News - Warzone 2: Full 1. 16 Update Patch Notes. Major Weapon Changes, Gameplay Updates, More (mw2 Update)

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The season 2 reloaded update is out for MW2, Zone 2, and DMZ, and that of course means we have a ton of new patch notes to go over for the update itself, so it's now live on all platforms.

Global updates for modern warfare 2 and warzone 2.0

Global updates for modern warfare 2 and warzone 2.0

It's here, and we've got a brand new event obviously coming with it that's going to introduce some new camo.

We got the Bowing Blossoms and the Winds of Ash camo, basically like the cherry blossom camo, from some previous Call of Duties; we'll be able to earn those now across all modes. It's just like the Path of Ronnie event challenges. We also have these St. Patrick's Day updates coming to Almazra. You never know what you might find at the end of the rainbow, but you've got one shot to find out if luck is on your side, so there will be a rainbow for that.

Has some loot at the end of it, and all the water and all the rivers have turned green for St. Patrick's Day as well, the new Raid episode is out as of today, and Atomic Grad episode 2 is out now, so we can go through that. It's like progressing the overall storyline for MW2, basically. Like you know, extending the campaign if you will, we also have new raid bundles that are going to include Task Force 141 members like Ghost Pharaoh and so on and so forth.

You don't need the rate assignment either; you can just jump in and play this with your party as well. A new weapon, of course, is the Tempest Marksman Rifle. We're going to be covering this probably later on today, so stay tuned. We'll be breaking down the best class setup for multiplayer and Warzone here in just a couple of hours and getting right into the weapon balances for Infinity Ward and Raven.

New weapon update for warzone 2 & mw2 ␓ buffs & nerfs

New weapon update for warzone 2 & mw2 ␓ buffs & nerfs

A handful of the other devs that I was able to sit in on a call with earlier this week said that there were a ton of weapon changes happening with this patch, so the stb556 was added.

Minimum damage against armor limits bullets to kill at the furthest range, so there'll be a different damage property there essentially the route actually caught some pretty strong nerfs, here they reduced the far range damage unfortunately, again there's no specifics on stuff here which I won't lie is a bummer but regardless reduce the far range damage with a small ink increase to the close range damage which is kind of interesting reduce the headshot damage reduce the upper torso damage and increase the recoil, so The Rao being the king of TTK might not be the case after this update, and we'll have to go through and review all the stats once we have the actual fine details.

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On the RPK, they reduce the walking speed and the muzzle velocity, so that'll be less effective over range now, and on the second, they reduce the damage range, so that won't be quite as effective either. On the marks and rifles for the crossbow, they increase the time period to trigger double kills for challenges for SMGs.

On the mx9, they increased the mid damage range, so that actually could be a pretty interesting buff there in terms of it being viable like sniper support, which is already super easy to use, and on the bass P, they increased all the damage ranges and the sprint of fire time, so maybe the bass finally gets some attention there; it's been kind of lackluster.

The SMG on the P90 is a slightly offset weapon that uses iron sights to improve visibility, so it's just better. Clearer sights there now on the valve 46 the MP7 increased. The close damage ranges that are going to make this a top-tier sub for sure are fixed. With the attributes on the 30 round mag to improve handling and mobility, the vel46 is going to feel very, very good after this update.

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Lochman sub MP5 reduced the movement speed ads. Speed was improved, as was recoil control, and on the Nebula Barrel, they improved the damage range and recoil control system. Buffs and some Nerfs there for, shotguns, on the KV broadside they reduce the lower torso damage the 12 gauge ammo they reduced the ranges and also reduce the close range damage then for dragon's breath reduced, damage ranges reduced close range damage Global reduction to 12 gauge damage from dragon's breath rounds rather than the maximum.

Residual damage, so big nerfs to the actual KV broadsides damage itself but then also for some ammo types there, then on the Bryson 800 and 890 they increase the headshot damage on all slugs and add minimum damage against armor just for war zone balancing for general attachments, here there's a lot of changes so global flail reduce the re-center speed for flail minor increase to flail on rifles.

modern warfare 1.16 patch notes

SMGs, LMGs, and shotguns—that'll be a bit more noticeable now moving on into season two—reloaded for ammunition in general hollow-point rounds. They removed the bullet velocity penalty, which is kind of interesting and frangible; changed the healing delay timer to set from the last bullet's impact; and removed the damage range penalty for overpressure.

Removed the recoil penalty and increased Flinch imparted on players. 12 gauge dragon's breath reduced residual damage while burning, and on 12 gauge and AG slugs, minimum damage against armor was added, so some of these ammo types might now be a bit more useful in comparison to things like High Velocity, which really is just the king of ammo types as of right now on, under Barrel Launchers.

They removed the movement penalty that they offer an added recoil control bonus to under barrel grenades and shotgun launchers, added one extra ammunition stock to them, and for stocks in general, they reduced the Flinch received on no stock modifications. For bipod grips, they reduced the ad penalty so they won't be as slow, and they're going to offer a ton of recoil control.

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Then, on the court core BB2 bipod grip in specific, they fixed a bug in stat reporting, added hip control, reduced the hip walking speed in the ads penalty, and added the grip to compatible LMGs and Marksman rifles. Barrel grips: they reduced the ads penalty on all of them, so that's solid; they reduced the movement speed penalty for all vertical grips, so under barrels are now going to be more aggressive; muzzles and attachment breachers greatly reduce the ads penalty; add a hip movement speed buff that's not too huge; and flash hiders reduce the ads penalty, neither of which are super common.

Muzzles in general are mostly compensators and suppressors as we know them from optics; they reduce the ads penalty on holographics, remove movement penalties on hollows, and reduce the ads and movement penalties on all thermal hybrid and variable weapons. Zoom Optics reduced the ad penalty on shotguns.

Full 1. 16 Update Patch Notes for WARZONE 2, Modern Warfare 2, and DMZ.
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