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Mw3 season 1 reloaded the boys event!

Mw3 season 1 reloaded the boys event!

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, I'm going to be talking about the boys event that's going to take place during season 1 reloaded. We might get even more information as we get closer to having season 1 reloaded with the marketing that they're going to drop, but in the meantime, we have the holiday event next Wednesday, and we're going to get the Vortex LTM.

I did cover that in talking about it already. If you want to know about that, it's a brand new mode that brings a ray gun. I got three brand new map variations, and with 15 different rewards, an animated Camo, and so much more, if you want the details on that event.


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The boys event overview

With the brand new boys event that we are going to be receiving, there's a lot of information that you're going to need to know.

First off, there is going to be a brand new mode. There will be a souped-up mode. The last time we saw the boys collaboration was in Modern Warfare 2, and it was strictly in regards to the war zone. It came in the form of a field upgrade. You would find this 10V on the floor, you would be able to use it, and it would give you one of the four random superpowers, which will be either super jump or you have electric discharge, laser vision, or instant teleport.

We also saw the three operators, Homelander, Black Noir, and Starlight, added to the store. They did some sort of minor map update where they added the boys posters all around, and in terms of the event, there really weren't specific challenges you had to complete; it was more like camos that you would grind for.

In terms of the rewards, there were only two different camos that you were able to get this time around.

New mw3 suped up mode ltm (the boys mode)

New mw3 suped up mode ltm (the boys mode)

I got some good news because they're actually doing challenges for them, and they're going to be split into two different parts, which I'll talk about in just a second. The event is also going to be available in multiplayer this time around, so as you can see here from the artwork, it says multiplayer MW3, souped up LTM.

And on top of that, you actually see Homelander using his laser vision on Scrapyard, which is a multiplayer map, so it tells you that the mode is going to be available there, and then it should also be available in War Zone if they decide to remake it the same way that they did last time, and based on the challenges that we have, it does mention that you'll need to use these different superpowers in multiplayer modes.

a train operator

One of the biggest questions is: What superpowers are they going to be bringing into multiplayer? We know that two of them probably wouldn't make sense; that's the super jump, because maybe players will like super jumping into all these different glitch spots. The second one is the instant teleport, which would help with rotation in war zones, but in multiplayer, it really wouldn't help that much.

They don't mention any of these two powers, but they do mention heat vision and electrical discharge, so the question is, are there only going to be two different superpowers, or are they going to surprise us and bring in two new original ones that we didn't see the last time around? Maybe use firecrackers, abilities, or train abilities, because these are the two additional operators that are going to be coming in.

You can also expect to see this added to the war zone as well. Probably the 10V is going to be copied and pasted into your next stand. It will feel like a different experience because the Yik stand is a completely brand new map and different from outm, and you got the movement changes and mechanics, so maybe the LTM will not feel the same way that it did the last time around it was introduced, but Anyway, let's talk about the actual challenges you'll need to complete.

The boys vs the seven event challenges & rewards

The boys vs the seven event challenges & rewards

The good news is that leakers have confirmed that these challenges are available in War Zone multiplayer. As well as zombies, so no matter what mode you choose, you will still be able to do the challenges and you will still be able to get the rewards. In terms of the event, there's going to actually be two separate events; one of them is going to be called the boys, and the other is going to be called the seven.

cod mw3 the boys event

It's basically the boys versus the seven events; each team will have seven different challenges. so there will be a total of 14 different challenges you'll be able to complete it will follow the same exact layout as the holiday event where the rewards are going to be the same but you can actually switch to tabs and change the challenge, depending on what mode you want to play so war zone will have its own multiplayer will have its own and zombies will have its own and no matter what mode you complete it for you'll end up getting that same reward once you get all the six rewards that are available in that particular challenge tab you'll end up getting the seventh which will be a master reward anyways Let's cover the actual challenge, so the boys event one is going to get three operator kills without reloading.

Seven times, the second challenge is to kill five operators affected by electrical discharge; in the boys event, the third one is to get 10 operator tack stance kills while using the KV inhibitor. I don't think you can go in stance with a sniper rifle, so this may end up being updated or the weapon is wrong, but in the next one, it says to collect 25 10V syringes.

In the boys mode, get 25 operator melee kills with the black light flashlight equipped, and then the sixth challenge is to win seven games of the boys event, and by completing all of these, you will unlock the boys. Mastery: The seven event challenges are going to be the following: It says get one operator heat vision kill in the boys mode.

cod the boys vs the seven

Deactivate 20 pieces of equipment using dos. Get 45 operator kills while using the MTZ, 762. Get two operator kills in a single life with the overkill vest equi five times. Get 15 operator Aikimbo kills. The sixth challenge is going to be to get seven operator kills while using lethal equipment.

They didn't mention it here, but there will be a master reward for completing all these challenges in terms of the reward. It is very early because the rewards usually aren't added until the reloaded update goes live, but this was a weapon blueprint that was covered by one of the leakers, and this is what it looks like; it seems like it's for the attack eradicator, and it does say the boy is on it, and because the attack eradicator is an MW3 weapon, we definitely didn't see this reward in MW2.

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