes into the air, it's going to go black, and that's when you hit quit.

So here we go. It's going to go black-screened once it lifts. You quit the application, and you come back in. That's the co-op method, and to recap what we just learned for solo, you're going to go to the dark ether Rift for co-op. You're going to go to the Act One story. Mission, extraction, and that's how you're going to extract out all your items.

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Thanks for watching, subscribe!

That's how you are doing it, and that's going to do it for this article, fellas. That's the tombstone reset glitch here in update. 1.36 so after you get your tombstone, now we know how to increase our stash and make it even better. We appreciate you, guys. Thanks for coming out, fellas.

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