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New warzone 2 season 2 weapons ␓ are they meta

New warzone 2 season 2 weapons ␓ are they meta

So first up, of course, we have to start off with our two new weapons. I've gone through and used each of these for a decent amount of gameplay to see how exactly they stack up. Initially, here on the KV broadside, I'm not gonna lie; I don't feel like it's that much better than the other shotguns.

All the shotguns in war zones now feel very underwhelming because they just aren't super powerful; they're good within, like, seven meters, but that's where shotguns are supposed to be good, so it's not really anything crazy, and then outside of that, absolutely none of them can one-shot a player with full armor, which now with the three-piece vest being the default thing, they're just not super great.

That said, I think the KV bronze side is the most consistent out of all; they're not just good because you can spam, but it's not crazy. I think it's an average gun, and an average shotgun at best is a better choice out of all of them, but there's nothing that's going to, you know, break the mold.

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The Meta by any means great close range good for pushing buildings that's, About it the. Hemlock, on the other hand, is, I think, more competitive than anything else, and this could change over time. I don't think it's necessarily the best competitive rifle here by any means, but its rate of fire and its range make it far from the friendliest.

If you will, when we have other rifles like the M13, the M4, and the Chimera, obviously the TAC 56 The cast of these are all weapons that are very reliable and have multiple ranges, which relate to me. The Hemlock is a mid-range gun at best, and with the setups that we've talked about already, I've already gone through and broken down loadouts for both of the new weapons. It's just not something that I feel like is crazy good, but it certainly is capable of competing in multiple different types of gunfights, primarily close to mid-range, which is where it's going to thrive, We get into all of our weapon changes here, so I'm going to be referencing our list of notes from the patch notes.

New warzone 2 weapon updates completely change the meta

New warzone 2 weapon updates completely change the meta

Obviously, M13 got a buff for damage, and this is an important one because of it. Actually is now better than ever, and it was already the second-best rifle over range in terms of ttk before the update, just behind the 762, and I'm going to say straight up that I think the m13b is now in the meta conversation, especially for the rifle category in specific, but just overall.

I've been using this post-update rifle, and it feels so much stronger and more consistent, and it's already got super low recoil, so the M13 is one of the top options in the game right now, with the new caliber of 762. I bought a Nerf gun for its range and then also for its damage. I was kind of surprised if they went after the 762 so much, considering the RPK.

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You know, before this update obviously the fennec, the rpk, and the Ralph attack V were absolute meta, and they were absolute meta by a large gap right now instead of being a huge gap, it's a much smaller gap where top tier and competitive have a much better chance at potentially competing with absolute meta, so I'm going to keep the 762 there for now, but it's not something that is going to be ridiculously expensive.

Crazy, there were a couple of interesting updates to some of the rifles: the Lockman 556 and the M4 both got rate of fire increases for their semi-autos. These are versions that don't really change how these guns are; they're still going to be competitive and top-tier, respectively. Now a lot of the Marksman rifles have some very interesting changes, ones that I wasn't really expecting, like the 762.

It got buffs and nerfs for some of its damage ranges, and then also it's straight-up damage, so some things were adjusted in a better way and some things got hurt, and so I think that balances it out; they're just making the gun feel a bit different. I don't think the Lockman 762 is going to be something that many players are still going to turn towards just because it is semi-auto.

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It's got that larger skill. Gap's full-auto version of it is not crazy, so we're just going to keep that in average. The F-TAC Recon also got buffs and nerfs for its damages and ranges; it also got an ads buff, so it's going to be a bit more aggressive now for multiplayer, which I think makes it a bit better, but for the war zone here, which obviously is where this list is based, staying in average as well, and same deal with the SO14, this got a range buff and a headshot buff.

Nerf still has the worst tick out of the battle rifles, so nothing crazy is going on there. The interesting one here is the TAC V; they nerf the damage hard here, and when I was testing this out, it felt noticeable. I was so used to the attack feed just frying. Especially in the mid-range when I picked this up, I was not enjoying it all that much, so attack V here, I'm going to say it's going to drop down into the top tier.

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I think though it might be trending towards competitive as we start to see how the rest of the season shapes out and see how other things are adjusted. Another interesting nerf is the X-13, Auto here's, where I'm kind of torn because they actually nerfed the Akimbo version of this so it's not going to be nearly as dominant as it was before.

What I think is extra peculiar is that they didn't nerf the akimbo. Basilisk or the Magnums didn't nerf the Kimbo at p. 890 they didn't nerf the base X12, which is ridiculous, so it's the only pistol that saw a significant increase. But they also ended up buffing the single version of it, so if you're just using one x13 auto, it's going to be better than before; if you're using a Kimbo, it's worse than before, so I feel like most people are probably not going to be using a single x13.

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I feel like that's enough to drop it down into average with these other pistols that said I have to move the X12 up into competitive because it's so good as a single pistol. I outgun players all the time with my ground loot, which is just ridiculous. I also think the Basilisk, with the akimbo, is just because it can be like two-shot basically, which is something that's competitive currently, even though it wasn't directly touched by this update by the ways we are going through all these buff changes.

And Now here's one of the larger nerfs that we got. The RPK got a range and damage nerf; it also got an ad for strafe and speed, but the nerf was not significant enough to completely take it out of the meta conversation; it is now no longer the clear number one choice by far and away for the best gun in the game, but it's still a top-tier meta option.

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