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I want to hook you guys up with the top five best War Zone 2 loadouts. Whether you're playing a shika or you're playing al-masure, starting out with the ISO Hemlock is a fantastic weapon for AR users if you don't want to use the RPK and if you want to be a little bit faster and have better mobility with zero recoil.

This is the weapon to use, so we start out with the Harbinger D20, tune it, and it sounds like suppression, bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness pros, and the cons are aimed at outside speed, stability, and walking speed. I increased the bullet velocity by 0.87 inches and the recoil smoothness by 0.54 ounces.

I put on the T50 filter. This increases damage range, bullet velocity, hip-fire accuracy, and recoil control at the Colossal Aim Downside Speed hip recoil control movement speed. I increased the damage range by 0.17 inches and the recoil steadiness by 4.15 pounds and put them on the A-map V4 for the Precision site.

Since the far distance is maxed out, I put another 45-round magazine in the F-TAC at 56 for aiming out of hip stability. Fire accuracy and recoil stabilization; cost; aim downside speed; and walking speed I increased my aiming to a stability of 0.35 inches and a recoil stabilization of 0.65 ounces, so here's the outcome.

best loadouts

I'm sure you guys will love it. I'm barely holding my thumbs up and down, and it barely takes any effort for you, so please give it a try. I know you have a fantastic time using it, but next we're going to move on to the fennec, now the fennec 45. This is an insane SMG, as much as they try to nerf it and as much as they try to make it unusable.

The strongest build that I've ever made. I'm actually surprised that it's lasted this long, but this is still the strongest, the fastest CTK, and the best recoil. Control all that, so we're starting out with the ZLR's 16.5 ignition and barrel for damage range. Willow velocity is hit by accuracy and recoil control at the cost stream downside speed hip or equal control and movement speed.

call of duty

I increased the damage range by 0.25 inches and the recoil settings by 0.32 pounds. I put on the BLK laser, 7 mW, and I tuned it to increase the amino stability at 0.14, or 14.81 feet. That didn't change the weight, so there aren't downside speed aiming stabilities for it to fire quickly at the cost of the laser being visible in ads.

If you don't want that, you can take it off. You can probably put on a rear grip like the Fentic rubber grip if you want. To completely up to you, but, I just thought this was good because there's not a real con. If you don't even want to use that, you can just use the 1 mW quickfire laser; it'll be just as good.

Put on the agile assault set in the stock for sprint speed, aim, and walking speed. Crouch movement speed and inbound sight speed are increased at the cost of aiming stability and recoil control. I increased the aiming out stability at 2.40 inches and the aim down side speed by negative 2.06 ounces with a 45-round mag and the phase 3 grip, which is actually different than my previous articles for aiming out stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization at the cost of walking speed and aim down sight speed.

call of duty warzone 2

With the aiming stability of 0.23 inches and the recoil stabilization of 0.54 ounces—and check this out—this thing is absolutely insane. I do highly recommend keeping it to short to medium range though, just because long range can be really dicey and you don't really want to mix it up, you kind of want to keep yourself safe, keep yourself to a certain medium just because you'll most likely get a better chance of getting that kill plus rip.

We're almost certainly just going to switch to a weapon that can actually handle long-range gunfights when you're dealing with that, so stick to the short- to medium-range. The RPK is a fantastic weapon, and honestly, I don't think that's ever going to get nerfed enough. It's a polar fire for sound suppression, bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness.

The cost of increased down sight speed and aiming stability increases; the bullet velocity is 0.32 inches; and the recoil smoothness is the same. F-Techripper, 56. Aiming out stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization at the cost of downside speed and aiming. I mean and walking speed aiming.

call of duty warzone 2 best loadouts

The overall stability increased by 21 inches, and the recoil stabilization increased by 0.44 ounces. Put that on the amount V4 maxed out in the far-distance demo, use the X2 grip for recoil control, and increase the recoil settings to 0.74 ounces. This is probably literally one of the most broken weapons still to be used, even if they try to increase the recoil.

It's just way too easy to use, so in my opinion, they have not nerfed it enough for me to not want to use this weapon. In my opinion, you can keep using this weapon and go crazy, and this is me using it with a stiff Drifter controller. If I can use this weapon with a stick-shifting controller, you can use it with a good controller.


Now we're going to move on to the MP5. The MP5 is phenomenal; this season, a lot more people are using it, and that's awesome. I started out with FSS Shark Fin 90 for the Amy-out stability increase with no cons. I increased the aiming stability to 0.18 inches and the recoil stabilization to 0.23 ounces put on a nine millimeter overpressured barrel for the ammunition; this helps the target flinch, and I increased the boulevard velocity to 0.494 gr and the damage range to 0.45 g put on the 50-round mag.

If you want to use 40, that's completely up to you; you'll just be a little bit faster. mirror. Recoil 56 Factory stock for aiming out stability recoil Control Spray speed at the cost of aim downside speed, aim walking speed, and Crouch movement speed increase the amino stability of 1.32 inches and aim down size speed by negative 1.29 ounces, and the bin then the VLK laser 7 MW or aim down side speed any stability, and smarter fire speed with the laser being visible in ads.

I increased amyl's stability by 11.52 feet, and I increased the cement's fire speed by -0.06 ounces. This is the outcome of a fantastic weapon that I highly recommend using just because it really does get the job done at long range. I would try to avoid that gunfight just because it's not going to look good; in fact, I'll show you what it'll look like.


It's not going to be a fantastic time. You're going to have bullets fly all over the place. It doesn't matter if you have this variant; it works in the same exact way. I just have the variant on there, but this build right here is fantastic for the Vasniv on Warzone 2. But on the broadside pendulum for the vertical and horizontal recoil control at the cost of downside speed hip recoil control.

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