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MW3 season 1 came with some unique weapons, one of which was the Storm Ender. This weapon was classified as a launcher and had an interesting description; it says it's an EMP weapon that can destroy electronics. I wondered if it was called the Storm Ender. Because it was really good against the storm collar, I needed to know what it could do when it was Pack-a-Punch level three, and it had some pretty cool abilities.

When I landed with the base weapon, it seemed pretty weak. You have to charge the attack, and it takes a couple seconds. It honestly did just a little damage, but there are a few features that are kind of hard to see. This weapon has a near-infinite range and hits all enemies as long as they are in the general vicinity.

Around the reticle, it has a huge hitbox, including going through enemies, and the damage doesn't decrease with range or the number of enemies it passes through. This started to get me a little bit excited and depressed. It was then time to give it an epic Aether tool, and this made the damage actually pretty good.


In the gray zone, you could basically kill zombies easily. Then I packed it, and it became a weapon; the damage was heavily reduced, the damage was quite powerful, and it basically became an invisible beam weapon. And did I mention it has unlimited ammo, which just deletes gray zone zombies? I wanted to play around with it with an Outlast Mission and found it absolutely obliterating zombies, which was quite fun to use.

Getting thousands of kills for a Borealis skin on this gun wouldn't be too boring. Watching the zombies explode can be really satisfying, especially at long range, or if you have a whole horde and they just melt away. This is why we started playing zombies in the first place. Once I went into the higher-tier zones.

I started to realize another feature of the Storm Ender: it applies a slow to the enemies, not just the basic ones, but the hellhounds started clawing in slow motion. The manglers charge their attacks slower, and they run at you in slow motion. Look at this mangler. Even the mega-bombs start moving in slow motion.


It just doesn't even move, and it works for all enemies, including the red worm. It would attack slower and less often; look at how slow it is now. However, the damage does fall off substantially in the orange and red zones, but as a utility weapon, it can do work; it just takes more shots. It'll still kill the basic zombies and dogs.

Now, when Pack-a-Punch 3, I really didn't see it boost it a lot or give it a lot of more attack speed or an improvement on the slow. It really just doesn't add value beyond that pack, so I would save the money for other weapons, Juggernaut, or whatever else you need to survive. Now, when fighting the red worm, it does do that damage and slow I thought maybe the shots would go through the worm, causing damage multiple times throughout its body, but I don't think that they do, or even if they do, it's not very significant.

But what I actually think is useful in that scenario is shooting at and slowing down all the other bosses and zombies that would spawn, allowing my team to focus more on the worm. I did another test run, also going against vehicles and specifically the attack helicopter over the Legacy Fortress, and we all know how annoying that helicopter is now.

I found that the stor Ender did decent work, and it seemed to mess up the targeting of the attack helicopter. I wasn't even drilled like normal, and it took it down fairly fast. It also did quite well against the reinforcement helicopters, but sometimes it just took a little bit too long. I know plenty about assault rifles.

They would kill it a lot faster with pack three and/or their launchers. After the Storer actually decided to pack the RPG and this bad boy destroys a lot, and I'll probably do a article on this later, make sure you're subscribed so you can see that one also. Both launchers actually did okay in the dark ether zone, but the stor Ender was once again more useful than anything else; he would slow down the enemy hordes so that my team could clear them and give us time to recover and clear them out.

This slow effect actually stacks, so you can really bring these guys down to a standstill and buy your team time, especially with a large area effect that worked pretty well. Now It's called the Storm Ender. How does it fair against the Storm Collar? I had to find out that in general, it had already performed really poorly against disciples, so I really didn't have high hopes for the Storm CER, and when I showed up, I started firing.

I'm pretty sure it just bugged out. Maybe the storm ender freezes the storm collar when it's hit. I don't know. I'm not sure if this loadout is better than a lot of the other ones out there. I honestly usually go for pure damage over utility, and so I don't think it'd be good unless you have rare cases, maybe in future events or seasons where you're in an area where there's very low ammo or an enemy that needs to be empd or is full of electronics.

That is the best way to take him down, so I would say it's pretty B-tier. It is fun to use, and if you're a completionist, I'm sure you're going to have a blast leveling it up, but I will only be using it in specific scenarios.

Witness the Stormender go head-to-head with the StormCaller in COD Zombies. This weapon has a set of unique attribute, and there are definitely times and places it comes into its own.
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