News - The First Season 1 Reloaded Drop Is Live. New Warzone 2 Content - Update 1. 38 Prep


This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about the prep update that's now live for season 1, reloading all new MW3 content, and some other changes. Prefer articles over articles, and plenty of tweets every single hour on Detonated Twitter as a reminder that later today, in the next 2–3 hours, we have a brand new episode of the Bomb Show podcast being streamed live here on the channel.

If you guys missed any previous episodes, you can check them out with the public bomb show playlist here on the main homepage, but it'll be the first episode of 2024. With quite a bit to discuss, we didn't do an episode last week due to a lack of material, and plenty of folks were out of town for the holidays, but we are getting right back into the swing of things as we lead up into season 1 reloaded.

New modes update in mw3!

New modes update in mw3!

Now in the background, I have some nasty All or Nothing gameplay since the mode just got brought back as of yesterday.

It's a ton of fun here in MW3. Now the good news is.

Two aftermarket parts got fixed

The two aftermarket parts that were bugged for MW3 have now been fixed. As of yesterday, they fixed both the Jack Beholder rifle kit and even the double-shot part for the AM9. Now it's crazy because the tier after The market part was a part of week three challenges right as Debs went on vacation, and I know it took a couple of weeks for them to fix that, but that still wasn't the end of the world compared to, let's say, how Vanguard and Caldera were when Debs went on vacation during the fall of 2021.

So it's still not that big of a deal, but I'm happy that has since been fixed, and then we have the double-shot part for the AR9, which isn't that viable against other weapons but still fun to try out and use. I'm happy with the addition of this new system in MW3, and hopefully future CS will also find creative ways to kind of add on to weapons that you might have already maxed out, such as incorporating aftermarket parts or other attachments during the post-launch window.

A couple of days ago, a download was discovered in the database for MW3.

Download for s1 reloaded soon.

Download for s1 reloaded soon.

And what I mentioned about that download a few days ago is that was probably just for the first title update in 2024. And that ended up being the case because the download for season 1 reloaded was not popping up in the database in the next couple of days, probably around Monday, and the preload for that should be dropping on Battl Net and Playstation around Tuesday before the launch of all that new content on Wednesday.

January 17th. So keep an eye out for that patch, which will obviously contain the mid-season One update and probably a ton of spicy information about season 2 and beyond. I'll keep you guys posted on everything that gets discovered from that download. As of a few days ago, on Wednesday, a new set of weekly challenges did go ahead and be released, but something interesting was discovered.

New weapon challenge releasing

modern warfare 3

So it does mention we have to complete two more weeks of challenges to get the coherence. Universal Camo, so we have to complete week eight challenges, but for some reason right now it only shows us up to week six. It's likely that when season one reloaded does release, it'll show us that a week seven and eight are happening but then there's a timer the top that doesn't say there's new challenges coming next week; instead, it mentions that the season ends in around 23–24 days, so it's been speculated that maybe we have to wait until season 2 adds in more weekly challenges for us to then get the coherence camo, but looking at the season one reloaded blog post, it mentions the tech evolver lmg will be added via a weekly challenge.

So I'm guessing with Lunar reloaded we'll get a new set of weekly challenges, and it either doesn't progress you towards coherence doesn't count as week seven, or it does count as week seven you unlock the new weapon as a reward for completing five challenges, and then you know we have to wait for week eight, which is going to be the following week, and then we'll be able to get coherence before the end of season 1.

That could be how that works. We'll learn more about that in the next.

New mw3 multiplayer content

New mw3 multiplayer content

A few days ago, I took a further look at the blog post for the mid-season 1 updates with multiplayer. We of course know about the 6v6 map Rio, which looks gorgeous, and there weren't really many surprises for MW3. In that blog post, everything we knew was coming from the original season 1 blog post, and the initial road map is essentially just all the material we're going to be getting on January 17th, but we still got more context on what is coming to the multiplayer front, so we of course have the team gunfight experience, which is going to offer 6v6 gameplay on all the core maps that we have in the game with randomized loadouts, each and every round similar to regular gunfights, and of course we have classic modes like headquarters and infected, also joining the rotation.

I think what'll happen is that these new game modes for MP will have a dedicated playlist for about a week or two that'll just get added into the quick play filter, similar to all the modes and extra experiences we had in MW2 multiplayer. Which, to my understanding, was a bit confusing to some because of the UI.

I wasn't even aware that all the party game modes remained permanent in MW 2MP if you went into Quick Play.

The boys ltm in multiplayer

The boys ltm in multiplayer

I didn't really clarify what the abilities are, but I'm assuming they're the same ones from the temp V Wars mode a little while back. The ATR operator looks absolutely insane. From this blog post image, you can actually see the speed of Aura around his body as you move, so that's going to be a really cool feature that's exclusive to the ATR operator bundle.

I'll make a separate article talking more about the boys event challenges and rewards since we also got new information, which kind of conflicts with some other rumored info that will probably spark your interest, but with that being said, here are the patch notes for multiplayer zombies and even War Zone.

Pre s1 reloaded mp patch notes

mw3 all or nothing

As of Thursday. January 11th, for MP, we got a bunch of bug fixes added in for attachment descriptions, issues with people getting kicked back to the menus after clicking certain things, and incorrect weapon models appearing while selecting a blueprint in the gunsmith. For gameplay, they went ahead and ensured that weapon check animations no longer play upon respawn in small map playlists, especially when it comes to gun games, and then for progression, they've corrected the unlock requirements displayed for the throwing star.

The FIRST Season 1 Reloaded Drop is LIVE NEW MW3 Content - Update 1. 38 Prep.
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