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There's been a lot of confusion around this glitch, but I've narrowed down the process so it works every time. Be sure to subscribe for more glitches in this glitch series and activate that Bell notification man if you want to level up fast. I'm currently at prestige 1 level 94 and still grinding, and over in that season 1 battle pass, I'm currently at.

Urzikstan - tombstone duplication glitch

43% okay, the first thing we're going to do is we're going to fill our rucksack with all the high-tier items that we have; otherwise, you're going to have to be given them in the game. We're going to make our way to Tier 3 by station. Just throw out a monkey so you have time, and go ahead and get that backpack you're going to need.


That large rucksack costs 10 G's. Grab that and head to Tombstone. If you have a self-revive kit in your gear, drop that, and then we're going to go ahead and buy Tombstone; it costs two grand. At this point in the game, you should have a lot of zombie essence. Stacked up or somebody had to have given you a bunch, this is for the reset, so the next thing we're going to do is take a down.

After we buy Tombstone, we take it down. You can go ahead and give up, and we need to let the plea count all the way down, or after 17 seconds, you can quit the match, but let it count down all the way and eliminate you. And this is how you can for sure get this every time. This is the setup process, and I have narrowed down the fastest method to do this, so we're just going to start the game again with nothing—no weapon, nothing in your backpack.

You're just going to head right to this location, so if you pay attention to where I'm at. I'm right in front of the island, where the Whirlwind is the vortex, and this is the gas station right here next to the docks. We need to collect our tombstone stash. The problem is that we don't have a large backpack yet.


That's why we went and grabbed one. You need to apply that, so drop it quick, put it on, and come back and grab everything. But the reason this spot's so good is because there's a rift right here. There's a boat right there, and if you drive a vehicle up to it, you have three ways to escape. The fulfillment we need to get to is the Act One mission.

Dr jensen's coordinates, and we need to fill this spot specifically, so you will have to work your way through Act 1 of the story. Mission extraction, but once you're in the xfill, you're going to be preparing for a black screen, so we need to quit the application once the screen goes black. Once the screen goes black, we quit the application, and we start it back up.

On PC and Playstation, you're going to have to get creative somehow; you need to quit the application at that time, once we load back up. You're going to see that the rucksacks are full of everything that we were extracting, and we need to now deposit that and head back in. So we're going to head back to the same location where our Tombstone stash is, and we're going to collect everything.

Since we applied the large backpack, we'll already have that, so collect everything in the stash and make your way towards the xville, the tier one mission.

"borealis" zombies camo grind - complete

"borealis" zombies camo grind - complete

This was a two-week-long journey and the longest Call of Duty zombie camo grind I've ever done. Is it worth it? No, I would not recommend anybody do this unless you're really into zombie mode, but I will say it is a beautiful camo. Treyarch did an awesome job on the Borealis, Camo. I'm a huge fan of dark matter, but for Modern Warfare 3 zombies this will do this will definitely do.

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But that's going to do it for this article, fellas. That is the tombstone duplication glitch here in update 1.34. This will probably get patched soon, but I'll update you with more glitches coming soon. We have a Christmas event on the way and lots to look forward to, so be sure to subscribe for more glitches in this glitch series and activate that bell notification if you want to level up fast in Zombies.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Glitches! Urzikstan! Level Up Weapons Fast! New Borealis Camo Unlocked.
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