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1.14 update modern warfare 2

We've got quite a bit of very interesting information and a bunch of news to go over today in regards to Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone 2. It appears we're actually going to have another decently sized update go live before the season 2 update here on February 15th, so sometime in the next one to two weeks.

We also just got some very interesting intelligence on the potential direction that Call of Duty wants to go in the future in terms of war zone maps, and based on the information they displayed, it seems like we could potentially have a very interesting cycle or even a further rotation. Down the road for war zone two maps, we also got some additional information clarifying.

Warzone 2 & modern warfare 2 1.14 update detailed

Warzone 2 & modern warfare 2 1.14 update detailed

Even more of the player progression wipe and the reset update are coming with season two as well, but let's start first with this new major update that's going to be coming to MW2. Warzones 2 and DMZ, presumably. PlayStation's game size ended up tweeting out the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 update.

114 has been added to the database, and if you were to ask me straight up, I would say this is likely going to be for these season 2 updates. You know, we just had the 1.13 update a few days ago, and that had a ton of gameplay updates and bug fixes and stuff like that, but it was a relatively small update in size; it was like two gigs.

1.14 update mw2

With season two now only two weeks away, we don't usually see that many title updates go live back-to-back; usually it's like one or two a month at most, and they're only a couple of weeks. It just so happens that the 1.14 update does not appear to be the season 2 patch because someone actually responded to the PlayStation game size by saying, "Is this season two, or are these just small fixes?" To which PlayStation game size responded, "small fixes," I think, would indicate that this is going to be an update that we see as likely.

in about the next week. I would say that if they wait until the week of the eighth, when we have the whole reveal for season two happening. I mean, the Trello boards are littered with all sorts of updates that have yet to be added that they are investigating. In the different changes and fixes that they're working on, there's a bunch that are already confirmed to be coming in a future update, so it's quite possible that we just see another very lengthy list of gameplay changes and fixing different exploits, bugs, and all sorts of stuff like that.

We know for a fact that the season two updates are going to include weapon tuning and all the new content updates and all those major gameplay changes for War Zone 2. DMZ, and MW2 that we've already talked about a handful of times here, so it's safe to assume 1.14. We won't be dealing with any of that stuff, but it very well could be sort of prepping for season two, if you will, and adding in a few new assets here and there so that they don't have to, you know, sort of reserve those for the season to update itself.

If that's the case, we'll probably get some leaks from the data mining community in regards to any potential content that's added in with that update itself, but we now have that to look out for here in the next few days or so once it goes live. Of course, once it goes live. Around 57 percent of viewers watching are not already subscribers, so if that's you, we would love to have you join the family also.

New warzone 2 map survey reveals remaster info

New warzone 2 map survey reveals remaster info

Let's talk warzones and maps because Charlie Intel posted a very interesting tweet about a recent survey that Call of Duty sent out. What do you think about the matchmaking system? What do you think about having XP events and random stuff like that? This survey asks a very big question. Charlie at Intel posted this tweet.

Activision is sending out a new survey asking people what they think the next war zone map should be, and it includes remasters of all the war zone maps as options. This does not confirm any potential returns, at least at this point, and the actual survey itself asks, "Which of the following would you prefer for the next war zone big map?" Please rank your top three.

The first option is an all-new map, which, if you might remember, is actually a lost map that has already been teased via the campaign, and it's very likely that could be the next official map maybe later on this year. The second option is the return of Verdansk, which we obviously had during the Cold War era.

The third option is the return of Caldera, which was a part of Vanguard. The return of the original Vermont map pre-nuke, which was the MW 2019 era, or, surprisingly enough, the return of the blackout map, which of course was for Black Ops 4, and blackout now again, it's really important to note that Charlie Intel is confirming that this is not confirming any potential returns, this is just them gauging interest on certain things within the community.

If there's a decent amount of interest in blackout, if there's a decent amount of interest in a new map, then maybe they go ahead and try and push out an actual map rotation, which is something that war zones really needed for quite some time to kind of please all player bases, although of course some players don't love Caldera.

More info on the dmz season 2 player wipe

More info on the dmz season 2 player wipe

And, then, to close things out here, of course, you know it was just yesterday that we talked about the major reset update happening in season two, where basically within the DMZ, they are going to be wiping all player progress, and there were a lot of questions about this because the blog just said there would be a seasonal reset for faction missions, your contraband, and your keys.

Charlie Intel does have an official confirmation on all the major resets now, where they confirm earlier reports with the season 2 launch on February 15th. Weapon slots in the DMZ are going to be reset, along with faction tiers, mission progress, and stored contraband and keys, so basically all of your progress in the DMZ is going to be wiped with season two.

cod modern warfare 2

Now any rewards that you've earned up until now are all going to stay on your account. The calling card stuff like that your challenge progress is for, like the ultimate calling cards, should all stay, as well as, of course, weapon levels, and all that stuff is staying, but actual, dmz-based content there are the challenges and the missions; that stuff is going to be reset for all the factions, your insured weapons, and your contraband and inventory as well.

So anyways, with all that out of the way, that is effectively going to wrap things up for this one.

WARZONE 2 and MW2 1. 14 Update Revealed, Verdansk Remaster leaks, More.
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