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With the launch of Season Two Reloaded in MW2 War Zone 2 and DMZ, we got ourselves a brand new weapon, and it is the Tempest Torrent. Marksman rifle: Now this thing is a new semi-auto gun that is very similar to the other marksman rifles or battle rifles that we have in the game. They are different in a few unique ways, but overall, nothing too, you know, out of the ordinary; it's a very standard semi-auto. Gun Now, you can currently unlock in a handful of different ways.

Tempus torrent unlock challenges

Tempus torrent unlock challenges

The initial base unlock challenge for this, which is available for all players and you can unlock it completely for free, is to get 25 double kills while using a marksman or rifle, so any of the current marksmen or rifles in the game, whether it's the EBR, whether it's the attack M, or anything else in that category.

If you get 25 double kills with those, you'll be able to unlock the Tempest torrent, and then you can go through and actually level it up. The other way is to go into the DMZ. Have a friend drop you the Tempest torrent, and, you know, you extract with it that way, or you kill another player who has the Tempest torrent, which is obviously much more rare and difficult, and then you extract with that, but if you extract with it in the DMZ, you'll knock it right away.

cod warzone 2

That obviously is also a really, really easy way to go about it if you have a connection to it; someone who has the Tempest torrent already unlocked right, but today I wanted to go through and break down its overall best class setups, one for multiplayer and one for war zone, and talk a bit about whether or not it fits into the current meta.

Best tempus torrent class setup in modern warfare 2

So in terms of the multiplayer side of things for Modern Warfare 2, how exactly does the Tempest torrent fit into the overall meta here? Well, frankly, I'd say it's probably one of the better Marksman rifle options we have; a lot of them are like the sniper shotgun variants like with the Sab 50 and whatnot.

Also have things like the EBR, like the attack end, that are semi-auto but a little bit more difficult in terms of their spam ability and their aggressiveness; they're still really good guns, and in fact, the EBR is what I was using to actually unlock the Tempest torrent initially here, but because they have the slower fire rates, they are a little bit more unforgiving.

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The Tempest torrent here still, has that great damage it's like a two shot kill it can still one shot got headshot as well because it has that basic Marksman rifle property right but it's a lot more spammable, it's a lot more aggressive than the other options in the category hence why I think it's probably a Top Choice now if you're someone who's looking for those consistent one shots then yes some of the sniper slash Marksman rifle variants are still going to be really good but for a semi-auto gun here in terms of battle rifles versus marks and rifles in that General category.

and that sort of niche meta, it absolutely is a top-tier choice here for sure, so let's break down this overall class setup initially here. By the way, there are some attachments behind the face cam, so I'll be sure to read those; I've got the CP90. Rear grip: this is going to be for better stability and better Flinch resistance, mainly.

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The other grips are going to be based around movement, maybe a little bit of control, but they hurt your stability in certain ways. I want to go for all-out accuracy; obviously, it is semi-auto, so you want to be as accurate as possible, whether it's close range, medium range, or long range. So anytime we can work on the stability here in the general recoil, that's going to be huge.

Less sway means it's easier to stay on target, it's easier to track and trace enemies, and you'll land your shots more consistently because of the face cam. Here, I've got the TT HG40. Guard this is going to be again for better Flinch resistance but also some better recoil steadiness, and here you can again tune for the better recoil, setting this in some slightly better strafe.

Steadiness is important as well, so we're really focusing on that aspect of this for some of those medium- to long-range fights. While you can use this at really any range depending on your level of comfortability with the gun and your ability to spam, it's fast up close, right? We really like it for the mid- to long-term, because that's where it's going to thrive, and that's what we're focusing on the most here.

modern warfare 2 tempus torrent best class

I do go for the Corona Mini Pro for multiplayer, or your basic Blue Dot if there is an optic that you like more than this, Sure, use that, but this one I tuned for the furthest eye position slightly. Faster ads per usual. I do want to keep this somewhat aggressive, so I do actually use the Olay laser; yes, it's going to show when you have ads, but you just gotta be mindful; you can't pre-aim certain corners in an obvious way, and it's not really an issue there.

This obviously helps with the ads. Speed in the sprint of fire Really, the ads speed is what we want to get out of this, and that's why I tuned for enhancing that even more, but this is how it helps keep some aggression in this setup for some close to mid-range if you find yourself in those situations right then.

Lastly, I do go for the edge 47 again for some general stability, and here it'll help out a lot with that and just make it easier to shoot, easier to spam, and easier to stay on target. We are tuning for better stability and stabilization there, so overall In multiplayer, this is not some crazy broken gun that's going to be absolutely insane, but it is something that works really, really well for the niche players who do like using a semi-auto gun, and in terms of that specific sort of sub-meta, it is definitely a really good choice now as we get into the war zone side of things.

Best tempus torrent loadout in warzone 2

Best tempus torrent loadout in warzone 2

That said. I don't feel like this is going to be the main option for medium- to long-range shooting here, especially when you have so many other fully automatic guns that are much easier to use semi-auto. Guns like this are going to really thrive in that player base that can do well with them, but outside of that, it's not something that any given player can just pick up and fry with like a Hemlock or a 762 or a second or some of these easier weapons to use.

That said, it's still going to be very powerful; it can kill very quickly when you're landing shots on target and you're super accurate, so again, that's what we're going to focus on with this setup primarily: medium- to long-range accuracy and ease of use. This is a great optic for visibility and for consistency while trying to track and trace players, so I love this option again, though as always, if there's one you like more, go for that for this time and position faster ads on the tunes there.

Best Loadout Class Setup for the new TEMPUS TORRENT in WARZONE 2 Modern Warfare 2.
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