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Best ttk stats for warzone 2 smgs

Best ttk stats for warzone 2 smgs

Gg So that is exactly where we are on our average time to kill graphics factors in combination shots, and we have a handful of the SMGs in the game right now. I know there's a few that I left off this list because they just weren't applicable, like I went through the stats and it just wasn't worth talking about them, but we got a handful of SMGs here to obviously break down the fennec and the velve of voznev.

The main thing about the SMGs is that through the first 30 meters -- I would say 30 to 40 meters -- is the cap for an SMG gunfight, right? Beyond that point, they're just really not all that competitive; they're not usable in those situations because the ttk is going to reach times that are just not practical for ARS.

best ttk smg warzone 2

It is clearly a jumble of lines here for our guns, but we can still pick out a top five relatively easily, despite so many different guns being so good here. So when you look at this graph, one gun in particular stands out the most, right? It's the fennec. Our orange line here is the best ttk basically at every single range, like it's never not great, so clearly the fennec is a top ttk SMG; it is the top ttk SMG, but there's also some other very close Alternatives here as well if you're bored of the fennec when it eventually gets nerfed that you can just jump to, like for instance, our or our.

The purple line here that you can see is actually very competitive up close. It's right there with the fennec; it's just a tad bit slower to kill through the first 10 meters or so, then that purple line stays competitive all throughout. You look at 24 meters, here, and the Voz Nev actually has a faster ttk than the Fennec for a very brief moment in time, but it's still there regardless.

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The Voz Nev is still surprisingly good. It also has great mobility stats as well, one of which surprised me: the Velvet. The green line here is up close to the first 10 meters; it's nothing too crazy, but then this actually doesn't drop off nearly as severely as some of our other options here. You can see that for mid-range, when we're in the 25- to 38-meter range, the Vel is actually the second-best TTKSMG for a decent amount of time there.

It's also super low recoil and great for like the hybrid sniper support SMG type build, which I was kind of surprised by Blockbin. Sub the MP5 also. One we gotta talk about here is a little bit more of a steep drop-off there at 10 meters, but you know for the first 10 meters right there with the fennec as well as a very, very fast ttk, and then throughout.

I mean, it just stays consistent over range. This one does drop off a little bit more once you get to the mid-range area there, but for close range, those first 16 meters there, especially the Lochman sub, are really feeling nice and competitive and nice and consistent. then the last gun here that to me stands out the most is the P90, again because of its lack of a severe drop-off.

Now, up close, it's actually one of the slower-tick SMGs; in comparison, it's still ridiculously fast for close range, but, you know, compared to the Fennec, the Voz is now a little bit slower, but then it takes over as the second-best here for a few meters before dropping off very insignificantly.

Here and this red line actually stay super competitive up to about 28 meters; there, it's really, really nice. So, like a lot of these guns, they really surprised me in terms of where they are on this chart. Now you can see things like the mx9; the white line here is just mediocre throughout; it definitely drops off a little bit more severely; the mini block really drops off severely at 30 meters; but to me, the top five standouts are the fennec; the veil; the Vos (now the Vos); and the PDSWC.

So now let's jump in and actually break down the best setups for these with all the tuning and all the attachments.

Warzone 2 best ttk pdsw 528 loadout

Warzone 2 best ttk pdsw 528 loadout

So initially, with the P90, like I said, I was pretty surprised if this was actually so good in, like, that sort of general mid-range area. It's not a gun that I've used a ton of, but when I did go in and test it, it honestly felt pretty consistent. I mean, you got that 881 millisecond ttk at about 25 meters, which compared to those other SMGs is right up there as one of the better options in the game right now.

So as far as setup goes, P90 It's kind of an interesting gun just because you have the large magazine by default. I don't use an optic here; I work with the iron sights. They said you could always drop a muzzle for the iron sight if you wanted to, but it's certainly an option regardless of whether my game just crashes like that.

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I was saying no optic here; you could always drop a muzzle for an optic if you wanted to, but this setup is really allowing you to take advantage of some different attachments compared to normal, so I do still have the seven milliwatt laser on there for that faster Sprint to Fire and that faster ad I go for the lock shot kc85.

You'll notice that on all my rifles today I've dropped the suppressors because they're not going to show up on the compass anymore. As is, you might as well get rid of the suppressor benefits there; it's only helping in some minimal cases up close compared to long ranges we've talked about before, so I'll go for the compensators, here and there, or no muzzle in certain cases, as well as for the lock shot here, and tune for that better gun kick control on slightly better stabilization.

I also got the q900, rear grip on there for the better sprint to fire and ads, and I tuned to maximize those stats even more behind, the face cam here I'm using the tacom, comb, which is actually going to help out with even better sprint to fire in ads, so this is a very aggressive build, and again I tuned for the better ads and then also the slightly better aim walking speed that said if you wanted to tune up for the stabilization, you could do that as well.

It would work just fine, and then lastly I got the extended stock on here, which is for better sprint speed and strafe speed as well. It only hurts stability, which isn't a huge deal up close, and I actually gained some of that stability back. You could also tune it the other way for strafe speed if you wanted to, and I got those better ads on there as well, so overall this thing is surprisingly consistent and with this build very aggressive.

Warzone 2 fastest ttk lachmann sub loadout

Warzone 2 fastest ttk lachmann sub loadout

Now next up we got the lockman sub, the MP5, we all know this is a pretty much top tier choice and has been for a bit now we just have the stats to, you know, reiterate that more and more this thing's sitting at a 772 millisecond ttk at 16 meters, so for close range fights this thing is obviously going to be a phenomenal choice.

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