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Well, luckily, that's the case with substantial offerings already known on the horizon from both the near and distant viewpoints. So today we're taking a look at some of what to expect in regards to all three of those playable experiences. I'd love to have the community for now, but let's jump into the big gameplay changes. Coming into the new year, starting out on the multiplayer side of things here from Modern Warfare 3, there's a handful of things that, both on a larger and smaller scale, are already known and again we see upcoming in both season one reloaded season 2 and Beyond.

Modern warfare 3 multiplayer gameplay changes & additions

Modern warfare 3 multiplayer gameplay changes & additions

First, in the near future, Modern Warfare 3 ranked play will be making a return here with season 1 reloaded, where that does look to work the exact same way as we saw it within Modern Warfare 2.

Maybe there is some sort of tweaking and tuning, but for the time being, you can basically expect it to be the same system in place. You have the divisions of bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond Crimson Iridescent, and top 250. With the way you gain and lose, it simply comes down to wins and losses.

If you win matches, you gain Sr; if you lose matches, you lose Sr with individual performance. impact on the quantity of how much you gain or lose, but the basic fact that winning will gain you and losing will lose you will remain. Starting off, all players will be in bronze in the year in other seasons, and refreshes will happen with one skill division lower than the season end prior, minus Crimson and higher, and everybody will then reset down to Diamond.

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ranked play should also offer up, as we saw previously with Modern Warfare 2 different rewards like the smaller items of charms, emblems, and uniforms, and then in Modern Warfare 2 there was a veteran camo for 100 wins plus a blueprint at points, and also season 5 offered genuine camos for placement too, which was cool.

I'd love to see all those still happening. But Moder Warfare 3 ranked play will be introduced here, and honestly, I'm looking forward to that. I know that the whole meme is, yeah, you have skill-based matchmaking in multiplayer. So why do you need a ranked play mode? But I personally like having some sort of actual rank associated with that, so if I'm going to be sweating, I'd at least like something to show off with that, if that makes sense.

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I don't know if that does, but anyway, ranked play will be coming at the turn of the new year. As we've already described, we have the vortex event coming where we have the new maps of Spard. Satan's Quarry and Tetanus are coming along with the new LTM, which will allow you to play free-for-all for a ray gun in multiplayer.

You'll have new challenges and a new reward camo of the magma camo, so all that kind of stuff is coming, which will be fun to play around with. We already talked about that, so I don't want to spend too much time on that. We'll have a new map of Rio coming midseason on the 17th. That's a fun, action-packed map.

I got to play that at Sledgehammer earlier in the month, but it's a nice little combo of, like, all-play Styles Close Quarters in the center mall area, long lines of sight for snipers on the ends, and more, and it's one that I think is going to be generally enjoyable. It's not as compact and maybe as corner-heavy as say grease, but also a little larger than something like meat, where it's not just a sort of kill factory.


It seemed like a nice little pace from the couple of games that we got to play on it, but again, we only got to play like two games on it, so I don't have a massive grasp on how it will play out in the wild just yet, but I enjoyed it whenever I did play it. I loved the new weapons of the HRM 9 SMG and the tack of volvy coming at midseason.

We've already talked about these again recently. The HRM 9 seemingly being in the armory unlocks the TAC being in the classified sector of the battle pass, so I don't want to break it into those too quickly. If you want to learn more about those, we did put up articles recently on the channel That Broke more in depth about them.

We'll have new events and bundles coming in season with a train and the souped-up LTM for the boys in MP again. There's also going to be a classified operator, but that's just going to be a firecracker. From the boys, so tying in with that one, we know of the leaked weapons, the Anvil B EM1, asm1, Ball 27 Moors type 98.

Bretta ax 160 Brea rx200. Spas 12 and the AXMC, and the leaked camos of the windfall ductile. Abyssal, velvet Radiance Forest Gloom, a servic royal, and hard target camos are all coming at some point throughout the next couple of seasons, perhaps because it does not seem like we'll see every one of those in season 1.

Previously, it was kind of the case that maybe that would happen because there were. I want to say, two more camos that were leaked above and beyond the number of weeks that we had in season whenever those were introduced. But that's not the case. One of those leaked previously was the TikTok Camo, which is an Activision employee only, so that took that off the board. We had a couple of things last more than one week, which again kind of changed the timeliness of things, so now we have more camos than weeks left, so we'll see how that all breaks down, but there's.

Modern warfare 3 zombies gameplay changes & additions

Modern warfare 3 zombies gameplay changes & additions

also likely going to be additional streaks incoming in seasons 2, 3, and beyond based on how season 1 began.

But multiplayer content aside. Zombies also has a decent bit of gameplay-changing here, with the biggest thing that I'm looking forward to being the xville streaks that have been leaked within Zombies. Now it's unmentioned when this update will go live, whether it's a season one reloaded, a season 2 reloaded, a season 3 reloaded, or whenever, but in the game files there are mentions and strings pointing towards 10 different xill streaks that give you different bonuses every time you go along, so if you guys remember DMZ, it's that exact same system of giving you a sort of perk, but not a perk in this sense in Zombies.

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Every single time you successfully xfi with a contract completed, during that prior game you could end up getting upwards of 10 x bills as that Max you have 10 additional perks active on your person, so basically specialist bonus here whenever you play DMZ. But this time around, it's way easier, and we'll touch on that in just a second, but the fill streaks when these do come look to be successful.

Will number one start with 500 Essence in your next game? The second is to start with five armor plates. The third is to start with 1,000 essences. Four is to start with 30% off perk machine cost; five is to start with 1,500 Essence; and six is to increase the contract payout for every contract.

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