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We're in Modern Warfare 3: Zombie today, and this is the tombstone reset glitch after update 1.40. But be sure to subscribe for more glitches in this glitch series and activate that bell notification if you want to level up fast in zombies. I'm currently in Prestige 3 level 179 and still grinding, and over in that season 2 reloaded battle pass, I'm currently at 17%.

Urzikstan - tombstone reset glitch

Okay, so to start things off, we have a new game. We're going to collect Tombstone right away, so we're going to need 2, 000 zombie points, and that's the easy part. Everything else is getting stuff in your rucksack. You'll also want to know the maximum amount of essence you can collect in that game.


Get rid of your self-revive, because we have to take it down. At this point, we have to glitch the tombstone, and you have to give up and plead for help, so you're going to need somebody to come revive you. This can be on your own team too. I'm going to prove that later in this article, but have somebody come revive you, and once you're revived in that exact location, that's where your tombstone's going to be next game.

So the good news is that you can use all the items in your backpack. You can spend all the zombie essence you have, burn it, or give it away. A lot of people like money, but you're going to take it down, so you're going to need to give up after you take it down. Do not plead for help; now we need to be eliminated.

This is how Tombstone is supposed to work. The only thing is that we're taking charge of where the position of the tombstone itself is. When we go back into the game, you'll see the icon for it, and that's how you know you did it correctly. We're going to make our way over to the tombstone stash and collect the items inside.


I personally just do the small rock sack so I can come here every single time and not have to worry about going to buy a medium or large rock sack, but what we're going to do once we get back in is collect Tombstone soda, and now I'm going to show you the reset element of it if you want to add more items to your rucksack or add more zombies.

Essence at this point, we started a new game, went and collected our tombstone stash, bought tombstone soda, and added more zombie essence, so now we're at 20, 000. And all we have left to do is take it down because we got to set our Tombstone stash for the next game, and I happen to get the scorcher in this game, which is awesome.

It now has a double or triple effect where you can actually fly around the map and get even higher in the sky, so it's great. I like the scorcher now, but we're going to plead for help, and as you can see, my own teammate is reviving me. You can actually get the revive from your own teammate. You don't have to leave the squad yet, but after this, after your Tombstone stash is set, you do need to leave the squad, so hold down on the d-pad and leave the squad.


So now you're in a solo game, and we have to take it down. So let's go ahead and leave the squad now. Strike out alone, and we're just going to jump off this tower here straight down and take our down and bleed out. If you have plenty of items in your stash, like over 100 or 200, like I do, I think I got like 215.

But you don't need to do that anymore; you don't need to duplicate any longer. As far as I'm concerned, all you're going to be doing each game is recycling your tombstone over and over again, and that's what this article is all about: showing you how to do that and adding more to it if you're trying to stack Essence and get up to a million points.

So now that we've taken that down and loaded a new game back up, we're making our way to our tombstone stash, and you'll see all the items there. Pick them up, and you're ready to do it all over again. That's how it works, fellas. That is the tombstone; reset the glitch after the update. 1.40 i'd say I usually spend around the first 10 minutes of the game going to collect the tombstone stash, grabbing Tombstone wherever it is on the map, and if I can't find the perk itself on the map, sometimes it ain't there.

I'll just go to the Tier 3 Zone and buy it there from Wonder Fizz and then make my way back to where my Tombstone stash was, but that's sort of the process. The hardest part sometimes is just getting that revive. People will see that you need a revive and then just walk right past you and won't help you out, so you may just want to hop into a squad, get your Tombstone glitch set, and then leave the squad and continue the game. That way, as long as you take it down, the tombstone will reset for the next.

Thanks for watching, subscribe!

Thanks for watching, subscribe!

Game, and that's going to do it for this article, which is the tombstone reset glitch after the update. For those of you guys who no longer need to duplicate your items, you're good to go. This is how you're going to keep the tombstone rolling.

Be sure to subscribe for more glitches in this glitch series and activate that Bell notification man if you want to level up fast.

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