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best attachments for mcpr 300

This Modern Warfare 2 weapon is actually one of the best sniper rifles in the Modern Warfare 3 sandbox. Statistically speaking, the MCPR 300 does exactly the same amount of damage as far as the bullets to kill are concerned as the XRK stalker, but it has 10 bullets as opposed to five, and it's actually faster with its ad speed.

With that said, revisiting the MCPR, 300 I was hoping to see that there would be attachments I could use from this game to put onto that gun, but there weren't any that mattered, so we're just stuck with last year's attachments. It is what it is. Talk about those attachments in a sec. This is a buff to the rechambering speed; it boosts the rate of fire from 54.5 to 58.1.

That may not sound like a lot at all, but this gun is super awkward when it's slow, so you want to speed it up as much as you can in places like this where you wouldn't even think it would matter. But we'll come back to this attachment at the end, going to the rear grip I have on the Cronin cheetah grip.

best mcpr 300 class

This is Sprint to Fire and aim down sight speed. Now we're at the point where we're just speeding up the weapon with aim-down sight and sprinting to fire attachments. Up to the stock we have on the FSS, Merc stock is in sight. Crouch movement speed and sprint speed this one's a little bit of a different speed buff but it's still very nice next is the FSS oldv laser this is just the best laser in the game if you want a balance of everything this gives you aiming stability aimed down sight speed Sprint to fire speed everything I said we needed, and then last but not least we have the 17 1/2 in orup Barrel aim down sight speed and then hip recoil control, it is the only stock that offers any amount of speed buff so that's why we're going with it because the damage range fall off truly just doesn't matter if we're being honest, and at the end of the rad these are the five attachments I was using in the game play but like I said we' Return to the bolt if you want the absolute Max Speed Build of the weapon take off the bolt and put on the five round magazine, this thing is an insane buff to your movement I just liked having 10 bullets, so I chose not to use them

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