News - Top 5 Most Overpowered Guns Warzone 2 Season 3. Best Class Setup Warzone 2


This is the first gun on this list, and let me just show it all to you. So we got the thousand at number one, then we got the cast-off 74u. After that, we got the cast stop of five or five, the body count, which is the MCPR, and the white chivo, which is actually the MP5 lock-in sub, so those are going to be the top five guns today that I want to talk about.

I need to know that as well. All right, guys, let's get straight into number one here. We've got a vast number. We really need that damage range, bullet velocity, and hip-fire accuracy. In the tuning on this attachment, we're going to put that recoil setting up to 0.37, and we're going to put the ads up to negative 0.32.

Now I would normally put damage range up on a barrel, but this one right here. I kind of want ads on the VAS that have a little more than damage range because the damage range doesn't change much; it's not going to mean that it's one bullet faster if you kill someone with this right here, so it's no difference to me, so I put the ads up on the VAS net.

But normally, for these three here, like the muzzle under the barrel and the barrel. I focus on the actual recoil control and the distance and stuff, whereas the laser and the stock in the rear grip. I focus more on ads and Sprint to Fire and all that I could, so next off, we got the Synguard MKV.

For the muzzle, which again is great, we got sound suppression, a blue velocity damage range, and recoil smoothness on this one. For the tuning, we got the recoil smoothness up to point 90, and then we got the bullet velocity up to 0.81. So it's really good for you; see a huge indent right here in the handling; we got a huge hit on ads and Sprint to fire, but it's really worth it for that range and that recoil control, and we're going to get this back.

Then we got the 45-round magazines because I just liked them more. I like having more bullets in the magazine, and I like being able to shoot more people without reloading constantly. I do that a lot, which kind of makes this attachment useless. I get it, but I'm trying to force myself to at least bring it down to maybe six or 10 bullets before reloading, so that's why that's there. So it's really nice right there, and then the stock is the broadside fct for aiming stability.

Vlk stockless

Crouch, movement speed, and sprint speed—I don't like the stock list, so I don't really care about the Spritz of Fire you get on that. I'm just not crazy about it, and then we're going to go into the tuning, and we're going to put the aiming idle stability up to 0.85 and the ad speed up to 2.32.

Now Sprint to Fire is really your thing, and you really need it more than the recoil control put on the BLK stock list. I just don't need it that much, so that's why I don't have it on there. That's the VAS number. Let's go on to class number two right here, which is the cast of 74u. Again, I would argue that this gun might be better than the Vasnav at close range, but it's definitely not better than the Vasnav.

I should say that I say cast off. I don't know, man, I'm tired, guys. It might be better than the VAS, and I've got close range, but it's not beating it at long range, no way, so this one right here on the muzzle is the FJX, fulcrum Pro for vertical recoil control horizontal.

Fjx fulcrum pro

Recoil control is really nice to tune; we're going to actually tune that for recoil stabilization at 0.52 and gun kick control at Point 20, which is good, as well as the short attack at 330, which gives us recoil control, hip recoil control, and bullet velocity.

The tuning on that one is going to be recoil setting this at Point 23 and damage range at Point 31, then we're going to go to the choreo last 44 V3 for the laser. This one gives us ads and aiming stability, which is nice. The tuning is going to go to 24.68. That's weird i still don't know what ft means; there's no way it's 20–24.68 feet smaller because there's no gun that's 25 feet long.

If I don't get it, then we've got to sprint the fire at negative 0.23. So yeah, Sprint, Fire, and ads are what I always focus my lasers on. Tack Elite stock for recoil control, and then the tuning on this one again is going to be ads at 3.10, and we're going to leave the bottom alone; we don't really need to touch those right there.

True-tac grip

True-tac grip

The final attachment for this one is the true tack rip for the rear grip that gives you sprint to fire speed and ads, and then the tuning on that is going to be ads at 0.65 and sprint to fire at Point 28. I'm not even saying it, like literally use this class and you're going to love it, then we got the cast off five four five, which oddly enough is the only AR on this list this week.

This one is going to be the RF Crown 50 for the muzzle, so you can get horizontal and vertical recoil control, and the tuning isn't going to be 0.49, recoil stabilization, or gun kick control. Then we got the IGK3406, a millimeter barrel, which is a lot of stuff. You've got bullet velocity, recoil control, damage range, and hip fire accuracy.

That hip-fire accuracy is going to help us out a lot at close range. The tuning is going to be 0.32 for recoil setting and 30 for damage range, and then after that, we got the Commando 4 grip for the underbarrel for aiming idle stability, which is all right.

Commando foregrip

best class setup

It's cool, though, and we really want that recoil stabilization it gives and the tuning it gives as well because we're going to put that recoil stabilization up to 0.44, and it's going to help a lot when shooting.

It's going to make this gun an actual laser beam, and it's really nice, and the aiming adjustability might as well throw it up a little bit. We get it with this attachment, so we might as well utilize it a bit. The broadside fct is going to be the stock we're going to use for sprint speed ads: aiming, ability to crouch, movement speed, so that's four things that you go with it right there.

The ads are going to be at 3.23, and we're going to leave the bottom as is; we don't really need any more aiming adjustability than we already have on this gun. The rear grip is going to be the true tack grip, and the tuning is going to be 0.35, and, towards ads, I should say, only 0.09. Hopefully, I'm not too off, but I could guarantee I have less than a handful of hit markers than I've ever received with it.

I may have had like four hit markers I've ever gotten with this gun. This thing is just so consistent; it's a little slower than a lot of guns, like the SPR or the SPX, whatever it's called, 50 or whatever it is; it's just that this gun's just better in my opinion because it's slower. But it's a lot more reliable, so the optic I like is the DS Farsight 11.

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