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If you're like me, you're an SMG player, and you like to get up close and personal in gunfights and actually go off on people that way rather than waiting at super long distances and head glitching and just being bored. You know, it's kind of boring playing with ARs over and over and over again because up close they don't do enough work, and at long range you're just sitting there waiting for people to cross.

I play with a lot of SMGs, and I rush the map like crazy. I am a headless chicken when I play multiplayer games. So let's move on to the actual classes that I want to show you guys today.

Vlk stockless

Vlk stockless

Because I recorded two hours yesterday, the whole gameplay got corrupted, the whole file, but regardless, this is the class I use, and I could have tested that it gives you a very good class, so the stockless stock is going to be what we're going to use, and that gives you added Sprint to Fire movement speed and hip recoil control, which is really nice.

Fjx fulcrum pro

I like it because it makes you really fast, but then the rear grip is something that I really like as well because it gives you sprint to fire and traction.

Ftac tiger grip

I always say those are the best, and for the tuning, you're going to turn those up to the highest. Then for the underbattle, we got the f-tac tiger grip, which gives you aiming idle stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization.

best class setup

In the tuning for this one, you're going to go ads, and in walking speed, all the way to the max on those ones right there, and then for the muzzle, we got the f-f. What the heck is that f-jx? Full Chrome Pro, which is something that I never really used as a muzzle but I realized that you kind of need it because it gives you vertical and recoil and control, and then when you go to the tune, you can put the ads up but you can put the gun kick all the way up as well, which really helps out with this class right here, and the final one is the barrel, the Br-209.

For movement speed and ads, I wish it was a barrel; they gave you sprint to fire, but there really isn't, so we got to stick with that, so ads and recoil, setting. Going to the next class, we got the Vasnab. Now, this gun is weird because it plays like an SMG, but it's also good at longer distances, especially in this class, for it to be right here, so you could play it up close, you could play it up far, and you're still going to go off on people.


I actually use it in war zones. It does better than the fennec for me, like, I'm just throwing that out there because I know a lot of people are using the phenic and stuff, but this class actually does me better than the fennec. I run both in the same class; yes, I run two SMGs. In Warzone, I'm a weird guy for that, but like I said, I love SMGs.

And this one gets me more kills than the FedEx, so for this one the rear grip is the true tack grip, which gives you sprint to fire in ads obviously meaning in the tuning we're going to max those out as well. I don't see why not this stock, the Ultrasat. Stock, which is aim walking and spring speed, doesn't get you ads or sprint to fire, but it does help you get around the map a lot faster, and when you're aiming down sights, you can strafe to the left and right a lot faster.

There's not much movement in this game, so anything you could do that could give you an edge on the enemy in a gunfight is going to help you, so definitely throw that on, and then again, ads. I put it all the way up, and then I left it at zero for the aim, walking speed, and aiming idle stability.


I didn't know which one to throw it to, so I just left it at zero. I feel like it's kind of perfect for that one right there. The lasers are the FSS, OLE, and V lasers. It's going to be pretty visible, so just make sure you're not aiming down too long and giving out your position, and if you do, you can always use it to your advantage and take people out that way.

Kas1381: millimeter is the barrel I went with for damage range, hipfire accuracy, and bullet velocity, and the reason I threw that on is because this is what I had on my Warzone class, and I got so used to using it that I threw it on this one as well. Now the recoil steadiness I put a little up, and for the first time—or maybe not the first time—but one of the first times I didn't put the ad speed up.

I actually put the damage range up, and I find that it works really, really nice, and then for the muzzle, it's the s. Suppression bullet velocity Recoil smoothness controls the tuning, which is controlled by ADS. The other one's in the center of the barrel. The tuning is damage range and recoil sentence.

I think I showed that, moving on to another class on this list, we're going to go down to the fennec. Now, this is my FANUC class setup, not the same as my Warzone class. In my Warzone class, instead of the barrel, I think I have a muzzle, but I'm not sure. Instead of the barrel I might have, I think I have a muzzle, but I'm not sure instead of the battle; either way, this is the class right here.

Fennec rubber grip

Fennec rubber grip

Let's just go straight into the tuning so we don't waste time talking about recoil , steadiness, and ads for the barrel, which is the fennec covert force, which is the pros and cons for.

Ftac xcommand stock

The underbarrel you get is the F-TAC Tiger grip, which is pretty nice as well.

Fennec covert force

The tuning for this one is ads, and then aim for walking speeds, slightly up the magazine, not all the way up the magazine, which is the 45.

I wish you got 60. 45 already makes it slow enough, so, hey, I'm going to stick with it; it's not bad. The rear grip is the phenic, rubber grip, which gives you sprint to fire ads. I can't really get it back to the center, but, you guys, anywhere close to the center is pretty good, so that's it right there for the fennec; let's move on to another class.

I love this sniper, by the way. This sniper is so good; this is my class for it, and I just love it all right, like it's not the fastest sniper in the game, but it's just the MS mcpr. I think it's called—I forgot what it's called—and it's really good now. It feels glitched for some reason, but I know the class of my heart because I always make it anyway, so for this one right here on the rear grip, we're going to put abs and Sprint to fire all the way up it.

I put the stockless mod on, which is great as well. You can't tune it, but it is pretty good. I don't know why I left this one toward the center, and then I put the ads all the way up for the muzzle again, and I think that gets rid of the tuning. This game is weird.

L38 falcon 226mm

L38 falcon 226mm

I don't know why the AVR, T90, comp muzzle, and then For the tuning on this one, we're going to put ads and gun kick control for sure, and then for the final attachments, sometimes. I run Extra Magazine like I'll go ahead and put 40, not 50. I don't feel like I need that, especially when playing Search and Destroy.

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