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Season one, which means that new guns are going to be coming out and new overpowered weapons will be coming out, and these guns on this list are definitely one of the most overpowered guns in season one of Modern Warfare 2. I don't want to waste anybody's time, so let's jump straight into the classes.

Most of them are going to have the knife stem shot fry grenade, and then for the perk packages, we got double time, Scavenger cold-blooded, bird's eye, and dead silence. All sorts of recoil-controlled vertical and horizontal weapons, you go into the tuning, you put the ads all the way up, and we put the gun kick control all the way up as well.

We got the barrel, which is the high-tower 20-inch barrel; this gives you bullet velocity, damage range, recoil control, and hip fire accuracy. In the tuning, we're going to put the recoil steadying all the way up, and we could put the ads speed up for multiplayer, but when you're playing Warzone.

best class setup

I really recommend putting the damage range rather than the ads, so for the sake of multiplayer, we're going to throw the ads speed all the way up on that one. Going to the next attachment, we've got the Slimline Pro optic, and for the tuning, it's ADS and close. I feel like that's the best. It just looks the nicest, and if you put it so far, it just makes the gun look weird now.

The one thing that's amazing about this gun but looks out of place is the stock. The stock carefully, it was bigger than the gun itself if you look at it carefully. It is really good, so you got aiming stability, which means when you're aiming down sights your gun's not going to be swaying all over the place, but it also gave you recoil and control, and then in the tuning you could put the ads speed up, which is amazing, and you got even more aiming idle stability if you maxed that out too, so that's pretty cool.

Now for the rear grip, we got the second ZX grip, which is pretty much just recoil controlled, and you go into the tuning, you get ads and Sprint to fire speed, and that wasn't all the way up for some reason but they should be, so yeah, that's it for this class right here. On the other one, we ran the RF Crown 50.


This one right here is the x10 Havoc 90, which gives you horizontal and vertical again because we will need that somewhere on this gun because the rest is going to be built mostly for quickness, speed, sprint to fire, and all that, so you're going to want that on, and instead of ads, we're going to put the recoil stabilization and the gun control all the way to the max, and this makes this gun feel really steady even if you use it as an SMG, but don't use it at long range.

I'm warning you guys right now—don't do it. If you do it, it's on you to go into the barrel. We got the Tempest Trench Pro for movement speed and added speed to the tuning, and we're going to put it again. Again, the recoil sets this all the way up, and thank God, speed is not attached to recoil; setting this is on its own; we could throw that all the way to the max as well; you don't need diamond range; we're using it as an SMG on smaller maps; you don't need that at all; go into the optic; it's the same thing as the Slimline Pro; and then we got ads and closed, obviously.


And then the stock, which is not tunable, is the demo D50 buffer, tubed for that awesome Sprint to Fire and ads, and all the other stuff we don't really care about, and then for the actual rear grip, we're going to go with the Phantom grip for even more Sprint to Fire and even more ads, and the tuning right there is going to put both of those to the max, so that's the two on four classes.

We've got three more guns left on this list, and one of my favorites in the entire game is right here. Both this one and the hurricane are disgusting, all right. It's my first Platinum gun, no gun man. I don't chew gum on this game anyways, yeah, so it's my first Platinum weapon; it's the first weapon I ever got Platinum; I love it; but I never made a article on it until the other day; I don't know why it's just really good.

cod mw2

This class might look long and it might not look that great, but it is a disgusting class, so the muzzle is the X10 RR40. We're really only using it for damage range and recoil smoothness in the tuning. You're going to put the ads up, but you're also going to put the bullet velocity up because if you're playing with this gun on a little bit of a larger map, you're going to want that bullet velocity and you're going to want it to hit instantly.

If you don't like the recoil, definitely put it on, but I mean, I like the recoil on it. I find it very easy to control. Going to the barrel, it's the FSS, canonade, 16-inch, where again, only using this for damage range, you do get hip fire accuracy and bullet velocity, which is cool. In the tuning, we're going to put the recoil settings all the way up.

And, instead of the attack speed, I put the damage range all the way up on it, and I found it to be pretty solid. The iron sights are too big; they take up too much of the screen, and you could lose the enemy in them, so that's why I put them on for the stock. We're going to go with the demo fade Pro.

cod mw2 best class

and you're going to see it is a solid run, there's barely any recoil, and even at long range it is accurate, not that bad if you're able to control it, so that's why I said this gun is disgusting; for all ranges you want to use it, it's a nice gun, and it's insane, so the hurricane is right there going.

Down to another weapon, on this list we're going to say, Well. I got this gun right here; I mean. Look at this as a bonus gun. It's not number two or number one or anything like that, but I do have a 1.4 KD or near a 1.4 KD with this sniper right here, which is nice. That's the highest KD I've ever had with a sniper in any COD; this one's really good.

It's my Search and Destroy class, but this is the gun I want to put in the number-two spot, and that is the atomic flee. The Vasnev is really good. I still really care about that, but in tuning it again, I left it where it is now. You could throw the ads up, but then it would get rid of the hipfire accuracy a bit, so I just left it where it is at zero.

cod mw2 top 5

We'll leave it at minus zero. Okay, who cares? The muzzle is the s h s a schlabem for 99. I'm not even trying to say that, so yeah. I mean, what do I get on that, what am I doing, and where am I going? What am I doing? All right So the tuning is ad and bullet velocity. What you do get on this one is a lot of recoil smoothness, recoil control, bullet velocity, and sound suppression.

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