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yo what's good hot peppers today we're going to go over the best sniping settings that you can find in Modern Warfare 3 and I'm guessing you guys want to be able to snipe like this with the clip that I'm showing in the background it's very aggressive for sniping and I noticed a lot of people that are sniping on this game are trying to find what settings work best for them so I'm going to break down every little thing possible including me using a keyboard and mouse or a controller, cuz I you know I'm a hybrid player and also going very in depth on finding ways to have a very good response time so before I begin I do use a source scuff impact controller here with three paddles on the back not four because my right hand usually.

Controller settings.

best aim assist settings mw3

I can use my bumpers, which are Way more responsive than what it is on the triggers here even though however I do have digital tap bumpers and digital tap triggers so let me plug this controller back in here my bumper ping is off and to, flip your bumpers and your triggers you can just enable the setting right here flip your L1 L2 R1 R2 to on Stick layout preset have this on default control of vibration make sure to have this off personally for me I feel like this is very distracting and it also messes with my aim now this is one of the most important settings Dead Zone input now just as of recently I found something that works very well for me for someone who has stick drift on the left stick 99%, of the time of or pretty much 100% of the time when I play, left stick minimum I have this on an eight so instead of me sprinting.

Or walking immediately. Which I still can do, but I noticed that as soon as I flick my lipstick up immediately, it responds very quickly because of the lipstick Max, so my area is always very small. When it comes to using my left stick, you can have this at zero and make it very responsive, but since I have stick drift.

best aim response curve type modern warfare 3

I have the left stick minimum on eight, so that way I don't accidentally just constantly move on accident, and then, of course, the left stick Max is very responsive still, and then now for the right stick. I have this on 6 and 99. Now personally, I feel like you should keep your max at 99 and your right-stick minimum between 0 and 7.

I feel like when you push past 7, you have this delay on your right stick and you're not able to control your sensitivity that well, and then left trigger, right trigger. I have those on zero, and moving on to my sensitivity, if you guys remember from my previous settings article, in the past I've used to use a Max Sensitivity I used to go on like 2020, now I brought it down to 177.

I want to focus more on my accuracy. You know, my game sense is there; it's top tier, but when it comes to my accuracy, I feel like sometimes I slack on it a little bit, and if I just hit my shot, I can be the scary person on the game. You know what I mean, and I feel like that's the same thing that applies to every other person.

best deadzone mw3

If you hit all of your shots, you will become the deadliest player ever. So as far as the sensitivity multiplier and vertical aim axis, I did not mess with those. I did change my aim response curve type from linear to dynamic, and what I noticed. This time around is when I use linearity and precision.

I can snipe really well on it, however, it's not the same thing as it is on Black Ops games you know the arcade games again I can use it but I've noticed Dynamic, and using, default for my target aim assist is best when I want to do sniping and reg gunning because I you know if I want to pick up a gun and red gun or when I play war zone or even when I play Just ranked in general I want to keep the same momentum that I am on sniping and reg gunning so I got to find the middle ground and dynamic, and default for me is what I found best ads sense at One, ads sensitivity transition timing.

best deadzone to snipe

I feel that instant or after Zoom is the best after Zoom for me is only apply when I'm actually fully zoomed in so between instant and after Zoom test it out see what you like personally, and then going down to custom sensitivity per Zoom I was messing with a 2 to 3x Zoom but low Zoom I use this when I reg gun for regular sniping scope for like high Zoom I keep that at a one I know some snipers like to keep it at a two or even maxed out because they like to have their sensitivity the same thing as when they zoom in me personally I'm not a fan of that motion sensor Behavior off advance settings have this off as well moving on to the gamep playay automatic tactical Sprint on, slide maintain Sprint.

You could have had this on when I had it on. I felt like there was a delay. I'm not too sure about it. Unmove forward off single tap run so that way you can when you flick your left stick up you immediately just full sprint You full tactical sprint you don't have to click the Tactical Sprint for you to be able to full sprint you know you can at least run play very aggressive when you need to now mantling on this game is very trash have this on off slide only for your slide behavior.

best settings mw3

When I tried to tap to slide, I noticed that there was a very subtle DeLay. So having a slide only feels so instant. It's really nice. I personally feel like diving is kind of useless, depending on the situation, because you want to be slide-cancelling this game as much as possible while plunging underwater.

I have this on free; there's a way to plunge out of the water and be able to whip out a gun pretty quickly; there's a method on how to do that; I will go over the movement article tutorial; sometime in the future, parachute auto deoy off; I have that for war zone so I can like to land on the ground a lot quicker; spring door batch on ledge climb Behavior mantle only cuz if you have it on movement base, you'll just be holding on to the ledge and you don't want to be doing that so as soon as you mantle, just mantle right away; now going down, hold Sprint; hold ads; weapon Mount exit delay if you're trying to go for challenges.

best sniper settings

In my opinion, I think Inant is just the best one to go for, and then for War Zone, interact, reload, and prioritize interact. I feel like this is best for both multiplayer and war zones because you want to be running around picking up weapons, and when there's no loot on the ground, you can simply press reload.

Personally i feel like this one is the easiest one to use for me, but if you're playing War Zone and you don't want to go back and forth, tap to interact, and then tap to reload when you're playing multiplayer, so tap to interact for War Zone and tap to reload for multiplayer. Armor play behavior applies all makes it easier for war zone now scrolling down you can have this off depleted ammo weapon switch sometimes I'm just not paying attention to how much ammo I have which is pretty bad as a player and then going down here off free look toggle off moderate hold.

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