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I'm still getting over being sick here, so apologies if my voice sounds a little off today, but we're getting there, I promise, slowly. But surely now, focusing on War Zone 2, I won't lie: I'm a bit surprised that up until this point we really haven't seen any significant weapon tuning or weapon changes in the game.

I mean, the overall War Zone meta is, for the most part, the same right now as it was back on day one, on November 16th, when the game first launched. We really have not seen that many changes, but we know for a fact that is going to change here soon. It could be that I want to focus on buffs in this article because they are a lot more unpredictable. Because that really just depends on what weapons the devs feel they want to, you know, push a little bit more, so that's more on them, but the nerfs are pretty obvious, and, especially with a few weapons here in Warzone, you could almost guarantee that we are going to see certain weapons see some pretty significant nerfs based on a handful of things you might consider, including: be wondering.

How to predict weapon tuning & what to look for

How to predict weapon tuning & what to look for

Zach How are you talking about weapon tuning? That's not here yet. Well, the developers, like I said, are somewhat predictable in what they change based on certain criteria, so one of the main things you want to factor in when it comes to weapon changes is the overall popularity of a weapon. Is it being used by a ton of different players, and are the players that are using it doing well with it because typically?

The more a weapon gets used, the more average its KD becomes because some of those more casual players catch on to that weapon being really good, and that then drops the overall KD, whereas if a weapon is really powerful but really hard to use, it'll probably be really good in the hands of those top-tier players, but a casual player may not find a ton of success with it, so if a weapon is popular and that weapon is dominating chances, it's probably going to see that Nerf, and that's just one of the many factors that go into weapon changes.

Of course, the developers have way, way more data than us, so we don't have nearly as much to work off of as them, which is for good reason, but the closest thing that we do have to that is {127}. I'm not sure if this is just their site API or if they did finally get access to the Call of Duty API, but currently they have their sort of popularity list, if you will, based on their best guns in War Zone 2.

off of where they'd rank them but also their general popularity, and this is a small glimpse of some of the weapons that I wanted to touch on for sure. You can see weapons like the RPK and the fennec are dominating in terms of popularity, and the cast is up there as well. We've got to select a few guns here in war zone two that I do want to focus on because they are just as good as it gets, so.

Warzone 2 rpk nerf is almost guaranteed

Warzone 2 rpk nerf is almost guaranteed

Obviously, I mean weapon number one, the RPK. Far and away the number one weapon I'd be choosing to get nervous about here just because it is the most used based, off of what I see in gameplay and what you guys see over on Twitter in loadout articles, whatever the case may be, the RPG is far and away the number one most used gun because it is easy to use and it's got good stats.

It's just dominating Warzone right now, like, 100 percent. It's standing in the way of a much healthier meta, so I'm fully expecting the RPG to do decently, a "significant nerf," whether that is to its damage range. Whether that's to its control, we're going to have to wait and see on the specifics there, but the rpk I fully expect to get knocked down a little bit because right now it is just way , way too good, and going hand in hand with that, what are you always running as a secondary on an rpk?.

Warzone 2 fennec nerf should happen as well

Loadout, of course, is the Fennec, and for the most part, the entire SMG category is super, super competitive. If you were to compare the stats of the SMGs, their ttks, and their overall stats, a lot of them are neck-and-neck; they are right there with each other. So, at close range, it dominates.

It does have that terrible damage per magazine, which is really the only thing keeping the Fennec from being just wildly unstoppable, but even so, it has the best TTK, basically at any range, for an SMG. It is just so ridiculously good up close, and that's another one that I definitely expect to get knocked down a tier just because it does not allow for the healthiest possible.

Akimbo pistols in warzone 2 are still overpowered

Akimbo pistols in warzone 2 are still overpowered

Let's try and go for 2 000 likes on this one now. The next obvious change I think is coming with the next meta update. Here is another change to the akimbo pistols: Another nerf, primarily to the akimbo pistols and the x13 (the x13 has not been nerfed yet), and then probably another nerf to the akimbo p890s.

because these two in particular are just so good up close now. Yes, they are a Kimbo, so you're super limited in range. You're obviously only able to hip fire with them, but if you're in a building engagement if you are super close range against these things they, are not super friendly when it comes to a competitive gunfight just because they dominate that zero to you know 10 meter range where you are super up close even, after the Nerf to the PA 90s, doge is still a problem in the X13, and Kimbo is also very strong, so both of those could be significant changes.

Raal mg could be nerfed because of the damage

For the remainder of these weapon changes, are they as obvious as the previous ones? I think those are definitely the ones that are going to see the biggest changes, but there are a few other guns that I feel are pretty strong right now in the right hands and that are probably trending upward in the grand scheme of things.

If they don't also see changes, then we see changes to things like the RPK and whatnot. That thing's damage is absolutely absurd.

Kastov 762 is a bit too dominant for rifles in warzone 2

Kastov 762 is a bit too dominant for rifles in warzone 2

Just like with the fennec, the rifle category is very competitive in general, especially in the mid-to-long range, but then there's the 762, which again is just so much better in terms of TTK than all the other rifles, so just limiting that a little bit and bringing that back more than others in the form of the RPK and the fennec.

I would say that, but then create a very competitive scenario where you could pick and choose between almost any rifle and be able to find success with it depending on your skill level. So just a handful of weapons there that I feel like we could end up seeing some slight changes, some more than others, in the form of the RPK and the Fennec.

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