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This is David, and today I'm going to be talking about why Modern Warfare 3 is so bad and awful, but so fun and addicting at the same time. I have been playing Moder Warfare 3 over the weekend for a good while now. It's actually on a free trial right now—probably not anymore since this article has come out.

I played this game for free for the entirety of its free trial, and I had an absolute blast. I did not know I was going to like Modern Warfare 3 this much even with all of the issues that the game has, which I will talk about in this article, so the first whiff that I got of Modern Warfare 3 was when it came out with that beta, and I had very negative thoughts about Moder Warfare 3 before it came out.

I already had played Moder Warfare 2 on my PlayStation 5 before I bought it. I already have a mod for 2019 on my PC that I've been using for a while, and honestly, Modern War 4 3 is coming out so quickly, and it obviously is a DLC to Moder Warfare 2. I just had very negative thoughts about Moder Warfare 3, but ever since playing the beta, my mind has been slowly changing over time.


The beta was actually a ton of fun. I had a blast playing the beta, and then, when war zone came out War Zone 3 came out, I actually, for the first time in my life, had fun with War Zone. I'm not a war zone guy, I'm not a battle royale guy, and I don't really typically like those modes. I did not like Modern Warfare 1.

I did not like Modern Warfare 2. I just never really enjoyed my time in those games, but for some reason I have been having an absolute blast. The game has been so much fun, which is so weird because I've never had this much fun in any War Zone game before, and then when this trial came out. I've been playing this trial over the weekend pretty much all day, and that's the gameplay you're watching right now, and I've just been having an absolute blast.

This is the funniest, or one of the funniest, Call of Duty games I've played in recent memory. I guess Black Ops 1 will beat it, but this is honestly the most fun I've ever had in Call of Duty in recent memory. And that got me thinking about why this game is so much fun, and I came up with some reasons, first of all, why it is awful but also why the game feels so fun at the same time.


So the first reason why the game is pretty awful is that this is the worst and shortest campaign in all of Call of Duty history. There has never been a Call of Duty campaign that has been this short and this awful. Before, this was the worst one, and the worst thing that they did was add war zone maps to the campaign and make the game so cheap with so little effort—literally, all they did was snag war zone maps.

And have you been fighting bots? It was pretty much like a DMZ mission; it was so bad. This is also the Call of Duty with the most recycled content that I can remember. Other Call of Duty games do have recycled content, like, you know, Moder Warfare 2019, which has some maps from the previous Call of Duty.


Moder Warfare 2 has some maps from previous Call of Duty, but in this game, first of all, most of the guns are ported over from Moder Warfare 2, literally the guns, animations, and everything like that are ported over from Moder Warfare 2, and the maps are all remasters of older Call of Duty. Now there is that new season 1 update, which did add those two new maps, which are pretty fun.

I'm not going to lie, but all the other maps that were released with Modern Warfare 3 were all from the previous, classic Call of Duty, and you can kind of see that some of them don't really live up to the graphical standards of today's time. You could kind of see that what they really did was just kind of port over those old maps into the new engine, give the maps some graphical updates here and there, maybe move some things around a little bit, but they're not like full reimaginings of the original maps; they're literally just like remasters of the original maps; they really did not do much to make them as graphically impressive as previous Call of Duty maps like Moder Warfare 2 original maps or Moder Warfare 2019 original maps.


If you look at those maps and textures on those maps and compare them to the remasters of the classic. In the Call of Duty maps in Modern Warfare 3, you can see that the remastered maps have a lot less detail than the original maps for Modern Warfare 2 and 2019. And number three is that this originally was supposed to be a DLC for Modern Warfare 2, which makes sense since they have all the maps from the original Mon 4 2 game in this game, and for some reason they released it as a full game, and honestly, we pretty much just got a glorified DLC for $70.

Now it is on sale right now for $48.99. I believe before December 21st. So I'm still thinking about whether I should buy this game or not. I'm not too sure, but this trial-free trial has definitely got me more hooked on the game than I thought I was going to be, and I'm seriously considering purchasing the game because it's just so damn fun and addictive, and the first reason why I think it's so fun and addictive is that the enemy's HP being higher actually makes for some really fun and lasting engagements.

modern warfare 3

That's it as soon as you pull that trigger, you're the one that's going to win. If you pull the trigger before them, you're going to win that engagement. If they pull the trigger before you, they're going to win the engagement. That's just how it was. 90% of the time in Moder Warfare 3. It's completely different.

You have time to react to their shots; you have time to move away; you have time to. Turn around or, whatever, jump out of the way, Prone. It's so fun because the engagement time is actually longer; it rewards you for moving around; it rewards you for your skills. Better shot placement stuff like that right in mod Warfare 2 it didn't really matter where you shot the guy because they'll die in a few shots anyways right so it doesn't matter if I got him in the foot in the head or whatever, you just shot them so quickly that they're just going to go down no matter where you're firing right Just get a few shots off, and they're dead.

mw2 vs mw3

That's it, and I understand they wanted to make that game more tactical and all that, and I do like tactical shooters, I'm not going to lie, but Call of Duty has always been an arcade shooter. It has never really been a tactical game like that, you know what I mean, so it doesn't really make sense that they went that direction.

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