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We're in Modern Warfare 3: Zombies today, and this is the minigun glitch in the update, 1.36. This is going to be a shorter article, but this is a really easy glitch to do, and yes, the Tombstone glitch does still work. Be sure to subscribe for more glitches in this glitch series and activate that bell.

I'm currently at Prestige 2 level 115, still grinding, and over in that season 1 battle pass, I'm currently at. 72% okay, so on the MC Kastan, we're going to go to the Tier 3 Zone by station and pick up a Juggernog, Kill streak. In doing so, you might need a Chuck a decoy or a monkey bomb, but we're going to go to a place now where there's players nearby, and we're going to Chuck the Juggernaut down.

What we need to do is pick up the Juggernaut suit, burn it out, use it up all the way, and then we need to take it down. Now I don't know how long you have. Maybe it's a short amount of time. Maybe you have all the games. I really don't know, but take it down shortly after. And you need to give up, so go ahead and give up, and then you need to request a plea for help, so go ahead and hold down on the d-pad and plea for help.


You're looking for a teammate that's nearby to just come and revive you, and upon doing so, you'll see that the minigun is laying on the ground, right below you, so you can go ahead and pick that up, and now you have a secret weapon here in Modern Warfare 3 zombies that's not available in the mystery box; it's not a wall by, and it's not in your loadout; it's not a schematic, and it sure as hell ain't a reward.

This weapon here you only get by glitching, And we have access now to the Juggernaut minigun. And I travel to both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Pack-A-Punch, and it says the current weapon cannot be upgraded, so you can't upgrade the minigun. And there's also two ways of losing it: if you take it down and somebody revives you, you lose the minigun completely, and the other way is if you simply run out of ammo.

I even applied a Napalm ammo mod to this minigun, but it didn't work. I ran out of it, and the gun disappeared. When you go to an ammo station to refill your ammo, it doesn't actually refill the minigun, so we're running into some problems here. When I kill zombies and they drop ammo for us, I pull up the minigun and try to reload.


It takes the ammo, but it doesn't refill the minigun. I did try to use the gold ether tool onest, but it didn't upgrade it to gold. The other thing I used was a Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch. I also can't figure out how to replenish the ammo, so we're left with 350 shots in this actual weapon, and we need to know how to get more.

So at the moment, we can't refill the ammo, but we have access to the Minun, and that's going to do it for this article, which is the new minigun glitch here in the update. 1.36, as soon as we get more changes, I'll be doing another all-working glitch article, so be sure to look out for that. Be sure to subscribe for more glitches in this glitch series and activate that bell notification if you want to level up fast in zombies.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Glitches! Urzikstan! Level Up Weapons Fast! New Borealis Camo Unlocked.
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