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I'm currently at Prestige 2, level 9, still grinding, and over in that season 1 battle pass. I'm currently at , 76%.

5 special kills w/ melee weapon - challenge #1

Okay, so the first challenge we have is to get five special zombie kills with melee weapons, so we're just going to call in an Xville, and since it's been patched, this now spawns a ton of manglers, and we're just going to use a melee weapon and get those kills right there at any of the Xfill spots.

400 kills w/ wall buy weapon - challenge #2

400 kills w/ wall buy weapon - challenge #2

Next up, we have the challenge of getting 400 kills with a wall bum weapon. This one's easy enough; we're just going to go up to any wall bum here on the map of Kastan and pick it up, and you can just go to the xfill spot again and get 400 kills. This could take a little time. 400 kills is quite a bit, but easy enough to do.

400 kills w/ pap dg-58 lmg - challenge #3

The next challenge is to get 400 kills with the Packa-punched DG58 LSW. This is an LMG. You're going to go ahead and equip that sucker with your load, and then we're going to go to the pack. Punch and pack. Punch that sucker and head back to the fill location, where we're going to get 400 kills.

The xfill locations used to take 2 minutes to respawn, but now they're really quick, so.

25 kills w/ snowballs - challenge #4

The next challenge is to get 25 kills with snowballs, and snowballs can be located on your mini map with the ice icon, so for the snowflake, you're going to need to punch a zombie and then throw snowballs at it to get the damage just right, but this one's easy to do.

200 critical kills w/ sniper, marksman, or battle rifle - challenge #5

200 critical kills w/ sniper, marksman, or battle rifle - challenge #5

The next challenge is getting 200 critical kills with snipers, marksman rifles, or battle rifles. We're going to go ahead and pick one up in our loadout and bring it in towards any fill location, and simply get 200 critical kills with a head shot.

50 kills w/ stamin-up perk - challenge #6

The next challenge is to get 50 kills with stamina active, so you need stamina for the perk, so we're just going to go find it on the map and go pick that up or bring the perk in if you have the schematic, and we need to get 50 kills, so you can do this when you're doing any of the other challenges.

Complete 8 contracts - challenge #7

Just go pick up stamina before You do it, and the last challenge is to complete eight contracts. This one's just as easy as it sounds. We're going to take the delivery cargo contracts out, eliminate the bounty contracts, we're going to do the spot contracts, we're going to do eight of those suckers, and when we complete it, we will have completed the entire event at Santa Sligh Ground. All the events are done, and now we have the blueprint unlocked, and it's a Mastercraft blueprint for the DG58, LMG.

Christmas update overview (my thoughts)

Christmas update overview (my thoughts)

So it's interesting because I have the Borealis camo unlocked and am doing all the weapon camo challenges. We have a few other event camo challenges that are universal, but this one is just a blueprint.

It's not a universal camo, and I can tell you, as someone who's unlocked the Borealis camo, I'm not using an LMG, so a blueprint doesn't help me. I'd rather rock the Borealis camo on an assault rifle or an SMG. But over in the war zone. There's a zombie Santa that's taking over the train that's running through the map.

I went and checked it out. When you enter the train, it says he's checking his naughty and nicer, but he starts out on the front of the train and he's got a death machine, and zombie Santa looks awesome. I really wish they added this Santa to the zombies, but apparently it's only in the war zone at the moment.


It's just cool to think back on what we got with the machine in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. We actually had a megaton. Santa, and he was at the very beginning of the match riding across on a sleigh with the plague hounds as reindeer, but when we hop into zombies, our zombie Santa takes the form of a mega-abomination.

And you're going to find him in the Tier 3 Zone, and he looks awesome; each one of his heads has a Santa hat on it, and he's the equivalent of Santa in this update. I checked it out in multiplayer as well, in a mode called Snowfight. This mode is actually really fun. It's a party game mode that reminds me of Black Ops 2, and we had one in the chamber, Sticks and Stones.

This is just literally your Chuck and Snowball fighting at people, and I think it's two shots or maybe three shots to get a kill, but I'm leaning towards two shots, but it's search and destroy, so you get one life and then the match ends, so it's kind of a unique mode, and I'd like to see more modes like this brought into zombies.

I like Treyarch to get a little creative and have more things to do outside of survival, but right now, you know, we have this open-world experience, and that's all there is, but no PVP. I kind of want some PVP to happen, and that can happen in the form of another mode , but that's going to do it for this article, guys.

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That is the Christmas update here in Modern Warfare 3: Zombie.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Christmas Update! New Event! How To Unlock The "Ugliest Sweater" Blueprint! MW3 Zombies New Update 1.
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