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Let's give you a chance to screenshot it. The only thing that I could possibly change—and I don't even think that you can change it—is no, you can't change it. I was going to say, "Put that one suppressor on there," but it's not there, so Harbinger D20. For sound suppression bullet velocity, damage range, and recluse smoothness, increase the beloved velocity to 0.90 after that doesn't help anymore, and then the recourse is to move this by 1.22 ounces after that doesn't help anymore.

Don't max it out; there's no point. Put on the fielder's t50 for damage range below velocity hip fire accuracy and recoil control, two in the damage range to 0.21 inches and the recoil stainless at 0.15 pounds, and put on the AIM app V4. Max out the far range, put it on the 45-round mag, and then the 5.56 high velocity.

It literally takes very little effort to actually use such a powerful assault rifle that I highly recommend, so give it a try; I know you'll actually love it! Moving on, we are going to another long-range weapon, which is the RPK. Now, technically, this is an assault rifle, but I wanted to put it in a category just because I know a lot of people like it, and it's going to get nerfed in Season 3, so you might as well abuse it now.

best loadouts

So, this actually has something I would personally change, but I just don't have it unlocked, and it would be the ZLR Talon 5. This is something that, if the other weapon actually had it, I would put it on there. This thing is apparently the best suppressor overall, but I do like the Polar Fire. This works for me, so it sounds good.

bullet velocity damage Ranger me close smoothness I increased the bullet velocity to 0.32 inches and the recoil smoothness to 0.32 ounces. Put on the aim-op V4 and max out the far range; put on the demo X2 grip for recoil control; and increase the recoil stats by 0.74 ounces. Then put on high velocity, maxing out the beloved velocity, increasing the damage range to 0.43 g.

This is the only one—well, one of the only ones—that actually has a purpose for maxing it out, and then FTEC River 56 for aiming out of stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization. I increased the aiming stability to 0.21 inches and the recoil stabilization to 0.44 ounces, and check this thing out, literally—it takes the least amount of effort out of any weapon I've used in this game.

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If you want this easy time with no effort and easy kills, then feel free to use this weapon, but honestly, you're going to feel some shame at how easy this weapon is to use. Next, we're going to move on to the 762; this weapon actually takes a little bit more effort, but it hits very hard, and it's a fantastic weapon.

You also get more mobility, so I put on the Polar Fire S for sound suppression, bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness. The bullet velocity is increased by 0.81 inches, and the recoil movement is increased by 72 ounces. I put on the Cast 10 to 5 84 millimeter barrel for damage range, bullet velocity, hip fire accuracy, and recoil control.

I increased the damage range to 0.28 inches and the recoil stadiums, but 0.26 pounds went on AIM out of V4, maxing out the far range. Put on the demo X2 grip, which increases the aiming stability by 0.15 inches and the recoil stainage by 0.29 ounces; this helps with recoil control; and put on the 40-round magazine.

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Now check this thing out. Like I said, it takes a little bit more effort, but you get much more mobility, and I still think it is rather easy to control. As you guys see, you also get easier reloading, well much faster reload. So, this is something. If you want to give it a try, I highly recommend it.

It's basically a more mobile RPK, and honestly, I think you will enjoy using it just because of the increased mobility and increased recoil speed. I think that just works out the best, and I actually do think it melts a bit quicker than the RPK. Next, we're going to show you guys how to attack 56.

Now, the TAC 56 is actually a beautiful weapon, and I actually love using it. If you don't like using iron sight so if you don't like using iron sight you can just take off the high velocity or FSS combat grip and then throw on the amount of D4 and then max out the far range, but Harbinger D20 for sound suppression, bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness.

call of duty warzone 2 best loadouts

I increase the bullet velocity to 0.81 inches and the recluse smoothness to 0.54 ounces. I also put on the 17.5 Tundra Pro Barrel. For a damage range, hipfire accuracy, and bullet velocity, I increased the damage range by 0.21 inches and the recall steadiness by 0.35 pounds. The FSS combat grip for recoil control increased Amino stability to 0.35 inches, and the recoiler settings were for 0.55 ounces for a 60-round magazine.

If you want more mobility, aim-down sight speed, movement sprint to fire speed, and all that, just put on the 40 rounds. Barely, but I have to try This is one of the only weapons they actually didn't nerf, so that's why it's as Opie as it is, so please give this a try. Like I said, it requires very little effort and is very easy to use in short, medium, and long ranges.

So, either turn off high velocity or turn off high velocity. It's up to you whether you like it or not. Like I said, some people like a site; it doesn't really matter in my opinion whether it has one or not. If you're somebody who needs a site, then this may work well for you. If you don't need a site, then Ironside will work perfectly for you.


Next. No, it doesn't; it doesn't have an alternative. So Arbinger D uses Harbinger D20 for sound suppression below velocity damage range and recoil smoothness, increasing the bullet velocity by 0.48 inches and the recoil movements by 0.50 ounces, or putting them on the high-tower 20-inch barrel. Bill of velocity, damage range, recoil control, and hip fire accuracy increase the damage range by 1.25 inches and the recoil stiffness by 1.24 pounds, putting on choreo Lads 44 V3.

I did not tune it because I don't think it's necessary; it just helps with the aim downside speed and Amy stability demo. Precision Elite Factory increases the aiming stability of recoil control, so I increase the aiming out stability by 1.08 inches and the aim down side speed by negative 1.42 ounces, put them on a 60-round mag, and this is the outcome; now check this out literally; it melts so fast you don't need high velocity or anything; it just melts so quickly that I don't see why you would need high velocity, and in my opinion.


I feel like eventually this is going to be meta again like it was in War Zone One, so give this book a chance and keep it. It's in your inventory just in case you know they do something detrimental to all the other builds because this is going to be a fantastic build, and like I said before, if you can't handle the iron sight, then just put on the amount.

Warzone 2 TOP 5 BEST ASSSAULT RIFLE LOADOUTS! Warzone 2 Best Loadouts.
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