News - Max Damage "kastov 762" Is Broken Warzone 2. Best Ak47 Class Setup" Warzone 2 Gameplay


Today, we're going to be looking at the overpowered cast-off 762. Now, I'm going to use that word, and I'm going to say this gun is actually disgusting. I'm playing on a small map, but I'm still making it look good. This is a gun that you want to use for long range; you're going to drop anybody that comes in your path.

This is the AK-47, but it is really damn nice in this game. So we're going to jump straight into the class, but before we do, if you guys drop a like. I would truly appreciate that sub to the channel if those notes turned on, and guys, let's get straight into it, like. I said, "Man, today we're looking at the cast of 74U." Now we have five attachments on this thing, and it is really, really nice. The first one is going to be the barrel, and that is the , igk3406.

Ig-k30 406mm

Ig-k30 406mm

Millimeter now, that is a lot of words, but it is what it is now. Normally I wanted to go with a barrel that would give me faster ads and stuff, but we had to go with this one right here because this one gives us recoil control and blue velocity, but we do lose movement speed and ads speed, so it's the complete opposite of the Custovia 343.

barrel, which gives us ads, speed, and whatever, but I will say this attachment is 100 percent needed. on this class if you're not using it. The recoil is just going to jump all over the place, and I've played it without it. I've played it with different barrels and stuff and different attachments and whatnot, and this one is definitely the one you want to throw on.

So for this one right here, the good thing about it is that you could tune it so that instead of putting the aim locking speed up. I put the recoil steadiness to the max, and then instead of the damage range because I'm not playing Warzone. I don't care about the damage range too much. I put the ads all the way to the max as well, so yeah, you do lose ads, but you don't lose too much with this attachment right here.

The next attachment is going to be an optic, and the reason I put this on is because I'm not crazy about the iron sight on this weapon. Some of you might like the iron sight personally.

Slimline pro

Slimline pro

I'm not crazy about it on this weapon, so I went with the Slimline Pro optic, and this one's great because, yeah, it's a nice small optic, you'll see a clear side picture of the enemy, and stuff, but then when you go into the tuning, you want to put the ads all the way up, and you want to put it down all the way to close rather than far closest; it's a little easier to shoot the enemies, and the visual recoil isn't too bad.

So that's what I would recommend right there.

Ft tac-elite stock

For the stock, we got the F-TAC Elite stock, which is really good as well. I like to build them to be quicker and faster and stuff, but this one right here, the recoil control is really solid. Now, this is pretty much a three-shot kill, like if you shoot at someone, it should not take more than three or four bullets to kill someone, and that's what I love about it now.

It does shoot slower than most of the other guns in the game, but that's the trade-off, right? You get such power with it that for the tuning, you're going to put the ads all the way up and the aim walking speed all the way up as well. I was debating on throwing the aiming idle stability up, but I'm not citing or ading; how would you say that I'm not aiming down sights?

There's too much on this weapon to worry about aiming for vital stability, so I don't worry about that right there. and then For the final two attachments, we got the magazine , which is the 40-round magazine.

40 round mag

40 round mag

This one's great, but you have a lot of those four cons to it, so you lose movement speed, reload quickness, and sprint to fire now the only one that's really noticeable in my opinion out of those four cons is the sprint to fire one; it does shoot a little slower after Sprint, and I have died a few times up close because of that, so I'm just going to give that warning out there, but other than that, it's a solid attachment to run; it beats having 30 bullets in the Mac.

So I definitely do that.

True-tac grip

For the final attachments, we got the true tack grip for the rear grip, and this is where we normally get our ads and Sprint to fire speed normally. When I throw in an attachment that gives me ads and sprints of fire in the tuning. I put those both up to the max, but in this case, instead of putting ads all the way up.

best class setup

I put recoil steadiness all the way up, and then I put sprints of fire all the way up as well, because we need as much smarter fire to help us out now. Honestly, this gun is solid, and you should be able to draw people easily with it.

Combat knife

And then, for a secondary, I just throw on a knife because it's a really big gun.

Letter opener

You want to run around faster, and I like knifing sometimes, so I threw it on; it's good; it's fun; it does what it does; and then we got the stem shot; we got a throwing knife because whenever I run a knife. I like to use a throwing knife as well.

Throwing knife

And then for the perks, I'm running double time as a scavenger, cold-blooded, and bird's eye.

Bird's eye is great because every time you earn that UAV, it's also going to show you the direction that the enemies are coming from once you have the ultimate perk. I earned the birds, and then I got the field upgrade. Dead Silence: I wish that automatically, when you throw in an iPhone. In this game, if you're only using a knife and a throwing knife and whatnot, you could get that silence throughout the entire game because you already have a huge disadvantage.


You already have a knife value, like you've got to run up close and personal to people, and then with the Footsteps, in this game, knifing is not fun at all, so I wish like dead silence that it came with a knife classic that you just always have; you don't have to earn it; it's just always activated.

That would be pretty cool, at least just for knives, but that's going to be it for the class setup guys. Honestly, I want to see the hurricane I want to see that one get a little bit more of a buff. I feel like it's already good, but I want it to get better. You know, I feel like it's underutilized.

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