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So the new meta is officially the TAC 56 and MP5 after the update, but I have plenty of other weapons to compensate for those that you may not be able to use anymore, like the RPK Fennec, etc., so let's get started. So, the TAC 56 is an absolute monster with this new update, and it'll be amazing for a chica.

This increases sound suppression bullet velocity, damage range, and recall smoothness at the cost of aim downside speed, stability, and aim walking speed. The weight is set to 0.54 ounces, and the length is set to 0.81 inches. This increases bullet velocity and reload smoothness. I put on the 17.5 Tundra, Pro Barrel; this helps with the damage range, hip fire accuracy, and bullet velocity at the cost of aim down sight speed and hip recoil control.

Now that I have the damage range maxed out, the recoil stay in this has increased to 0.35 inches while pounds. I also put on the FSS combat grip to increase the recoil control at the cost of aiming stability. Now increase the aiming out stability by 0.35 inches, and the recoil stain is by 0.55 ounces.

best loadouts

On the 60-round mag, the 40 is completely enough if you guys want to have more movement, aim downside speed, and sprint to fire speed. This is just to have as many bullets as possible, plus it doesn't really hinder it that much. I put on the 5.56 High Velocity ammunition to increase the bullet velocity at the cost of damage range, so I just increased the damage by 0.61 G and maxed out the bullet velocity.

Now the end product is absolutely beautiful, considering this didn't get nerfed. This thing is still absolutely incredible with zero recoil. This is a weapon that you're definitely going to use in your arsenal just because of how incredible it is, especially if you have a good shot. If you're not missing, you can hit short, medium, and long range with no issue.

This is a weapon that I highly recommend. Like I said, this is definitely going to be the meta, and this is going to be something you're going to see enemies use way more than the RPK, which has essentially been destroyed. If you want something better than the RPK, this is definitely your weapon.

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Now, next, we're moving on to the MP5. The MP5 is definitely a freak of nature now, and I have a fantastic build for anybody that wants to use it. So the MP5, which is the Lochman sub, is such a dangerous weapon for medium and long range; long range is a little more difficult, but this is a fantastic build overall.

We're going to start out with the X10 RR40, which helps the sound suppression bullet velocity damage range and recluse smoothness at the cost of aiming downside and aiming stability. I increased the bullet velocity to 0.39 inches and the recoil smoothness to 0.23 ounces after that. I didn't really see a point in increasing it anymore, and this is just the best place to have it.

I put on the Ftech M-Sub 12 inch for the bullet velocity, damage range, recoil smoothness, and hip fire accuracy at the cost of aim down side speed and hip recoil control, and I increased the damage range—not by much, actually, as you can see—by.06 inches and the recoil stadium by.06 pounds. I put on the mirror recall 56 factory stock, and this increases the aiming stability, recoil control, and sprint speed at the cost of aim walking speed, aim down sight speed, and crash movement speed.

call of duty warzone 2

I increased the aim walking speed by -1.08 inches, and I didn't change the weight at all. I then moved on to the lockman tcg10; this increases the recoil control at the cost of aiming stability, so I increase the sprint to fire speed by negative 0.16 inches and decrease the weight by negative 0.26 ounces to increase the aim down sight speed.

I put on a 40-round magazine; if you want to use 50, that's completely up to you, but I don't really think it's necessary. Plus, you're going to be moving even slower, doing slower reloads, and all that, so I don't know if it's really worth it. I think the 40 is more than enough, and if you think the 30 is enough, then just throw on an underbarrel or anything else like a laser; it's completely up to you, plus you can actually tune them.

call of duty warzone 2 best loadouts

Now, let me just show you guys the outcome: The MP5 is absolutely incredible for melting, being incredibly fast, and having very easy recoil and control patterns. The only downside is going to be long range; you have to be able to control the long-range recoil. I mean, like I said, it's still very viable, and it's actually stronger than the fennec now, so that's a fantastic thing.

I would suggest keeping your gunfights to medium range, and if you have to go to long range, just pull out your AR and be better off. So because the RPK actually got nerfed. Maybe now they'll notice it way more, especially with the great recoil control, so we started the Custovia dx90 for the sound suppression, reclose movements, and recoil control at the cost of sight speed, aim stability, sight speed, and re I maxed out the beloved velocity and increased the recoil smoothness by 0.77 ounces.

I put on the Romeo ft. 16 inch barrel. This increases the damage range, hit fire accuracy, and bullet velocity at the cost of an outside speed hip recoil control. Now, I increase the damage range by 0.30 inches and the recall. Standing is at 0.40 pounds. Put on the aim at V4 or any side that you really want to use—that's just my personal preference.


I maxed out the far distance. When the lockman tcg10, it increases the recoil control at the cost of aiming stability. I increased the sprint to fire speed by -0.17 inches and the aim down side speed by -0.19 ounces just to give it a little bit more support, and then I put on the F-Tech Ripper. This helps with aiming eye stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization, but at the cost of aiming downsight speed and walking speed.

Now, the tuning that I did for this is kind of negligible for the length, but for the weight I for the weight I actually increased the recoil stabilization by 0.52 ounces. Just show you guys the end product. This thing is actually insane. Check this out; it kills so fast and shoots so fast that it was just definitely something I wanted to use.


It's so insane that people actually haven't noticed how useful this thing is, but maybe it's good that they haven't seen it yet. Now. I wanted to throw the Finnick on there even though it got nerfed, just because I know some people still love the Fennec and still want to be able to use it, so I wanted to give you guys a great build for it.

I increased the damage range by 0.25 inches and the recoil strength by 0.50 pounds. I put on the VLK laser, which is just an aimed-out size piece with the fire expert like stuff like that, so I mean, you don't really need to mess with that. As you guys see in the ads, the laser is visible for aiming stability, but if you don't want that, you can just put on the 1 mW laser.

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