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With our last weapon tuning update ended, we sort of shifted around the war zone meta, as we've talked about several times recently, and the close range meta is now a little bit more competitive than it was before we saw some changes to a handful of close range based weapons, and today we're breaking down the best of the best when it comes to close range engagements.

Best fennec 45 loadout in warzone 2.0

Best fennec 45 loadout in warzone 2.0

So of course we got to start first with one of the most lethal close-range weapons in the game—arguably the best close-range weapon in the game—the fennec. This thing has a ridiculous TTK. Now, its drawbacks are that its recoil can be a little bit bouncy if you're outside of, you know, 20 or 25 meters, and it flies through ammo even with the 45-round magazine on here; you've got to reload constantly.

So that is a big drawback to it, but overall, the TTK for close range is absurd. Also, for what it's worth. I do have the X13 on this specific class; that's another great close-range weapon as well. We'll break down that just here in a moment, but as far as the fan, it goes first and foremost here.


I, like to use the rubber grip, which helps me better sprint to fire better ads, but you see that it hurts the control, but if we go into the tuning, we can actually tune for slightly better recoil steadiness and basically gain that con back while still increasing our sprint to fire there a little bit as well.

And, like I said, you've got to run the 45-round magazine. I also go for the seven milliwatt laser, which is basically the equivalence of the Olay laser, for the better ads, the better sprint to fire, and also slightly better stability, which is not as big of a factor in close range fights but is still a nice added bonus there.

I go for the shark fin under barrel here for better stability with no cons, and the reason I use this under barrel is because I can tune for a faster strafe, speed, and faster ads, so you're getting some slight additional bonuses. There are absolutely no cons whatsoever, which is super, super convenient, right?

The lastly. I go for the RR40 muzzle-basic suppressor here for better velocity and range, which will keep you off the compass of course as well, and I tune this for slightly better velocity, although with all the suppressors basically today, you could tune for better velocity if you wanted to, or you could tune for better stability.

It just depends on how exactly you want the weapon to feel and also on for slightly faster ads on there as well. You can see—I mean, this thing is just going to absolutely melt now at long range, obviously. Not using it at that distance, so it's not going to be effective there, but like this first dummy, he doesn't stand a chance; it also probably helps that he's a dummy, but still, like I said, the X13 is also phenomenal for close range, so this is actually my pick for the best close range pistol or the best pistol in general just because it's so good.

Best x13 loadout in warzone 2

Best x13 loadout in warzone 2

So here of course we're going for the akimbo, rear grip on the 2, which is better than one in this case for sure 24 on mag just for that added safety net, if you will, and we got the one milliwatt laser, which is better for sprint to fire and hip fire accuracy in control, so that's perfect for this build.

I also go for the "lucky 9 barrel" for better movement in ads. The ad obviously is irrelevant, but that better movement speed is nice, and I tuned this for basically max damage range and as much recoil as studying this would potentially give me with hip fire, so it's going to be based on your ability to stay on target.

I also go for the DX90F, Muzzle This is really just here to keep me off the compass. The damage range con is not super relevant. I tuned this for max velocity, so you don't need to mess with the ads or recoil smoothness because that doesn't apply to this setup in particular. If we go into the firing range here, you'll see that at close range, you can miss shots, but because you've got 24 rounds in each pistol, you've got plenty of room to miss and still be able to kill very quickly, which is super nice, so these things for close range are tons of fun and really fast to kill.

Warzone 2 best chimera loadout

Warzone 2 best chimera loadout

That way, you can always guarantee you're up to date with all that stuff, too. Let's try and aim for 2500 likes on this one, the brand new Chimera. I also think it is fantastic; for the close-range meta, it is basically a rifle and SMG, a hybrid right, so this thing is going to be really consistent as a sniper, support, and for a rifle for close range, it's about as good as it gets with, you know, just its ability to be fast and agile but also still kill really quickly, so I've actually really been enjoying it for some close-range engagements, here in Warzone even, with that increased health.

First up, I'm going for the brew and flash grip. This is going to help out with mobility with that Sprinter fire and ads, and then of course we tuned for even better Sprint fire and slightly better recoil, studying this to basically negate that con. I also got the seven-milliwatt laser here for those better ads, and Sprint fired the Ripper under the barrel for some better stabilization.

cod mw2

Just to help out with that control a little bit, it also helps out with the hip fire accuracy, which is a nice added bonus if you are close range and a half to hip fire and you love to see that on there. I tuned this for slightly better stability. You could also go for the strafe speed though if you wanted to, and then I do go for better stabilization, but again, if you wanted the faster ads and you wanted to go Max on Mobility here, you could do that as well.

This is how I want the gun to feel, but you could definitely mess around with it. This tuning is specific to the polar fire suppressor, which is pretty basic in terms of better range velocity and is tuned for better velocity again; if you wanted better stability, feel free to go ahead and go for that; then I go for the better ads here; and lastly.

I go for the Vorpo barrel, which has better range movement, speed, and ads, so it's keeping it nice and aggressive, and you also get that nice added range bonus, so I go ahead and tune for even faster ads and slightly better steadiness. As well, so overall, this thing is very easy to use; I love these iron sights personally; then, it's going to have a nice, aggressive, decently fast rate of fire for a rifle too; and then, for close range.

I mean, the thing is absolutely perfect. Nasty, of course.

Warzone 2.0 best kastov 74u loadout

Warzone 2.0 best kastov 74u loadout

Our other rifle that is primarily meant for close range is the Model 74U. When you compare this to the Chimera. I mean, they are so similar in a lot of ways that I feel like the cast-off still might hit a little bit harder, but with the Chimera. I feel like it's maybe a little easier to use.

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