News - Ultra Skins. Mastercrafts. 20 New Bundles Coming To Call Of Duty Warzone 2 Season 1 Early Showcase



Today we have some great new first looks at the new bundles coming to Call of Duty season 1, Modern Warfare 3. I mixed that up, but that's okay. We're too excited right now. We've got mastercrafts coming, we've got Ultra skins coming, we've got a weird bird thing coming, we've got Tron, looking things coming, we've got it's got a lot of good stuff.

A big shout out to Covert MF for letting me use his footage from his trip to the Sledgehammer game studio in Melbourne last week. Make sure to give that legend a follow, and I'll put his channel in the description. Getting straight into the good stuff for the anime fans out there, you guys are going to be getting the Tracer pack.

Anime bundle! tracer pack: echo endo ecstatic entropy mastercraft

Echo Endo-estatic entropy Mastercraft bundle that is a mouthful right there, but God damn it, it looks cool. This bundle comes with the Cybercat skin for the operator echo, which to me looks like a 2.0 version of the bit rate Banger bundle we got all the way back in Call of Duty Vanguard. For the weapons, I'm assuming the mastercraft is the Kimbo WSP Swarms.

It comes with the V, vwv, traces, and Kawai Endo dismemberment. We'll take a look at the preview. Just looking at this thing, you can tell it's going to be a beast of a weapon. I'm definitely looking forward to it. It's also possible that this weapon plays music, as it says right here in the weapon description that this blueprint sings with every trigger pull, so definitely something to check out when this bundle officially drops.

The next weapon is the menet, which beats the MCW and looks very clean. I like how it's going for the retro vibe kind of style. Very nice next is sheer lunacy. For the MCW, same kind of style but still a very clean gun. Unfortunately, due to time restraints, Kov couldn't get the rest of the bundle, but if you zoom in, you'll see an animated emblem, a calling card, and most likely a weapon decal. Right, well.

Ultra skin are back! horsemen war ultra skin/ tracer pack

Ultra skin are back! horsemen war ultra skin/ tracer pack

That's bundle number one. Now, bundle number two. Ultra Skins are back, baby, and we are getting the Horseman War Ultra Skin and Tracer Pack. Look at this absolutely, fire, no pun intended. You know the thing about Ultra Skins that always upsets me, man? They work fine at Vanguard.

You know you get killed. The skin evolved right, but you use it in War Zone, and the reactive operator just never worked. It always started off with its full, you know, reactive state, but it was such a good feeling in Vanguard to really work for it, but now that we're all on the same engine, this stuff is just going to work flawlessly between both War Zone and Modern Warfare 3, and I am so damn happy for that.

The weapon for this one is called Demic Co. for the bass B. Looking at the preview article, you get bloodfire traces and dismemberment, and man, there is a clean animation. And just look at how good the gun looks. That thing looks like a godamn Mastery camo with how all the little sparks around the gun are flying around, and that is hopefully going to look so good with Mastery camos. The other stuff is the fiery resolve emblem, the aftermath calling card, the heat of the battle weapon charm, the Hell's Horse large decal, and the cavalry line loading screen.



All right next, the ncto bundle is giving off some straight splinter cell vibrations. This is called nocturn for the operator, Riptide, who comes with the night slice for the Granit, Knife, and the infrared infiltrator.

Now that's hopefully going to give some cool camo On that one, you can also get the dark patrol calling card, the blinded by sight large decal, the squad goals achieved loading screen, that one looks mad good, and the dark visions emblem. This is a pretty solid bundle for only 2K Cod points.

Beach boomin

Next, the beach-booming bundle going for 2K Cod points comes with the wet suit skin for the operator Raptor, definitely giving me the same vibes as the high-scho operator skin we got way back in Cold. War, now for the weapons, it's using the get-glow blueprint for the new sniper rifle coming to season 1, the XRK a stalker.

I'm getting Tron vibes from this one; it is so good-looking. All these bundles so far just look so goddamn good. Next is the neon filament. If I said that right, for the MTZ 556, this one just blows my mind. Look how creative this neon stuff looks! I'm so keen. I'm really 100% getting this one on release. For the rest of the bundle, you get the sunset ride cooling card, the large snake bite decal, the beach raid loading screen, and finally the neon 9 emblem.

Tracer pack midnight run

Tracer pack midnight run

All right, next up is the Tracer pack M midnight run coming with the broker operator skin for bantam, definitely giving me some black cell vibes with this one, or if you play the old cods, the Gilded series bundle collections for the weapons you got the bad, and I don't know how to pronounce this boric if I'm saying that right with golden tracers and the elite blueprint for the MCW 6.8, also with golden tracers the new year new me calling card, the pop cork large decal, and the gold mask emblem.

Paint slinger

All right, next is the paint Slinger bundle with the painter operator skin for Pathfinder, coming with the sweat and tears for Mr. 9 the graphic side is for the cavd enforcer, and it looks like they are throwing acquisitions from zombies into bundles as well, so you can probably expect more zombie exclusive operator buffs like a free Juggernaut perk or a self-revive in the future, just like DMZ personally, since zombies is currently a PVE experience rather than a PVP one.

I can't really complain about free buffs since, as you know, at the end of the day, we're all going to be helping each other out in the mode anyway. Continuing on, you got the paint-paint-love-calling card; we did miss it in the recording, but the last one is most likely an emblem, if not a sticker.



Next up , you got the power ranger bundle metamere with the coral. God coer if I'm saying that right operator skin for Raptor couldn't get any more footage in that due to time restraints, but if you just zoom in, you got two weapons, a coing card, a sticker emblem, and some double XP.

Painted alebrije

next, you get this.

This bird thing is the paint. Al, those wings, man, they're going to stick out like a sore thumb. I reckon it would be really cool, though, if during a finishing move those wings would just spread out like some sort of angel-looking thing. It also comes with an unnatural protector for the cat. AMR, the razor wing for the Ram 7—not a bad-looking one—that one, the bright Bloods calling card, the wild wolf large decal The mythical guide loading screen—this one actually looks really good.

In my opinion, the designer has done a great job with this one, and yeah, lastly, the happy. Ault, emblem I tried my best to pronounce that one; I'm sorry.

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