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Wesley is here, and today I have the definitive guide on the duplication glitch as well as the Ether Portal duplication glitch. A lot of articles are out right now, and there's a lot of information on this, but a lot of it is disorganized, and I'm going to show you guys the most optimal way of doing this glitch.

I will show you the single best way to gain money: get all your rare items for your tombstone. Set up your tombstone. Get all your items through the Ether Portal and all that jazz, so you guys appreciate articles like this. It is an awesome glitch, and we're going to show you exactly how to do it.

So throughout this article, you're going to see tips pop up on your screen that will help you optimize this. I would not remake this article if I did not have a lot more information, and number one. I would highly suggest that if you're trying to gain the maximum amount of money for your Tombstone to share with your friends, for example, a red worm or other in-game stuff, make sure you're doing the instakill storm caller glitch.

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I'm going to include that article in the description below, guys, but every single time that he dies, he drops a minimum of 5, 000 Essence items as well as super rare items, and you can instantly kill him without a gun within a minute, which is extremely good. So real quickly, in the next 30 or 60 seconds, I'm just going to say what the actual duplication glitch is for those who have not seen it.

Then we'll get into all the nitty-gritty for the rest of the article. So obviously, you're going to need the money that you need as well as the items that you need, and once you have that, you want to go ahead and get Tombstone. So Tombstone costs 2,000 Essence. Make sure that you have 2, 000 Essence.

At the very least, go buy it and have all the items that you want at the start of every single game. At this point, you're going to go ahead and get yourself downed and bleed out. Now once you've bled out, go ahead and leave the game, and then in your second game, you're going to pick up all the items from your tombstone, ensuring that your tombstone breaks, and go ahead and head to a star fill.


Now you need Act One completed at the very least to unlock these Dr. Jansen xfills, so make sure that you have that done. So once you get to the end, here is the trickiest part, which is extremely easy to do on a PC. You're going to click alt-f4. As soon as the screen turns black on the Xbox, you're going to press the Xbox button.

Scroll over to the game, click Start, and hover over Quit. As soon as you see the black screen in the background, you're going to quit the game, and then on PS5, apparently you need to disconnect your Wi-Fi and then quit the game entirely once you've disconnected. So that's it for the duplication glitch itself.

Make sure that you pair this with the acquisition stash glitch that is in the description below as well, and that will allow you to have 200+ rare items in your acquisition stash at all times in case the duplication glitch gets patched. So let's go over the Ether Portal glitch. Now there are three key differences: number one, you must destroy your existing tombstone; number two, act one does not need to be completed; and number three, you need to do these exact steps to carry your items through the Ether Portal.


They are different from the original duplication glitch, so as you can see here, you need Tombstone and the items and money that you want to come back to, and at that point, you can continue the Tombstone glitch as usual because, if you think about it, the first step will have been completed, but step one to the Ether Portal portion of this is that you need to go down and die with Tombstone.

I plead for help. I'm not sure if that's even necessary. Just go ahead and do it anyway; it won't hurt, and then have some random or a teammate pick you back up. At this point, your tombstone is there; it might as well be visible. It's just not all right. There is a tombstone there. I no longer have a tombstone.

I have now set my place. In the game now, the second portion of this glitch is just as important, and there are a couple of things to note. So right before we get into these tips. I just want to mention, guys, that this will work for the sigil and the Elder sigil portal, so go ahead and enter that Ether Portal, and let's get into these tips.

cold war

So number one here is the path that you guys should always know about. There is a portal at the bottom of the castle, and it immediately appears when you start. You can watch me join this lobby, and you can actually test out this glitch without having to do any of the missions. As you can see, I make my way over to the portal and extract.

At this point, your portal is done, you are out of The Ether, and your tombstone will show up in future games. So if you guys appreciate this type of information or any of the articles that I put out, please consider subscribing. like this article you found it helpful and I'll catch you guys next time.Peace,

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