News - Cod Warzone 2 Zombies Hard Zone Schematics, The Easy Way To Farm Them - 2024


This one's aimed at anyone really looking for the hard zone schematics or things that you can get from the hard zone. What I'm going to do is quite a long article; it's longer than a lot of the guides on YouTube, and that's because I'm showing you different ways it can be done and also showing you the routes that I use to do it.

First off, this is a solo; don't take your team in because you might get your team killed, so do it on your own. As you saw right at the very start, taking one weapon is critical because you need your bare hands, so you're going to swap to having no weapon at all so you can run nice and quickly. If you have access to stamina, maybe Speed Cola.

You know those two could be useful for you; certainly, stamina up could be, of course. There are a couple of other drinks that you could possibly think about, but you don't need them. This is done without any; we're going to go and do delivery contracts now. This has been covered quite a bit already by people saying, Look, this is how you're going to get these done.


The idea is to not stand and fight okay if you're not leveled for it, you're not equipped for it, you haven't got the schematics, and you haven't got the good guns. Even if you're competent in Tier 2, you're probably still getting your ass kicked in Tier 3, so this is where the Tier 3 stuff comes in.

If you want to go and fight the Tier 3 bosses or anything really, you're going to need to do this. We're after delivery contracts and delivery contracts only. Now it's ideal to have one of these vehicles or another vehicle for this bit, but if not, it's not a big problem. Just make sure you take in a decoy grenade.

It's very important to take a decoy grenade. Don't hang around fighting anyone. Jump in the vehicle after you've chugged your decoy grenade so all the zombies run away to the side, and well, high-tail it to the cargo delivery point where the helicopter is waiting for you. Try not to get stuck anywhere with the vehicle.

If the vehicle gets stuck on a little post or something, it's going to take a lot of damage from that helicopter. You haven't got a gunner on it; you're not fighting back; you're just driving as fast as you can to get to that pickup point. Now there are quite a few different routes you can take; in fact, I still screw it up, just like I have done here.


I will show you examples of where I, you know, could have gone a faster route and sort of deviated a little bit and gone around. No one's perfect sort of thing, but it gets there and gets the job done. Now you're not guaranteed schematics or decent things. In fact, I'll show you two or three of these drop-off collection points, and on these particular runs, there was no schematic or anything.

You've got to be careful when you're picking your stuff up in Tier 3, because, like I said, you're not getting to fight, so if you've got a vehicle or the vehicle that you've used, you can run all over. You know that sorts start nicely or throw your other decoy grenade, just like that, and they all run after that, so it gives you a little bit of time to get in there and get your kit.


But look at that, we got two self-revivals; they are definitely a quick one and a can not be good, so a different way. This is using a boogie, but you can use absolutely any vehicle. Just make sure it's sort of not on its last legs when you get into it, and if possible, try not to run the zombies over because that does damage the vehicle.

If you're not going to be fighting, you need to be running and defending, and if the vehicle's already tense or you hit that many zombies and it's on its last legs, it's just not going to work. You know you're going to need that vehicle to escape this sort of thing. So take whatever route you want; the Boogie is quite agile and nimble, so you can get more of a direct route on this one.

And if you do get completely stuck and you think, Okay, I'm going down; I haven't got a revive kit on me, always remember to run towards the water. Once you get into the water, you can swim under it. You're pretty much home and dry, because obviously the zombies will stand on the land and L bits of flesh at you and stuff, but other than that, you know they're not going to come after you; you can just swim away, and I am going to show you an underground tunnel that I use when I get stuck; in fact.


I think it's this particular one now that I do get stuck on, so we've got a delivery contract. But I've got hell hands chasing me, or because it's festive time, we've got the festive reindeer chasing me. Same thing pretty quick; if you got stamina up, you can normally outrun them, but other than that, they're still coming.

Look where are they there they are, so what we're going to do is jump over the side parachute off curve around, and there's a tunnel underneath. This tunnel is ideal for losing things because, obviously, being a water-filled tunnel, the zombies can't sort of hang around in there. At the end of the tunnel is a rope you can pop back up and carry on with your contract.


Basically, now, as well as doing the contract using vehicles, which is my personal favorite way of doing things, you can literally spawn in and use a vehicle, so spawn in, drive straight, and get the contract done. There's also the way where basically you either get somewhere very high and jump off and parachute all the way across or as far as you can get across, or you can use the ether Rifts, of course, and you know, parachute that way.

I'll show you one. You know. I show that being done towards the end, but I personally prefer that the vehicle gives you that little bit of armor, a little bit of protection, you know, if you're not quite as fast or sort of thing. So, the main thing to remember is decoy grenades. Nothing equipped on your second slot so you've just got your hands free so you can run faster, and to not fight just go like I say if you got stamina up brilliant Juggernog that's handy in case you get clipped too many times don't stop to look at the bosses you know just ha tail it in hight tail it out try and keep yourself on a sort of open area so the chopper can't get you obviously under bridges and stuff that's great cuz the Trap can't shoot you there either, rewards though you're probably looking at.


I don't know one in 10 or one in 15 to possibly get a schematic from doing it this way, so that's something to think about. You're going to have to run it a few times; you can do quite a lot of them in one match. It does get a bit monotonous, but the more you do it, the more you learn the roots to get there.

Done one other thing: if you're new to the game and you got a you know a nice reward shop, like the ray gun, for example, I'll show you a clip here where we get the ray gun. Don't forget, that's not going to give you the gun, as in, you're not going to be able to EV back with it. Take it with you and bring it in next time.

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